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Best Courses after 12th Humanities

Humanities used to be viewed as the subject path that students who are weak in studies used to opt for. But that’s a very old story. Today, humanities are being chosen by students who do really well in high school to pursue their favorite course options. Humanities have a lot more career options than science or commerce. Hence, students who take humanities after their 10th do find themselves confused because of the plethora of options available for them.

Selecting a degree is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. This is the decision that is going to decide the rest of your career. If you choose something you are not passionate about and just decide to go for it because of your friends, then you will end up doing something you do not enjoy to make a living. Life is fulfilling when you make money from something that you love to do! To make sure you choose the right course option.

We have put together a list of the top 10 courses available for humanities students to pursue. These options are not in any particular order and all of them have their own merits and demerits.

1. Bachelor of Arts

As clichéd as this program type may seem, the BA program offers specializations in everything from economics to language to music to journalism. A B.A. program is available at almost every university in the country. Some schools also allow you to select a major and a minor, allowing you to specialize in two disciplines with your degree. Psychology, geography, tourism studies, history are just some of the plethora of options available for BA. That is why a lot of students opt for this. If you have immense love for a particular subject, doing a BA will help you get a thorough understanding of all aspects of the subject. Some colleges also offer a B.A. (Hons) or Honors degree to students who desire to focus on their concentration subjects throughout the program. Overall, the Bachelor of Arts degree offers a wide range of alternatives across the country.

2. Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts is an academic curriculum that allows students to mix and match studies from many areas. Students can combine humanities, social science, natural science, mathematics, and statistics to study a variety of disciplines. Students can also select a specialty area based on their interests. Understanding the liberal arts will provide you with a diverse set of skills and information. The flexibility of this course is what makes a lot of people opt for this as their degree. The course allows you to mix and match and create your own tailor-made program. You will have to select two subjects. One major and one minor. You can choose the subject you are most passionate about as your major and then after your BA, you can specialize in it. Your major could be anything from psychology to philosophy to business studies. The flexibility of this course also increases the number of career options you will have.

3. Bachelor of Social Work

A BSW is another upcoming degree that can lead to a variety of unusual occupations. This course is for anyone interested in working to improve the well-being of communities in India and around the world on a long-term basis. The course covers a wide range of issues, including social development, law, economics, psychology, and public health. This training is particularly beneficial to individuals who want a broad range of practice. Teachers, therapists, analysts, public policy consultants, labor welfare specialists, NGO C-suite members, and other social workers work in both the public and commercial sectors. Because of the wide range of topics covered in this course, graduates of a BSW program have a wide range of job options. You can opt to do a master’s degree after completion of BSW which will increase your job opportunities. This course is perfect for students who want to do good to others and work for the welfare of communities while doing their job.

4. B.Sc in Mass Communication

This course was previously only for people who wanted to get into news anchoring or work for corporations with large marketing expenditures, but it is now a must-take for present times. This course is ideal for anyone interested in working in the digital content industry. Whether you want to create a YouTube video, work with start-ups to plan marketing campaigns, or become an influencer, this course will offer you a thorough understanding of marketing patterns and consumer habits. This is one of the most sought-after courses to do after humanities. Even though a mass communication degree requires a lot of hard work, it is a lot of fun. Your course will consist of a lot of practical sessions that will be aimed at sparking your creativity. You will also have to be trained to be confident to face the camera or to operate a camera. You can choose to work after completion of the course or you could pursue a master’s degree.

5. Bachelor of Event Management

This one is another course that can lead to a variety of employment in the entertainment world. While the title may appear self-explanatory, professionals with this degree are capable of much more than “Event Management.” These classes teach participants everything they need to know about events, from marketing to logistics to finances. Bachelor of Event Management is the organization and implementation of small and large-scale personal or organizational activities such as performances, conventions, ceremonies, weddings, and other similar events. When planning/organizing an event, it is critical to identify the target market, select a theme that is appropriate for the event, coordinate the preparations, and send out invitations to the upcoming event. Following that, applicants can pursue advanced degrees in the field of event management specialization at the master’s level.

6. Bachelor of Hotel Management

The area of Hotel Management and Hospitality has been very popular as the cafe and cloud cooking movement has exploded across the country. Catering Managers and Food & Beverage (F&B) directors are two positions available to graduates of the Hotel Management program in the events business. Indeed, in today’s world, an increasing number of firms are hiring F&B managers and executives to ensure that all staff has the best eating experience possible and that their overall efficiency increases as a result. If you have the drive, this course is one of the best options you can take after your degree. This course might be a little expensive for some, but after completion, you are sure to land a high-paying job. So, if you are okay spending the money to do the course, then go ahead!

7. Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts, or BFA, is an undergrad degree program that focuses on the fine arts. The program is also known as Bachelor of Visual Arts (BVA), and the study of Visual Arts comprises areas like painting, sculpture, photography, literature, animation, and so on. The subject of Performing Arts, on the other hand, includes areas such as dancing, theatre, and music. A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree frequently requires the individual to select a specialization area based on his or her interests. BFA is normally a three to four year study that can be completed full-time, part-time, online, or through distance learning, based on the candidate’s chosen specialization subject.

Best Courses after 12th Humanities

8. Bachelor of Fashion Design

Fashion Design is becoming a thriving topic of study, with more individuals concerned about their social appearances and online presence being a major contributor to people’s life. This course is designed to assist learners to develop their creativity, aesthetic perception, artistic ability, international design vision, innovation, and market trends. While the majority of the labor entails working with textiles, colors, and designing and crafting styles, each of the industry’s verticals provides considerably more career opportunities. The course is in high demand now and competition will be high. But if you do get in, you will have a wide range of career options available.

9. Bachelors in Interior Designing

With the rise of the Digital advertising world, an increasing number of individuals aspire to live in homes that are tastefully constructed and adorned. The desire for attractive dwellings has practically become a must, and no one purchases a home without contacting an interior designer. As a result, interior design is a promising subject that has provided the globe with a plethora of new options. This is an excellent field to enter right now if you have a knack for art and decoration and want to put it to use in the corporate world. There are four different sorts of courses that one might take to begin their career in this industry which are B.Design, B.Sc, B.A, Diploma. Shorter certification programs in Interior Design are also available at several colleges, which may help you get a job in this profession. Interior designers may be able to operate as independent contractors or be hired by architecture and construction firms for larger projects. With the industry currently booming, now is a great moment to become involved.

Best Courses after 12th Humanities

10. LLB

Many prestigious universities in India offer aspirants a three-year Bachelor of Laws degree known as Legum Baccalaureus or LLB. Candidates can only enroll in this law program if they have earned a bachelor’s degree. The Bar Council of India regulates and oversees the three-year LLB course given at all Indian law schools (BCI). The six semesters of the three-year legal study are arranged in such a way that the curriculum is separated into six parts. Only after completing all three semesters of this three-year LLB program are candidates awarded a degree. Candidates must attend regular theoretical classes, moot courts, internships, and tutoring work as part of an LLB degree given at the most popular law universities in India.

Best Courses after 12th Humanities

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