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Best Stanford Courses

Stanford is an awe-inspiring center for acquiring knowledge; discovering new horizons and a place for improvement, articulation, and communication. As the historical aspects need not be discussed here the current prospects certainly require mentioning. Started off long back in 1885, has altered beyond imagination to what we tend to visualize in the modern-day through fresh dreams and breakthroughs. There are schools of various disciplines ranging from business to medicine, law and engineering, environmental science and education, along with humanities.

The students are trained to be better citizens and leaders who are altered to change the world of tomorrow. Stanford students create and apply knowledge by thinking and doing, preparing for leadership in a rapidly changing world. When the sports sector is concerned, the university shows a thorough outstanding position with a significant number of Olympic medals by students and alumni. It also emphasizes the importance of keeping away from gender disparities by giving equal opportunities to boys and girls.

Several scholarships and aids are provided to cut short the average annual cost. Funds for keeping up with the household income are also an advantage. Several outstanding amenities like Green Library, Lathrop Library, and specialized branch and department libraries make up the assets of the organization. The Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP) proves to be an excellent program for teachers. On the administrative end, the University is governed by a Board of Trustees and Faculty Senate. Archery, dragon boat, competitive climbing, and cycling are only among the large variety of sports activities on the campus.

The Stanford Parents’ Program hordes functions to bring together university speakers with parents and guardians. Stanford provides delicious and healthy free food in the form of avocados, persimmons, feijoas, figs, and strawberry tree fruits all over the campus for consumption. There are athletic, recreational, and wellness centers on campuses such as the world’s finest golf courses, a driving range, tennis courts, playing fields, and much more for the faculty, staff, and retirees to have access with.

Below are some of the well-suited courses from various departments of the university.

1. Degree of Engineer — Post MS Program

The degree of the engineer is one of the most sorted out courses at the university. It is easy to complete the course, as it requires only two extra years ahead of the Master’s degree and comprises a research thesis too. Those who are interested in pursuing professional engineering work after graduation and those who wish to slot in more specific learning further from the Masters can consider doing it. In the case of full-time learning, it can be completed within 2 years of time. The engineer degree program is designed by the learner in conference with the advisor, presents a powerful and consistent program showing off the area of attention of the student.

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2. Math 19: Calculus

The Department of Mathematics is known for its courses of various kinds. The specified course is about the introduction to differential calculus of functions of one variable. It includes the evaluation of elementary functions (with exponentials and logarithms), limits, rates of change, the derivative and its properties, and applications of the derivative. There are certain prerequisites that would make the learning easier; trigonometry, advanced algebra, and analysis of elementary functions (including exponentials and logarithms) being some of them.

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3. Microbiology and Immunology

Microbiology and immunology always go hand in hand, as they are inseparable in concepts and ideas. The department is really mature as it was founded around 100 years back. Several names had evolved since its foundation based on medicine and life science. The department has pushed forward significantly focusing on the complicated relationship between microbe and host. This is an amalgamation that allows the research activities of the department along with teaching as it grows progressively. The M&I Department is a society of more than 200 persons sharing a common interest and enthusiasm about research and learning. Several sectors of microbiology, immunology and host-pathogen interaction come under the rigorous and inspiring training and research field. Such activities help improve the health of living beings including humans and thereby leading to be the responsible caretaker of the delicate Earth.

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4. Molecular and Cellular Physiology

The Department of Molecular And Cellular Physiology involves in learning about cell signaling and its behavior. The functioning of proteins and cells and their interaction is the core matter of interest. Several issues related to cell and tissue biology, immunology, and neuroscience are included in the research activities of the scientist of the domain. Depiction of concepts, techniques, and principles from several domains such as biophysics, computational biology, genetics, and structural biology are conducted. They are entrusted with bringing up future scientists who are skilled in multifaceted research, leadership, and conversing. Individuals with experience and research backdrop are introduced to the students to have a conversation with them regarding their binder to multiplicity and merit.

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5. The Stanford MS Program in Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling

The exhilarating translational course is a two-year program that was started in 2008. It has received accreditation from The Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling (ACGC). The genetics department which hordes the course is legendary in its existence. As it is situated in a campus with medical schools and highly ranked hospitals, it gives the chance of the learners to acquire knowledge from experts in the clinical and academic fields and converse with the thought leaders to have a world-class experience. The learners can equip themselves by making use of the high-tech and modernized testing labs, research facilities, and genomics resources.

