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Udemy Best Hacking Courses

The word hacking is a bit of an alarming one. As the commoners find it an immoral way of sneaking into the privacy of others and ultimately corrupting them for the own benefit of the hacker. But there are hackers who are hired by companies to identify the weaknesses in their own systems, networks, endpoints, devices, or applications. They are termed, white hackers. Their responsibility is to pass on the information about the chances and possibilities when they might be attacked and to overcome the serious vulnerabilities. Ethical hackers are hired prior to the start to understand their defenselessness. They do not harm others for their own advantage.

The career as an ethical hacker is of course a good one as it is the best method to test a network. Various hacking methodologies are put into use to find out the weak points. The work of a hacker is to try penetrating the systems and check their level of vulnerability. Once it is understood, then the organization can take measures to protect against such unwanted infiltrations. In such ways, an ethical hacker is for sure an asset to any software company to shield itself against cybercriminals.

The responsibilities are critical so that their ability should also be tested and proven. They should be able to handle situations of any extreme. So they are to be proficient in programming, database management systems (DBMS), use of the Linux operating system (OS), cryptography, creation, and management of web applications and computer networks like DHCP, NAT, and Subnetting. Anyone programming language should be fluent and should have the idea about the common ones like; Python, SQL, C++, and C. they should be strong enough to solve any issues coming their way; they should be able to understand the reversing of engineering in order to reveal specifications and check any system for weak points by scrutinizing its code. Several courses to acquire knowledge about ethical hacking are being provided by specialist teachers through Udemy;

1. The Definitive Ethical Hacking Course – Learn from Scratch

The basics of ethical hacking along with penetration testing and Wi-Fi hacking are the core topics involved in the course. The learner acquires info about the installation of Kali Linux in a backdrop of Windows 10. The successive progression of the course includes instructions on enabling wireless hacking, and the use of NMAP for Security Scanning and Network Exploring. The class has a 2-hour session on the introduction about Perl and its uses in writing ethical hacking scripts. The creation of malware and the use of python to generate hacking scripts and Nmap scanners are equally considered. The course is administered in a simple form so that the learner becomes confident enough to start working on it.

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2. Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch

The course is aimed at creating hackers and helping them to secure the systems like security experts. The program is provided as videos to understand the basics of ethical hacking. The level is in the format of either a basic or intermediate pattern. The sectors of use, and the types of it along with the working of websites, and discovery of web applications and their vulnerabilities to hackers are learned by the aspirants and they use the information about the topic to move forward successfully. The course can be taken by any beginner with zero experience and has several sections which include the theory of hacking ethically, penetration testing, working of the target systems, practical exploitation prevention, and the detection, prevention, and securing of systems from attacks.

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3. Hacking in Practice: Intensive Ethical Hacking Mega Course

The course is an intensive one that deals with practical hacking methods through a variety of videos classes. The learner can assure of a deep understanding of Ethical hacking skills, Hacking theory and practice, IT security trends, Security myths, Wi-Fi network standards and protection, Wi-Fi threats, Windows security, understanding the security borders, fighting malware, access control in Windows, working of authenticated Windows and prevention of identity spoofing.

Maintaining network security is not a gag; the whole world is enclosed within the grip of hackers who are continuously monitoring the activities of every network. All the learning aids are equally cooperative for beginners and advanced to go deep into the topics of IT security, ethical hacking, and penetration testing.

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4. Real-World Ethical Hacking: Hands-on Cybersecurity

The course would surely be a protective cover against the slashing hands of the black and grey hackers. Retrieving files, safe opening of doubtful files, learning of command-line shortcuts, and information about viruses and back door infections of the system and the ways to stop them are the main areas of study along with the core subject.

The course is delivered in English and follows 4 to 10-minute lessons about ethical hacking. The total lessons are capable enough to provide the practice required to understand the subject in detail. The program is sure to help in identifying the issues common to the sector along with phishing, online attacks, and ransomware.

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5. Full Ethical Hacking Course

The course handles all the ethical hacking basics and penetration testing details. There are other topics like cybersecurity and penetration testing. The tutors are professionals in the field and have experience in cybersecurity and ethical hacking platforms.

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6. Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing

The course creates a professional in security aspects. Demonstrations are done to get a clear idea about the theory and its core concepts. The course teaches the learner about an overall idea about cybersecurity, concepts of ethical hacking, phases of hacking, vulnerability assessment tools, and attacks based on malware, wireless Hacking, and web application services. All the essentialities to become a security professional is attained through the course. The concepts of penetration testing, uncovering the vulnerability and solutions to lessen the risk of attack, introduction to advanced tools to identify, detect, and exploit any vulnerability uncovered in the target network environment. The vulnerability understanding is extremely important for the learner to become successful in the field of cybersecurity. The techs working in the field should have extensive knowledge about all the cyber loopholes that are probable to cause infiltration.

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7. Practical Ethical Hacking for Beginners

The course is aimed at those who are not well aware of the basics and understanding of ethical hacking and penetration testing. Any person interested in providing protection to systems can opt for the program. The rate of demand for the prescribed job is exceedingly high, as the world is surrounded by black hat hackers. They are trained through such courses to identify the possible vulnerabilities in a digital system and to have a detailed understanding of the penetrating techniques to shine in the job. The learners ensure the following ideas: hacking Wi-Fi networks; fundamental networking topics such as IP and MAC Addressing; learning some of the main tools inside of Kali Linux influenced by ethical hackers; learning the basics of Linux, including common commands, file permissions, file system navigation, installing updates, and bash scripting; and the fundamental understanding of Python programming languages such as strings, variables, functions, conditions, loops, and module.

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8. Learn Ethical Hacking from A-Z: Beginner to Expert Course

To have an understanding of ethical hacking and its very details would surely lead a hacker to deal with understanding the networks, computer systems, and web applications. The course is designed for beginners to understand deeply the exact working of a hacking system and to deal with it like a professional. Training is provided not only about hacking but also about the ways to escape from it. Unification of practical effort with firm theoretical instruction takes the learner from basics to mastery. Penetration testing and installation knowledge about software like Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX and finally moving straight away into hacking is the way followed.

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9. Website Hacking, Penetration Testing & Bug Bounty Hunting

The course ensures the learner to be able to hack websites and secure those as any expert hacker does; that is what is meant by a bug bounty hacker. Video lessons are made available for the moving from beginners to an advanced stage. The learner would be able to be an expert bug bounty hunter and explore the chances of bug bounty bugs. The vulnerabilities are identified and measures to advise the bypass security and filters are proposed.  The course doesn’t require any previous knowledge about hacking, but the course completion ensures the conversion of the learner to an expert security ethical hacker. The theory is never forgotten along with more emphasis on practicability by learning through examples. The details about information collection about the prescribed website, vulnerability of web application, exploitation chances, and the prescribed security mechanisms to overcome the hurdles are also taught through the video lessons.

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10. The Complete Nmap Ethical Hacking Course: Network Security

The course is ensuring the development of expertise in ethical hacking and network security tools Nmap. The learner acquires information about the usages of Nmap, knowledge about active and vulnerable hosts on a network, the secrets of ethical hacking and network discovery using Nmap, exploring the Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) used for highly developed discovery and hacking. The importance of Nmap in ethical hacking is not well explored by the network scanners, which is being accomplished by the completion of the course.  Being a pro in Nmap can surely make the learner a proficient ethical hacker. The course follows a systematic way of learning starting from a beginner’s level moving towards the advanced state. Ethical hackers, penetration testers, and systems administrators use Nmap to understand the security of a network and its hosts.

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