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Best Udemy IT Courses

There is no doubt in the fact that the Information Technology or IT industry provides a plethora of opportunities to people worldwide, to learn, grow and work for a technologically advanced tomorrow. With the highest demand and fastest-growing pace, Information Technology is making human-made technologies reach a new level every day. There are innumerable people scattered across the globe who work in IT industries, and there are numerous more who aspire to find a place in this ever-growing industry.

Where there is Udemy, there is a way! A reliable learning resource that offers courses at the most affordable rates and gives lifetime access to students, Udemy has multiple courses for any topic and any discipline, and so does for Information Technology. Students or professionals who are seeking some great IT courses that will enhance their knowledge and widen their perspectives, need not worry because Udemy has courses to meet everyone’s requirements.

This top-10 list on our article features the best and top-rated IT courses available on Udemy that can educate and benefit you in many ways.

1. Complete Linux Training Course to Get Your Dream IT Job

This course provides an amazing opportunity for learners to understand and work with Linux, the number one Operating System in the Corporate world. This course is especially for those who want to begin their career with Linux, or corporate professionals who want to enhance their careers by getting their hands on Linux.

In this course you will be learning how to install Linux and begin with it, along with that you will learn about configuration, administration, troubleshooting, shell scripting, command line, OS tools, and much more. You will also be working with operating tools, and gain skills that will help you land up your dream IT job. The Resume and Interview workshop that you will come across towards the end is a bonus.

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2. The Complete Cyber Security Course

Cyber Security is the backbone of this technologically advancing world hence, there is a lot of demand in IT sectors for Ethical Hackers and Cyber Security Developers these days. This course introduces learners to advanced and practical skills to detect and work against threats and protect your systems.

This course will focus on major platforms including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, macOS, and Linux, and how these platforms are used in operating system security. You will also acquire knowledge in global tracking and hacking, and eventually learn all the techniques and skills required to become a successful Cyber Security Specialist. No matter if you are a complete beginner, after the completion of this course you will have the ability to become an advanced level security specialist and tackle even the most critical hackers.

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3. The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Information Technology (2021)

This course on our list is all you need before beginning your career in the vast IT industry. Though the title suggests it is for beginners, it is actually for learners of all stages, and any IT enthusiast can get benefit from it. From exploring the basics of all branches of Information Technology to finding the right job for you in the industry, this course will be your ultimate guide throughout the process.

This course will basically focus on four main sections as- Computer Hardware, Networking, Websites, Web Hosting, Programming, and the Internet, and lastly Cyber Security. In these sections, you will in brief what roles do they play in IT sectors, and make it easier for you to choose your type or the sector you would want to work for. This course can be a great start for students who are hoping to build their careers in the IT industry.

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4. Information Technology Essentials

A course for beginners that will introduce them to the essentials of Information Technology and Information Systems, and let them explore many critical topics. Beginning with a brief introduction to computer hardware, and the functions of a computer, this course will progress slowly to the areas of foundation concepts, Software, Cloud Computing, working with Amazon AWS, Cybersecurity, and lastly a major emphasis on the future of computing.

This course can be a great beginning for students aspiring to work in IT industries, or can also be attended by Professionals who want to know about the essentials of IT sectors.

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5. Information Security Awareness-ISO 27001:2013

This course is actually a Cybersecurity awareness course that will teach students how to secure computers and systems. The main aim of the course is to spread awareness of threats that organizations face every day but are unable to recognize. The employees in most companies do not pay importance to Information security which eventually results in hacking or stolen data and information, in order to avoid these, this course is going to prepare students as well as professionals for a secured tomorrow.

You will be learning about how to safeguard your systems, protect and securely handle your data, handle disasters such as malware attacks and hacks. By the end of the course, you will have all the knowledge and skills required to protect your and your company’s valuable information and data. This course is open to all who want to get familiar with Cybersecurity.

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6. Understanding ICT- Information and Communication Technology

A course that will take you to the work of Information and Communication Technology, and will introduce you to many important sections of it.

Beginning with a brief introduction of ICT, you will be exploring areas of Components of computer systems, Impact of emerging technologies, Types of Input Devices Manual input, Types of Output Devices, Storage Devices, and Media, Networks, Databases, Expert System and lastly, ICT  Applications. This course is designed for learners of all stages be it college students or professionals who want to dive in deeper and understand Information & Communication Technology (ICT).

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7. IT Asset Management (ITAM)- Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

Another popular IT course on our list is all about IT Asset Management. This course is specially designed for IT professionals who want to learn about Asset Management and hone their existing skills. This course will introduce you in brief to what IT Asset Management is, the role of ITAM in an organization, and many important topics covering Assets.

The IT Asset Management industry is growing into recognition daily, so gaining some solid foundation and skills can prove to be career-enhancing. Also, this course will put major emphasis on Hardware Asset Management (HAM), rather than Software Asset Management (SAM), hence it is a great opportunity for professionals who are interested in taking the Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional (CHAMP) course by IAITAM but don’t want to pay the hefty price because this course will cover the same information that they want to learn.

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8. Risk Management for Cybersecurity and IT Managers

Number 8 on our list is a very important course for those who work for Cybersecurity and IT Managers. Risk Management is one of the key roles of a manager, but for managing and dealing with risk factors you need some skills. This course will exactly do that by helping you gain insights into the world of cybersecurity and information technology, and how to secure networks by overcoming risks. This course includes real-world examples, case studies, projects to provide you a hands-on environment. Upon the completion of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding and skills in Cybersecurity and Risk Management. IT Managers, Cybersecurity managers, and aspiring Managers are welcome to this course.

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9. IT Risk Management

Another notable Risk Management course on our list for IT Professionals, this short course with a duration of 3 hours will introduce you to much useful information that will be of great use in your professional career. This course will provide an overview of both IT Risk and Risk Management so that you can understand it from the core.

With the lessons you learn during the course, you will be able to identify and manage the business and IT risks, with the help of various methodologies introduced in this course. This course will be of most use to IT Managers, Businesses or Organizations, IT Professionals wanting to learn about Risk Management.

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10. IT Governance and Information Management

The last course on our list is a top-rated course for learners of all stages, the IT Governance and Information Management course will provide a comprehensive understanding to learners about the governance and management of an enterprise. This course will help students and professionals manage enterprise IT in a holistic manner by introducing them to the fundamentals of governance and Information Management.

Get familiar with the IT governance framework with the help of real-world examples provided by the expert instructor, and gain every skill required to become a successful Business Manager. The Certificate you earn from Udemy upon the completion of this course will add a lot of value to your career. This course is especially for IT governance professionals, Business and IT Managers, IT management consultants, and IT auditors.

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