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Best Cryptography Courses

In the field of information systems, cryptography is one of the top roles in computer science. It is the general notion that the scope of cryptography is declining after the revolutionized internet age. Well not really. It is the opposite of it- nowadays, the computer system is becoming too complex, and cryptography holds much importance. Cryptography maintains the confidentiality of the data transferred through the computer network by restricting the audience except for the intended one.

There are great career options for cryptography courses. You can work for the National Security agency whose job is to protect the data for national security. Moreover, one can become a security consultant, security auditor, security engineer, and security analyst and security administrators. Moreover, this is an interesting choice to build up a career. Do you want to build up a career in cryptography? You have come to the right place. In this article, you will find the top 10 cryptography courses which are available online. So what are we waiting for? Let us become another Alan Turing!

1. Cryptography I by Coursera

Stanford University is a top class Ivy League university located in Stanford, California. This cryptography beginner course is a top-rated free program for cryptography enthusiasts. In this course, you will learn the inner workings of cryptographic systems and how to correctly use them in real-world applications.

This comprehensive course will take approx. 23 hours to complete. This course is designed and instructed by one of the renowned faculty of Stanford- Dan Boneh.  This course is highly recommended because it is rated at a whopping 4.8 stars.

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2. Introduction to Applied Cryptography Specialization by Coursera

William Bahn, Richard White and Sang Yoon Chang are the top-notch renowned professors of the University of Colorado who designed this course. It is an applied learning project-based curriculum. The course is free and it has a 4.6-star rating on Coursera.

The University of Colorado is a recognized top-rated university in the United States of America. In this specialization, students will learn basic security issues in computer communications, classical cryptographic algorithms, symmetric-key cryptography, public-key cryptography, authentication, and digital signatures.

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3. Cryptography Courses & Training by LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a growing educational platform of this current year. Taking this course will help you enhance your beginner level knowledge of cryptography. Join this course and it will help you stay ahead in this thriving industry.

Learning Cryptography and Network Security is a project-based course specially designed for having a solid understanding of what it takes to move and store data securely. The highlight of this course is that the platform is linked with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) which will help with educational credit units.

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4. Quantum Cryptography by EdX

EdX is a renowned educational platform that is a tough competitor for Udemy as well as Coursera.

Throughout this course, you will learn the nuances of cryptography and also more reliance on how to use quantum effects such as quantum entanglement and uncertainty, to implement cryptographic tasks with levels of security that are impossible to achieve classically. The length of the course is 10 weeks. Ordinarily, an effort of 6-8hours per week is necessary to complete the course on the stipulated time. The course is designed by the Delft University of Technology in collaboration with Caltech.

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5. TOTAL: Conversation on Cryptography: w/ Mike Meyers by Udemy

The course is designed in a way for you to Prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam. You will have a better understanding of cryptography and PKI: one of the six exam domains. The course is just a 2.5 hours program and it is highly recommended.

The course will help you understand cyphers, binary, hashing, symmetric and asymmetric cryptosystems, digital signatures and certificates, and public key infrastructure. Even if you have no prior experience on the subject. This will help you master cryptography.

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6. Master Modern Security and Cryptography by Coding in Python by Udemy

The course is instructed by Rune Thomsen, who has nearly 15 plus years of experience in cryptography. The Master Modern Security and Cryptography by Coding in Python course is the bestseller on Udemy. It is a 7.5-hour program.

This course will help you understand security and the principle of cryptography and cryptographic algorithms. Moreover, the course is structured understandably by rune. Rune will help you understand and implement encryption algorithms like Stream Ciphers, Block Ciphers, and Public Key etc.

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7. Cryptography Beginners Guide with OpenSSL by Udemy

In this course, you will learn to apply cryptography through OpenSSL frameworks. The course is designed to eat the concepts of encryption algorithms, hands-on. Create symmetric and asymmetric keys, generate certificates, and apply hash functions.

The course teaches you a theoretical as well as practical approach. It is rightly balanced for beginner students who want to master cryptography. The 30 lecture program is designed by Offer Shmueli. He is a renowned Wi-Fi and Security Specialist.

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8. Cryptography: Learn Public Key Infrastructure from Scratch by Udemy

This 2021 updated course is a fresh program on cryptography. You will learn to configure and manage a 2-tier PKI hierarchy on Windows Server 2012 R2. By picking this course, understand how encryption/decryption works together.

This cryptography course is designed for intermediate students. A bit of basic knowledge of cryptography is required before opting for this course. Since 2018 this curse has been constantly updated according to the changes in the cryptography market. This course has lifetime access from which we can believe that it will be updated according to the trends.

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9. An Introduction to Cryptography by FutureLearn

If you are new to the market and if you want to have a wide perspective on cryptography, this is the tailor-made course for you.  The curriculum looks into mathematics that acts as the pillar of this field and classic examples of cyphers.

The duration of the course is 2 weeks which will need approx. 6hours of classes per week. It is designed by Coventry University, the top-notch institute of coding. One of the instructors is James Shuttleworth. He is famous cybersecurity and image analyst. top-class

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10. Cryptography and Cryptanalysis by MIT

MIT Open courseware offers a rigorous introduction to modern cryptography, with an emphasis on the fundamental cryptographic primitives of public-key encryption, digital signatures and pseudo-random number generation.

After completing this course you can opt for various advanced cryptography programs which will help you master the subject and earn a huge chunk of money. The course comes with Study materials that include useful notation, LaTeX template, and more.

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