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Best Singing Courses for Beginners

Are you are bathroom singer? Or a person who keeps on listening to music all day and wonder if you had a melodious voice? Then why not begin with your singing lessons from today? Don’t worry it won’t take much of your time. By just spending an hour a day, you can learn to sing melodiously at the comfort of your home, at your own preferred time.

Be it free lessons, lessons from the most popular icons in the music industry, or courses from music schools like Berklee, our list consists of all kinds of online music courses from the most reliable resources. It is said if the beginning is right then everything goes well eventually hence, these courses on our list will serve as the right beginning for your career as a Singer. Your dream to become a popular Singer on Social Media or the biggest platforms is not far away. Check out these courses on our list and choose the ideal one for you among them!

1. Master Class Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

The very first course on our list is the best option you will ever get to begin your singing lessons from. You can now learn directly from the icons of the music industry, in this lesson, Christina Aguilera herself would guide you through an amazing journey of learning to sing. Presented by MasterClass, Christina teaches the learner how to find your voice, warm up, expand your range, breath control, vibrato, and much more! This five times Grammy Awards winner will teach you in a way you have never experienced before.

The masterClass provides the opportunity to learn from the most successful personalities of the world, you just need to subscribe, and then you get access to unlimited resources.

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2. Singing Courses by The Vocalist Studio

The Vocalist Studio can be your ultimate destination to train your vocals to sound like professionals. With the best guidance of TVs, and by practicing at least 30 minutes daily, anyone can become a better vocalist, and that too by following the clear, step-by-step TVS method. There are different types of lessons available on the website where you can choose from depending on your preferences, there are also complete singing courses available at the most affordable rates.

If you are not satisfied with any course, there is a 14 days money-back guarantee with TVs, but don’t worry about that, anyone who learns from TVS eventually improves as a singer.

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3. ABC of Singing – Fundamentals of Singing for Complete Beginners by Skillshare

One of the best way, to begin with, is to opt for free courses by Skillshare, that has just the perfect course for complete beginners. If you want to learn the “ABC” of music or to be more precise begin from the basics, then this course will introduce you to the fundamentals of singing, and many tips that come along with the course.

You will learn about the A- Alignment, B- Breathing and C- Connection from an expert instructor, and develop a strong base that is essential before beginning with singing

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4. Become a Better Vocalist with Berklee Online

What can be a better option in America when it comes to music than Berklee? The online music lessons from Berklee are all you need to become have a melodious voice.

The “Become a Better Vocalist with Berklee” course can be the right beginning of your music career for it will begin with training your vocals and introducing you to many techniques and skills. The duration of the course is 12- Weeks, and upon enrolling, you get access to free sample lessons, degree handbooks, course catalogs, news, and exclusive content, and much more! Your dream of becoming a Vocalist can meet with reality through the guidance of the world-famous Music School- Berklee.

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5. 30 Day Beginner Courses by 30Day Singer

You can now become a better singer in just 30 days by attending beginner courses from 30Day Singer. In these courses, you will learn to extend your vocal ranges, develop vocal power, build confidence and learn every technique and skill before you can deliver your first performance.

The lessons are easy-to-follow, fast-paced, and engages aspiring students in a fun learning experience. You can try the 14-day free trial if you are skeptical about the quality of the lessons, and pay after you are done and satisfied with your learning experience.  However, 30Day Singer has proven to be an authentic learning resource, that has helped thousands of people achieve their dreams of becoming confident singers.

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6. Become a Great Singer: Your Complete Vocal Training System By Udemy

Udemy has many top-rated singing courses among which, the “Become a Great Singer” is a comprehensive course that will provide you with complete vocal training. This course has been Udemy’s BEST SELLING Singing Course for over 5 Years, hence you can assume that it really is going to help you with Singing!

The instructor of the course believes singing does not come from genes rather it is Science hence, anyone at any age can take part in this course and become a better singer. This course is the best option for complete beginners, advanced learners, singers who want to learn vocal distortion, rasp, grit, and vibrato, extend their vocal ranges, and anyone who is looking for a trustable singing lesson. This course also comes with many free kits such as e-Books, Performance Videos, records, video demonstrations, and much more! This course surely has a lot to give to its learners.

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7. Singing Courses by RogerLove.Com

Number 7 on our list is a website that is operated by Hollywood’s Go-to guy who has molded vocalists from around the world and turned them into Grammy Award winners and the most popular singers of all time. Roger has trained world-famous artists who are on our playlists today such as Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato and many other popular personalities. Roger will teach you with the same secret methods he had used to turn amateur vocalists to hit the top charts of the U.S and the U.K.

If it is really your dream to become a popular personality who can move crowds with their soulful voices, then will lead you to that way and Who knows? maybe to the Hall of Fame?

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8. Courses by Free Singing Lessons from Takelessons

If you are after free lessons and don’t want to invest in courses that you are skeptical about, then take lessons is just the right platform for you. You can now feed your passion, interact with world-famous Music Teachers, and become confident singers with the help of these live online classes.

You can also opt for the popular courses offered by taking lessons such as the “Intro to Singing”, “Beyond the Basics”, “Practice makes Perfect” and many other courses. With TakeLessons, you can fast-track your progress, get guidance for all the days in a week, grow every day and become confident, and lastly, learn in a friendly environment surrounded by a community of students and teachers from worldwide.

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9. Free Mini Singing Course by Singorama

Singorama is another reliable resource for taking singing lessons that too for free! Singorama has proven to help thousands of people quickly learn to sing and gain skills with the help of short video lessons.

Courses in Singorama help you with maximizing your vocal ranges, rapidly gain strength and agility, master the perfect pitch and transform your untrained voice into a professional level. You don’t require any prior experience to opt for these courses, you just need to have a dream. Also, if your schedule is packed up, you can still gain skills by just investing 15 minutes of your days. Singorama will be your best guide and the best part is you don’t have to invest anything, so there is nothing to lose but only gain.

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10. Online Singing Classes and Vocal Lessons by Loraine Music Academy

The last one on our list is the online Singing and Vocal lessons from Loraine Music Academy that has been designed for children, adults teenagers, and anybody interested of any age.

The online courses by Loraine Music Academy are a great choice to bring out that hidden talent you possess, and transform it into a talent that is audible. If it has always been your dream to be able to sing like world-famous singers like Justin Bibber, Adele, Kishore Kumar, Elvis Presley, and so on, then there cannot be a better platform to hone your skills and techniques than Loraine Music Academy. You can opt for solo singing classes, or prepare for Music Examinations, you will find everything that you are looking for here. Since these courses are online, they are conducted through the Online Music Learning Platform. Lorraine Music Academy is a GLOBAL Online Music Learning Institution that teaches students located across 5 continents, based in North America, Europe, Middle East, South Asia & South East Asia. Get yourselves enrolled if you do not want to miss the opportunity from a global platform.

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That’s all for the online music courses. We hope these courses on our top-10 list will be of great help to learners of all ages and help them achieve their dreams of becoming popular Singers.

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