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Best White Hat Hacking Courses

White Hat Hacking, also known as Ethical Hacking refers to the process of hacking systems for good purposes, such as to discover vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an organization’s systems. A White Hat Hacker uses the same process of hacking as an Unethical or Black Hat Hacker, but the only difference between the two is “purpose”, one works for the betterment of organizations, and the other for creating harm by stealing important information.

Ever since the advancement of technology around the world, the number of Unethical Hackers are rapidly increasing, in order to keep them away, companies recruit White Hat Hackers to fight any threats that can cause the stealing of data or hacking of systems. As White Hat Hackers are in extreme demand, they are highly paid and respected for their abilities to manage cybersecurity.

If you are one of those who want to work as an Ethical Hacker and are looking for the best online courses to begin your preparation, then here are the top-10 White Hat Hacking courses on our list that will make your dreams come true.

1. Certified WhiteHat Hacker Level 1 ( CWHH Level 1) by Udemy

Udemy’s White Hat Hacker Level 1 course is for students who want to get their hands on ethical hacking. In this course, you will be learning about cyberattacks, how to perform ethical hacking, penetration testing, and Web-related vulnerability testing.

This introductory course will introduce students to every important area of white Hat hacking, and how students can solve issues related to cybersecurity and information security. You will come across many important techniques and tips provided by expert instructors who will help you develop a sound understanding of white hat hacking. After completion of this course, you will be able to perform network testing web portal testing, and ethical hacking. This course is ideal for students who want to learn and perform Ethical Hacking, IT professionals, and any white-hat hacking enthusiast who are seeking an introductory course.

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2. Be A White Hat Hacker and Pen Tester Course by Eduonix

A free course on our list offered by Eduonix will help you to become a Certified White Hat hacker. This top-rated course will focus on practical techniques of penetration testing and Cybersecurity. You will be using tools like  Metasploit, Scapy, and WireShark to perform the tests.

This course will focus on many important areas such as Ethical Hacking concepts, Real World Information Gathering, Network Attacking Techniques, Web Exploitation Techniques, and so on. If you are looking for a free course that will introduce you to the world of Cybersecurity and White Hat hacking then there cannot be a better course than this.

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3. Certified White Hat Hacker by Global Tech Council

Now you can become a Certified WhiteHathacker while opting for this specially designed course by Global Tech Council that will train you to become a professional in much less time. Beginning right from the basics of white Hat hacking to exploring its fundamentals main concepts and many other areas related to the Hacking systems, this course will prepare students to perform EthicalHacking like a pro in just 7 hours.

The course is self-paced and can be the stepping stone of your career as an Ethical Hacker. After completing this course, you will earn a Global Tech Council Certification, gain lifetime access to course content, 24*7 support from industry experts, and lastly, hands-on industry project experience.

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4. Certified White Hat Hacker Program by National Cyber Security Training Academy

Certified White Hat Hacker from the National Cyber Security Training Academy is undoubtedly the best option in the market to become a skilled ethical hacker.

A course that is ideal for IT Managers, Network Engineers, Cyber Crime Investigators, Threat Hunters, and many other relevant job positions, this beginner-friendly course will introduce learners to the basics of hacking and what benefits come with it and proceed to an advanced level where they will understand their role as ethical hackers. This certified training program will cover every essential topic and concept you need to learn as a professional hacker.

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5. Ethical Hacking: Understanding Ethical Hacking by Pluralsight

Before beginning with hacking, it is very important to completely understand what Ethical Hacking is all about, and that is totally possible with this course provided by Pluralsight. A course designed especially for beginners will pave the path to your becoming a Security Profile. From understanding the purpose of ethical hacking, differentiating between ethical and unethical hacking to knowing the motives of hackers, this course will prepare you for all.

This course will let students explore types of security policies, why Ethical Hacking is essential for organizations, and preventing the biggest security attack, this course by Pluralsight will serve as the best introductory course for beginners.

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6. Become an Ethical Hacker Courses by LinkedIn Learning

With more than 10 courses on Ethical Hacking, LinkedIn Learning serves as the most reliable platform to master the skills of White Hat Hacking. By opting for these hacking courses on Linkedin Learning, you get to explore everything about ethical hacking right from the basics.

Learn how to perform penetration testing, implement countermeasures to prevent cybersecurity attacks, and gain all the knowledge and skills you require for building a career in information security. Upon completion of these series of courses, you will not only add great value to your resume and LinkedIn Profile but also become the most preferred candidate in the eyes of job Recruiters.

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7. Ethical Hacker Nanodegree Program by Udacity

Opting for a Nanodegree Program from Udacity can be the best beginning of your career as an Ethical Hacker. This certificate program will help learners meet the ever-growing demand in the field of Cybersecurity, and land up with highly paid jobs.

But before you begin working as an Ethical Hacker, you must gain some organizational skills that meet the industry’s requirements and for that, this Nanodegree program by Udacity is there to help you. Some of the key areas covered in this course are exploiting vulnerabilities and weaknesses in various systems, designing and executing a penetration testing plan, overcoming risks, and much more. Through real-world projects from industry experts and the best guidance of Technical Mentors, you will be all set for the professional world.

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8. Introduction to Ethical Hacking by Great Learning

Another introductory free course on our list that deserves a mention is offered by Great Learning, which will introduce students to the world of Ethical Hacking. You just need to have the basic knowledge of Computer to attend this course, so it presented in a way that even absolute beginners can understand and gain skills from this course.

In this course, you will get a deeper insight into the world of hacking, foundations, processes, and outcomes of it, and dealing with malicious attacks that require skills to deal with. After completing this course, you can also proceed with other Post-graduate Cybersecurity programs offered by Great Learning to become more skilled and Knowledgeable.

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9. White Hat Hacking v10 Online Training by CBT Nuggets

Number 9 on our list is an entry-level White Hat Hacking training course that prepares security professionals for the worse scenarios of attacks and threats and also performs penetration and vulnerability tests. A course that is specially designed keeping in mind the rapidly growing demand of White Hat hackers around the world, this course will prepare learners for the competitive market by turning them into skilled professionals.

This course will introduce students to Kali Linux to ethically hack systems and write reports accordingly. They will understand their roles as a hacker and hone their skills of performing security tests as well as protecting the systems from future attacks. This course by CBT Nuggets is one of the best professional courses on our list that will make you ready for the world of Cybersecurity.

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10. Advanced White Hat Hacking & Penetration Testing Tutorial by Udemy

The last course on our list by Udemy is perfect for those who are done with the beginner’s knowledge of ethical hacking and are now seeking for more advanced courses to reach that next level.

A course that will introduce you to advanced White Hat Hacking And Penetration Testing will help develop infinite skills that are beyond the basics and are absolutely necessary to become an experienced, top-class White Hat Hacker. Since this is an advanced-level course, you should not expect any introduction to Ethical Hacking rather, without wasting any time, this course will proceed to the main areas of advanced-level hacking. Apart from hacking, this course will cover areas of scanning, including stealth scanning, data acquisition using various methods, and the advanced ways to utilize tools like Metasploit. After completing this course, you will have an in-depth knowledge of performing ethical hacking, penetration testing, network, and website testing, and so many other things, that are known by a professional. IT Professionals and other experienced hackers are welcome to this course.

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