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Best Public Elementary Schools in NYC

Elementary schools are primary schools that are the main points of delivery for primary education in the United States. These schools are for children between the ages of five and eleven to enroll after their pre-kindergarten and before their secondary education. According to 2001 statistics, there were 92,858 elementary schools (68,173 public, 24,685 private) in the United States, and according to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the fall of 2017, almost 35.6 million students attended public primary schools. New York State’s elementary schools are top-notch, from the complex New York City School System to the small rural community schools. In this city, many elementary schools are on the cutting edge of technology and curriculum.

They offer computer skills, foreign languages, and science labs to their learners. Furthermore, employing thousands of professionals, administrators, and teachers, these elementary schools are full of quality staff that constantly provides professional growth and development.

1. Robert Seaman Elementary School

Robert Seaman Elementary School has a learning environment for students to meet rigorous learning standards by thinking deeply and critically about what they read and conceptualize. They use technology to foster global awareness and understanding and celebrating cultural diversity. More than three hundred students take part in hands-on learning both inside the Robert Seaman Elementary School and off-site to increase the richness of their academic experiences. This school has a strong commitment to their partnership between school and home, as visible from their hard-working staff, outstanding PTA, and motivated students who exemplify a love of learning. Robert Seaman Elementary School’s core values include kindness, respect, and responsibility that guide them as they embrace teaching and learning in the 21st century. This school is a part of the Jericho School District, whose main mission is “Success for Every Student,” which requires the creation of an educational system that has as its focus the best interests of each individual student.

Founded In: N/A
Location: Jericho, New York
Rank: 1
Contact: 516-203-3630
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2. New Amsterdam School

New Amsterdam School was founded in 2006 when it started as a grassroots alliance of educators, parents, and community leaders determined to bring the benefits of Waldorf education to Lower Manhattan. This school’s main focus was initially on parent-child classes, but later the school expanded to develop a full early childhood program starting with toddlers and now includes an elementary program for grades 1-5. This school is a tranquil oasis in the East Village because it provides a warm, home-like learning environment for children and families. Their community is known for embracing diversity, fosters inclusivity, and honoring the uniqueness of each child. NAS embodies an innovative spirit of Waldorf Education, and as a member of WECAN and an Associate Member of AWSNA, this school is also part of the well-established Waldorf movement. This movement now includes over 1000 schools and 1600 early childhood programs in 58 countries. Waldorf education is known as the fastest-growing independent school movement in the world.

Founded In: 2006
Location: New York, NY
Rank: 2
Contact: 212.533.1820
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3. Lakeville Elementary School

Lakeville School’s Mission Statement is about a multicultural community that thrives in a highly collaborative, supportive, and joyful environment. All of this embodies a commitment to rigorous learning and innovative practice. This school is inspired by powerful connections among its children, families, and staff. LES cultivates intellectual curiosity, develops student’s voices, and fosters diverse perspectives. They also motivate children to take risks, respectfully challenge each other’s thinking, and celebrate their own unique ability to make positive contributions to the world.

Founded In: N/A
Location: Great Neck, NY
Rank: 3
Contact: 516-441-4300
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4. KIPP Infinity Charter School

KIPP Infinity Charter School, located in New York City, believes in the creation of inspired lives. As part of the national network of almost three hundred free public charter schools, KIPP Infinity Charter School works to ensure every student can lead a happy and successful life. Some of their main features include a total of 15 Free Public Charter Schools, 6,461 K-12 Students, 2,100 Alumni Supported, 99% Students of color, 88% qualify for free or reduced-price lunch, 20% are classified as having special education needs, and 92% of the students stay with the school from year to year. KIPP’s started as one classroom in 1995 in the South Bronx, and they promised the first kids and families that they would do whatever it takes for the students to be successful. Now, they make the same sacred promise to almost nine thousand students and alumni on their way to college and careers. This has helped KIPP keep good on its promise every year by helping KIPP alumni graduate college at dramatically higher rates than their peers.

Founded In: 1995
Location: New York, NY
Rank: 4
Contact: (212) 991-2622
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5. Achievement First – Bushwick School

Achievement First started with a belief in 1998 when a student teacher struggled to teach the book Johnny Tremain, in a middle school classroom where most of the kids were reading three years below grade level. Her mentor teacher suggested she show them the movie, but instead, she founded her own school. From that single excellent idea, one of the best public charter schools was founded. Since its establishment, this school network has known that there are gaps in academic performance, and this fall along the lines of race and income are caused by gaps in access and opportunity. So, they had worked to right that wrong, and when Amistad Academy opened in 1999, it served 84 New Haven fifth and sixth graders. Now, their schools serve 15,000 students in 37 schools in five communities across Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island. All of their students are selected through a blind lottery, and the majority of them are Black, Latinx, and children from low-income families who will be the first in their families to graduate from college.