The faculty trains the students with such high-class facilities and motivates them to work with patients and clients in a vivid backdrop and from a multicultural setting. The curriculum is set up to deliver a stable state of revolutionary genomics technology along with well-built psychosocial counseling techniques and research training. The critical thinking skills are laid emphasis on in order to develop the required state of mind as genetics and genomics are translated into new professional settings. The complete aspects of the training are customized to make it clinically applicable right from the beginning. The ethnic diversity maintained at Stanford is really high.

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6. The Energy Resources Engineering

The department has developed a curriculum which would be of strong base to basic science and its application to deal with the actual world issues and to attend to the continuous alterations in the sector. The lessons included are the fundamentals of chemistry, computer science, engineering, geology, geophysics, mathematics, and physics. There are application level course works too which comprises energy resources engineering in fields like oil and gas recovery, geothermal engineering, carbon sequestration, clean coal and renewable energy. The curriculum is putting stress into the fundamental aspects of fluid flow in the subsurface of the Earth also. The concepts and principles learned can be put into application in optimizing oil recovery from petroleum reservoirs and remediating contaminated groundwater systems. Renewable energy, global climate change, and CO2 sequestration are also the matters of concern for the learners here. Two divergent degree programs at the MS and PhD levels are offered here at The Energy Resources Engineering department. One program guides to M.S. or Ph.D. degrees in Petroleum Engineering, and the other towards the MS or PhD degrees in Energy Resources Engineering.

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7. Graduation in Structural Biology

The course is a unique one as it coordinates the individual course program along with the blending of specialized courses and important advanced courses in structural biology, biochemistry, genetics and cell biology to get together with their educational objectives. It also accentuates on applied research training. Annual retreat programs are arranged for the students to participate and present research works from the department.  Seminars become regular where lecturers from leading biosciences programs participate and share their ideas making it an enlightening experience for the learners.  

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8. Comparative Medicine 

The Department of Comparative Medicine shows off the discrete domain of experimental medicine making use of the animal models of human and animal disease in translational and biomedical research. The faculty members have the extreme expertise that they spread their valuable contribution for the undergraduate, graduate, professional and post graduate levels. They have varied research interests in epilepsy, infectious diseases, behavioral disorders, genetics and cancer. The department stands incorporated against racial discrimination, extreme dislike, inequality, and favoritism. The value of extreme diversity makes the community to remain stronger. The department gives importance to the multiplicity, impartiality, and addition in all aspects of the academic mission, especially in the areas of research, clinical service and teaching. Research centers, health care facilities, center for online education, and much more add up to the diversity of the university.

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9. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

The department of mechanical engineering puts forth the prescribed course along with an associate special degree in Design Impact. And those who wish to pursue an MS in Engineering can do that too with the interdisciplinary program. There is no mandatory thesis to be submitted, but still get involved in the research projects happening during the period of the masters program. Only thing is that they need to arrange the requirements in collaboration with the faculty for supervision in the research and receive the requisite of academic credit in par with the MSME degree requirements. A total of 6 units can be counted upon in the research towards the MS degree.

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10. The Master of Laws (LLM) Program

An advanced study mode is switched on with the progression to specialize in Corporate Governance and Practice, Environmental Law and Policy, Law, Science and Technology, and International Economic Law, Business and Policy.  For the LLM program, around 15-20 students gets enrolled very year. Since this is a specialization course, it has a limited entry only for those students with a principal law degree received outside the United States. Under extraordinary state of affairs, candidates should possess the minimum of two years legal experience acquired professionally prior to starting the LLM program. The students should be strictly residing at the Stanford for the entire duration of the academic year. They should also take credit minimum of 35 units and maximum of 45 units.

The course undergoes a meticulous path in academics and professional training in legal practice and interdisciplinary analysis related to current developments in law, science and technology, as well as such areas as e-commerce, jurisdiction and dispute resolution in cyberspace, biotechnology and health science issues, intellectual property regimes and contractual developments associated with the global information economy, venture capital, and high technology start-up companies. Sworn and non-sworn officers from The Field Services Division of the University patrol the campus and respond positively for service calls and are legally authorized to enforce laws.

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