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Best Cybersecurity Courses on Udemy

The domain of cybersecurity has gradually evolved into an evergreen one. Cyber attacks are a by-product of the digital revolution, much as air pollution was a by-product of the industrial revolution. Given the technological advancements that have occurred since the internet’s inception, cybersecurity is unquestionably a viable job option today. With popular themes like Big Data, the Internet of Things, and Cloud Computing, cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important. So why not start learning about cybersecurity right now by enrolling in one of Udemy’s best cybersecurity courses?

We’ll look at the best cybersecurity courses available online for learning how to become a cybersecurity specialist in this article. This finest cybersecurity training will give you a huge head start in the cybersecurity field. We’ve compiled this list of the best cybersecurity courses on Udemy with the idea that you’re trying to improve your cybersecurity abilities for business or recreation purposes. Udemy is one of the world’s most popular online learning platforms, with over 130,000 courses, expert tuition, and lifelong access that allows you to learn on your own time. We included the best cybersecurity courses on Udemy across a range of competency levels, as you can see below.

1. The Complete Cyber Security Course: Hackers Exposed!

This is one of the greatest cybersecurity courses available, and it will take you from beginner to expert in the field. You will learn the essential building blocks of cybersecurity so that you can understand the threat and vulnerability landscape through threat modeling and risk assessments. You’ll learn about the Darknet, malware, exploit kits, phishing, zero-day vulnerabilities, and more during this cybersecurity course. You’ll also learn about state-run worldwide tracking and hacking infrastructures, such as the NSA, FBI, CIA, China’s MSS, and other intelligence services. Finally, you’ll wrap up this Udemy cybersecurity course by discussing the critical yet underutilized security controls of isolation and compartmentalization. If you want to become an expert in security, privacy, and anonymity, this is the best cybersecurity training for you.

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2. The Complete Cyber Security Course: Network Security

Using network hacking techniques, you’ll be able to discover security weaknesses across an entire network after completing this comprehensive cybersecurity course online. This is one of Udemy’s best cybersecurity courses that will teach you how to structure your network for maximum security and avoid local and remote attacks. Layer 4 firewalls, such as Iptables on Linux and PF on MacOS and BSD, will also be taught in this course. This course will teach you how to use network monitoring to find and identify prospective hackers. Finally, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how to employ authentication methods such as passwords and multi-factor authentication — soft tokens and hard tokens. This cybersecurity course is designed for beginner and intermediate internet users interested in security, privacy, and safety.

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3. The Complete Cyber Security Course: Anonymous Browsing!

This top-rated cybersecurity course will teach you how to be anonymous online in a practical way. This cybersecurity course is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. There’s also Tails, Whonix, and more characters. The tactics used to attack these anonymity services will be examined for each of these anonymizing technologies, as well as what you can do to mitigate de-anonymization attacks. You’ll also learn about advanced anonymity by chaining and nesting anonymizing services to give levels of obfuscation in this best-selling cybersecurity online course. This course is for Internet security, privacy, and anonymity for private and home use.

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4. The Complete Cyber Security Course: End Point Protection!

You’ll gain practical expertise for securing laptops, desktops, and mobile devices from all forms of threats in this comprehensive online cybersecurity course. This Udemy cybersecurity course will teach you about end-point protection, which is a critical and timely issue in cybersecurity today. You will go from beginner to advanced in this easy-to-follow expert course by completing this top cybersecurity training. You will be able to master the selection and deployment of solid disk encryption technology to protect devices against disk decryption attacks by the end of this course. You’ll also learn how to use deception and detection technologies to detect and monitor threats like malware and hackers in this cybersecurity course. This cybersecurity course will also explore the latest anti-forensics techniques for securely deleting data and meta-data that are unrecoverable even by computer forensics professionals. This course is for anyone interested in learning more about security, privacy, and anonymity.

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5. The Absolute Beginners Guide to Cyber Security 2021: Part 1

This online cybersecurity course is an excellent starting point for adults and students interested in pursuing careers in cybersecurity or information security. You’ll cover the fundamental terms and examine subjects like the trinity of IT security and computer protocols in the first segment. This Udemy cybersecurity course will teach you about the several types of malware, such as viruses, worms, and trojans, and how they differ. Finally, various problems linked to both information and cybersecurity, such as the BYOD policy and cyber warfare, will be discussed. You will have learned a lot of knowledge and insights by the end of this cybersecurity for beginners course, which will help you jump-start your career as an information security specialist.

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6. Security Awareness Training, Internet Security for Employees

Data breaches are on the rise, and operating online is becoming increasingly perilous. Security is more than an IT or security department function, and there hasn’t always been clear communication on this. This is the best cybersecurity training available online, and it will teach you about internet security awareness. After completing this Udemy cybersecurity course, you’ll be better equipped to protect yourself and your company from cyber-attacks. Surprisingly, the most significant change will most likely be to stop doing rather than to start doing. You’ll be amazed at how dangerous some of your habits are, even if you weren’t aware of them. Beginners, ranging from your coworker who barely understands how to switch on a computer, may take and grasp this cybersecurity training because it is not technical.

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7. Risk Management for Cyber Security and IT Managers

You’ll gain an inside look at how cybersecurity and information technology (IT) managers choose which initiatives to support in this popular cybersecurity course. During this cybersecurity course, you’ll also learn how to apply risk management ideas to your networks, systems, and projects. This is not operational or tactical training about how to secure your networks; instead, it focuses on managers’ mindsets and teaches you how to think as they do. It will be much easier to develop your business case for your projects and justify your financial needs once you have mastered these ideas. The Amazon Web Services outage and the Equifax data breach occurred in 2017, and this cybersecurity course covers these two case studies of what happens when risk management fails. You’ll have a deeper understanding of these circumstances, including what caused the outage/breach and why managers made the actions that led to it.

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8. The Beginners 2021 Cyber Security Awareness Training Course

Do you want to understand and learn how to keep all of your critical emails, files, passwords, mobile phones, and browser information safe and secure? This course will cover the fundamentals of cybersecurity awareness, social engineering, network security, and online self-defense. This cybersecurity class will begin with an introduction to various hackers, followed by multiple VISUAL examples of targeted phishing emails. When it comes to using browsers and social media sites like Facebook, you’ll learn about the key privacy/security risks as well as remedies in this Udemy best cybersecurity course. Finally, you’ll go over all of the interesting tips and methods for staying safe using computers, smartphones, and the Internet.

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9. Start and Grow Your Successful Career in Cyber Security

Companies and governments throughout the world are set to continue to place a high demand for cybersecurity specialists. This online cybersecurity course is intended to assist you in planning your path to becoming a cybersecurity expert. It is ideal for students planning to attend college or university to pursue a career in cybersecurity. If you are a current working professional searching for a career move and have an interest in pursuing a new career in cybersecurity, you can also take this cybersecurity course. This course will teach you about the many positions and jobs available in the cybersecurity field. You’ll create a plan to become a successful cybersecurity expert at the end of this cybersecurity course.

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