Founded In: 1998
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Rank: 5
Contact: 347-471-2550
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6. Elizabeth M. Baker Elementary School

Elizabeth M. Baker Elementary School’s mission is to provide a nurturing and safe environment to foster the social, cognitive, and personal development of each child and adult in their community. They encourage their members to recognize the school’s unique roles in the global society by valuing diversity, working collaboratively, respecting others, and accepting responsibility for themselves and the world. This school seeks to develop the skills, the willingness, and the desire to think creatively in order to adapt and persevere through life’s challenges. They also inspire children to have a passion for learning and to construct meaning from the knowledge they acquire. Elizabeth M. Baker Elementary School strives to cultivate, in each member, a feeling of belonging and a sense of significance and cherish the development of a lifelong spirit of inquiry, wonder, and play. This school has strict school bus habits for its students that are listed on their website under School Bus Behavior Agreements and Commitments.

Founded In: N/A
Location: Great Neck, NY
Rank: 6
Contact: 516-441-4100
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7. Cantiague Elementary School

Cantiague Elementary School is a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School and also is a “Bucket Filling” community focused on the social, emotional, and academic growth of each child. Their daily goal is to establish a strong academic as well as personal foundation rooted in the Super Six, which includes Being a Super Star, Being Responsible, Being Respectful, Being Safe, Being Positive, and Being Kind. These core values are in place to help students and staff members accomplish anything they want. At this school, the staff members are changing the world, one bucket at a time with new vision statements for the 21st century. Cantiague Elementary School is committed to instilling a love of learning by encouraging children to grow academically, socially, and emotionally. Cantiague is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow for a variety of reasons. It is filled with teachers and staff who are passionate educators and dedicated to each student’s success and personal growth. 

Founded In: 2012
Location: Jericho NY
Rank: 7
Contact: 516-203-3650
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8. South Grove Elementary School

South Grove Elementary School’s mission statement is about a commitment to provide a safe, nurturing, and caring environment that cultivates strengths embraces diversity, and celebrates learning. Their students are encouraged with both welcome and value education by recognizing that it not only makes future success possible but makes them better people. This school accomplishes this mission by developing “The South Grove Family,” a partnership among their parents, teachers, and students. This school is part of the Syosset Central School District, which includes schools like A.P. Willits Elementary, Berry Hill Elementary, J. Irving Baylis Elementary, Robbins Lane Elementary, South Grove Elementary, Village Elementary, Walt Whitman Elementary, H.B. Thompson Middle School, South Woods Middle School, and Syosset High School. Syosset Central School District’s mission statements involve an obligation to prepare their students to be responsible for a continually changing world and take agency of themselves, their communities, and society as a whole.   

Founded In: N/A
Location: Syosset, NY
Rank: 8
Contact: 516-364-5810
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9. Denton Avenue School

Denton Avenue School is located in New Hyde Park that is a suburban community on Long Island, about 3 miles east of the New York City borough of Queens. This school serves over six hundred students from kindergarten through fifth grade, and the student population represents a cross-section of many different cultures. The current staff members are Mrs. Loren Borgese – Principal, Mrs. Beth Rosenman – Assistant Principal and DASA Coordinator, Mrs. Sheila Condron – Principal’s Secretary, Mrs. Christine Silipo – Secretary, Mrs. Anney Johnson – School Nurse, Dr. Stacey Souravlis – Psychologist, and Mr. James Martillo – Head Custodian.

Founded In: 2002
Location: New Hyde Park, NY
Rank: 9
Contact: 516-305-8400
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10. Saddle Rock School

Saddle Rock School’s rule for living includes helping to build a sense of community and belonging, showing respect and appreciation for others, being honest and having integrity, taking responsibility for all actions and works, showing kindness and compassion for others, and demonstrating social responsibility. At a glance, Saddle Rock School has 562 total students learning in a good school climate that has good standing of accountability status with accredited assessments and financial transparency.

Founded In: N/A
Location: Great Neck, NY
Rank: 10
Contact: 516-441-4400
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