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Best Scholarships for Choir

Are you passionate about music, and do you feel that music is running through your veins? If you find happiness, especially while singing along with your buddies in high school for the school choir! Be ready to start earning through scholarships for being part of the school choir. Be cool, as most of it doesn’t have tedious application forms and other serious go-through processes. There are scholarships involved in the musical domain, be it including instrumentals or vocals. When scholarships to meet the monetary requirements are made available for something that we love doing, it adds cream to the cake.

Given below are certain scholarships for music and related sectors if you feel interested.

1. Kids in the Arts Win Scholarship Fund

The scholarship is basically built upon the feelings of a group of friends who started off in honor of their lost beloved friend. The name itself is the abbreviation of the name Kyle-Anthony Williams (KAW), who had been a socially responsible, empathetic, smart, and highly talented artist. His abilities were less understood due to the unavailability of apt opportunities. So this scholarship will help to bring forward those adolescent youth who are interested and passionate about arts and is in love with arts but can’t move forward due to lack of resources. The name KAW also stands for Kids in the Arts Win, where students can express their creativity to the maximum to develop their existing artistic gifts. It also acts as a mentorship program to overcome several crucial situations in education and the profession they come across. The students should be from grades K-12, Metro Atlanta Adventist Academy, Metro Atlanta Students from grades 9-12, and University Students in their first and second years. The funds are awarded directly to the awardees.

Provided by: KAW Scholarship group
Amount: $1000
Eligibility: Varies
Deadline: 25th Oct 2022
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2. Cutler- Sametz Choral Arts Scholarships      

The Cutler-Sametz Choral Arts Scholarship by Lehigh University is for aspiring and talented singers who major in any subject coming into the University. The award is made available for 4 years and for voice lessons. The award is in honor of Robert B. Cutler, past director of the Lehigh Glee Club, and Steven P. Cutler. The scholarship is a merit-based one with stipend and voice lessons. The award winners get the unique chance to be part of the singing group of the University Choir during their time at Lehigh. They also participate in the men’s Glee Club, women’s ensemble Dolce, or the Choral Union for four semesters. The audition is a double-step process before becoming eligible for the scholarship. The details are included in the link. The scholarship is renewed every year, and the students need to maintain a 2.8 GPA at the University.

Provided by: Lehigh University
Amount: $10,000-$20,000
Eligibility: Major in any subject
Deadline: 01/10/2022
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3. Leonard Bernstein Fellowship       

The scholarship program is an extremely selective kind for unique and particular performance programs. The scholarship is made available in fellowship and ensures the advantages of private lessons, chamber performance opportunities, and great ensemble performance opportunities. Moreover, the scholarship is a renewable one up to eight semesters. The current year is focusing on awarding deserving violinists. Others are also welcomed in applying for their works, as the selected ones would be considered for admission to Brandeis. Those who aspire to apply for the same have to follow the criteria listed down by the Music department of the University. These can be seen clearly in the link of the same. The applicants should be Minoring in music and should be completing any of the courses such as one year of Music theory, two semesters of music history, or an elective course in music. Large ensemble participation includes; four semesters of performance in a large Music Department ensemble.

Provided by: Department of Music, Brandeis University
Amount: $82,000 ($20,500 every year for 8 semesters)
Eligibility: Minor in music
Deadline: Varies
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4. The Brady and Patrick Gallagher Memorial Scholarship

The specific scholarship program has been a family affair in order to put across financial support to a graduating senior from the Loy Norrix High School. The person should have exhibited extraordinary awareness and talent in various areas. It covers domains of choral art, band, orchestra, drama, fine arts, or creative writing. The applicants should also be graduating senior and planning to enroll in a full-time two- or four-year college or university. Those who have a good mindset in getting involved in school and community activities would have considered preferences. Financial need is, of course, a consideration, but not at all a requirement in order to submit the application. The award is a renewable category of scholarship and can be extended up to three years extra.  

Provided by: Kalamazoo Community Foundation
Amount: $3,000
Eligibility: Undergrad/Post-Secondary Education
Deadline: March 1 every year.
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5. Glenn Miller Scholarship Competition

The Clarinda’s Glenn Miller Birthplace Society offers scholarships for instrumental specialists and vocal experts. The amount varies from $3000, $2000, $1000, but is provided for any education-related expenditure. Students who are high school seniors and fresher from college who are interested in taking music into their career and life in the future across the country apply for the scholarship. It is conducted every year to honor the composition and remembrance of Glenn Miller. 10 individuals, each from vocal and instrumental, are selected for the competition at the Glenn Miller Festival. Three winners are picked out, and they get the extravagant chance to perform at the Stage Show the subsequent year during the festival.

Provided by: Glenn Miller Birthplace Society
Amount: Varies (a total of $12,000)
Eligibility: High school seniors and college freshmen
Deadline: June 9th, 2022
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6. Augustana University Pro Musica Scholarships

The students who find an excellent place in the sectors of vocal, instrumental, and keyboard can secure a place in achieving the scholarship. The applicants need to undergo an audition in their respective areas. The faculty screened the talents at the Augustana University School of Music.

Provided by: Augustana University School of Music
Amount: $8,000
Eligibility: Any major
Deadline: February 01, 2022
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7. A. J. Moore High School National Alumni Association Scholarship Programs

The scholarship providers are a bit different from the normal ones, as they accept donations if you wish to help someone in need in memory of your loved one or an occasion. The individuals who are seniors who are preparing to continue their college education or move forward with vocational training are found to be eligible for the scholarship. Some of the major selection criteria include; the mind to do service, to be a good leader, and of course, the requirement of money to continue the studies. And the chief standard taken into account is ranked in the top half of the graduating class. The applicants need to go through the application process and complete the same by furnishing it with the required documents.

Provided by: Moore High School National Alumni Association
Amount: $1000
Eligibility: Pursuing higher education
Deadline: varies
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8. Choral Awards- at Oxford

The scholarships are provided for singers who are talented in their performance and have an intimate interest in developing their ability in choral singing during the time they spend at Oxford. They would also be a member of the college chapel choir. The scholars in the choir are also supposed to take part in the broader musical college life. There are different colleges coming under the musical scholarship scheme of the university, and the amount released also differs with college and is administered on a yearly basis. At certain colleges, the scholars in the choir also receive funding for singing lessons. As long as the course takes, the scholarship will be last till that. They can also take the opportunity of retaining the scholarship if there is a need to stay away and then return to Oxford. This scholarship category is principally aimed at undergraduates who will be continuing at the university for three years or more.

Provided by: Oxford University
Amount: £1,700
Eligibility: Undergraduates
Deadline: Yet to be finalized
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9. Choral Scholarship- University of Mississippi

The students whom the University seems to be competent are considered for the scholarships. The Department of Music at the university is taking the initiative for the same. Those students who opt for music majors, music minors, or show interest in participating in a choir as a non-music major also are considered for the scholarship. The scholarships or the service awards are provided a stipend and have to undergo an audition. Talent and ability in choral/vocal programs are analyzed, and the students are provided with the required financial support.

Provided by: The Department of Music, University of Mississippi
Amount: NA
Eligibility: music major or minor/ non-music major
Deadline: Varies
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10. Financial Aid – Cleveland Institute of Music

The scholarship is a merit-based one and includes financial assistance in many different forms. Maximum aid is provided by the university to maximum any desired individual so that they can gain at least a minimum level of support while getting enrolled into the institute. Applications need to be submitted accurately furnished with every required detail. There are processes for the renewal of the aid requirements.

Provided by: Cleveland Institute of Music
Amount: $31,829 every year (varies)
Eligibility: Major in music
Deadline: Jan 15, 2022
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