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Best Public Schools in Virginia

Ranked as the sixth most educated state in America, Virginia is a great place for doing our education. The robust curriculum nurtures young minds to achieve prodigious success in life. The quality of education is phenomenal since Virginia has the 17th largest school system in the United States serving around 1,290,708 students. The State consumes whooping 2,123 public schools with massive infrastructure and curriculum. With a minority enrolment of 51%, Virginia has a diverse ethnic student population with a student-teacher ratio of 15:1.

One of the most profound features of education in Virginia is, the State ranks first in gender gap educational attainment. Moreover, The Virginia Department of Education works in unification with the Virginia Board of Education and local school boards to create and maintain the state’s public school system. Virginia State is also called “Old Dominion” for producing great intellectual kings and queens.

With massive healthcare, economy, and controlled crime corrections, hands down, Virginia is the best place to educate young minds. Here is the list of the top public schools in Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology

The No1 High school in the whole of United States, Thomas Jefferson High School is a great place to coach the young minds of our country. The school tops the rank of 18,000 high schools in the country. Moreover, It has extraordinary STEM coaching with an AP enrolment of 73%.

The reading proficiency and the math proficiency are at a whooping 99percentage. Also, Thomas Jefferson is known for its competitive and academic-focused curriculum and has great allotment for students who need special care. About 97% of students think that Thomas Jefferson is the safest school environment.

Founded In: 1985
Tuition: 29,950 USD
Average SAT: 1520
Average ACT: 34
Average GPA: 3.5
Rank: 1
Contact: +1 703-750-8300
Financial Aid: Go through this link to get detailed info

  • The Coolidge Scholarship- Annually awarded, full-ride, presidential scholarship.
  • GE-Reagan Foundation Scholarship- $40,000
  • Davidson Fellows Scholarship- $50,000

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Maggie Walker Governor’s School

Maggie Walker Governor’s School is the best choice for not only the newcomers of the city but also the longtime residents of Virginia. The 2nd Best Public High School in the whole of Virginia, Maggie Walker has an enormous reputation for enrolling more Black and Latino students for the upcoming 2021-2022 school years. It is a significantly great number; Maggie Walker is a very inclusive diverse public High School.

Not only has the Education, but the survey also declared that this high school has plenty of clubs and organizations to get students involved in. Furthermore, the Alumni of Maggie Walker has pushed for reforms at the school and state level which increased the reputation of the high school. The school has 100percentile math proficiency. Not only sports, math, and clubs, but the school also has fantastic STEM and Arts programs with diverse interests and passions.

Founded In: 1991
Tuition: N/A
Average SAT: 1410
Average ACT: 33
Average GPA: 3.52
Rank: 2
Contact: +1 804-354-6800
Financial Aid: Currently, the school has no opening for scholarships

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Langley High School

Located in Northern Virginia, Langley comes under the top Fairfax County Public School Systems. The 4th best school in the State has a 99percentage of graduation rate and has a great college readiness index rank for a public high school.

The School has a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1 with a primary focus on the Arts and athletic department. The school provides immense experience with its dynamic and competitive environment which will cultivate the young minds for greater success in life. The school has a greater Girls’ athletic participation and has no disparity among the gender gap in education as well. The school is known for its interest in involving the parents for brimming a passionate environment for education.

Founded In: 1965
Tuition:  $18,600 to $40,900
Average SAT: 1350
Average ACT: 30
Average GPA: 3.2
Rank: 3
Contact: +1 703-287-2700
Financial Aid: Go through this link to get detailed info

  • The Langley Scholarship Fund (NCPGA Foundation)- Educational fund
  • Langley Federal Credit Union- $2,500

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McLean High School

Popularly known as the “Home of the Highlanders”, McLean High School is known for pushing the students to explore and develop their own personal identity through Art and Sports. The school ranks  3rd in the best public high schools in Virginia. With a graduation rate of 93%, the school primarily focuses on the involvement of both boys and girls in the athletic and sports department. The school is the biggest rival to the Langley in sports as well as in Academics.

The school creates a competitive environment for the children. Moreover, even the teachers in the school get a decent pay of around $80,579 per year which is far better than most of the Public High Schools in the country. The school is also very diverse to cultivate the students as a responsible and well-adjusted young adult.

Founded In: 1955
Tuition: N/A
Average SAT: 1340
Average ACT: 30
Average GPA: 3.6
Rank: 4
Contact: +1 703-714-5700
Financial Aid: Click here for more info on the scholarships

  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund- Educational Fund
  • Margie H. Verbal Scholarship Fund 2020- $2500

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W. T. Woodson High School

Woodson High School located in Fairfax County. It was founded in 1962 and was the largest school in the state back then. The school ranks No6 out of the best Virginia Public High Schools. The school has a considerable amount of strength- 2,410 students with a student ratio level of 15 to 1. The atmosphere of the school is non-judgmental and very diverse in ethnicity. 25% of the population of the school is Asian community.

Woodson High School is acknowledged for winning district, regional and state championship athletic programs. The welcoming school is a wonderful atmosphere is the best place for a student to start his academic life. The School has excellent STEM program facilities with great expert faculties.

Founded In: 1962
Tuition: N/A
Average SAT: 1310
Average ACT: 30
Average GPA: 3.6
Rank: 5
Contact: +1 703-503-4600
Financial Aid: Currently, the school has no opening for scholarships

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Oakton High School

Located in the hood of public schools, Fairfax County, Oakton High School is a top-rated school with a 92percent proficiency in maths and 93percentage in reading. The Oakton High School is known for its unique block schedule which operates five days a week, alternating between “burgundy” and “Gold days”.

Oakton High School ranks 5th out of 520 public high schools in the best college prep public high schools in Virginia. The school has more focus on academics which reduces the happiness index for students. Despite this slip, Oakton School manages to reach our full potential and very competitive environment. The high school not only focuses on Academics but also builds character development in a more ethical and successful way for the students.

Founded In: 1967
Tuition: N/A
Average SAT: 1320
Average ACT: 31
Average GPA: 3.7
Rank: 6
Contact: +1 703-319-2700
Financial Aid: The School provides scholarships based on academic record, leadership ability, talents, or need for financial assistance. To get more info, click here

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James Madison High School

James Madison is a part of the Fairfax County public schools district. The profound feature of James Madison is the viability of scholarship programs. It provides a decent number of scholarship programs which creates an environment for every socioeconomically backward people.

The school is also known to have the best teachers community in the school. The teacher’s board is widely known and ranks top 4th out of 323 public high schools in having the best teacher board in Virginia. The school also offers a variety of clubs and organizations for bringing the student community together. The school also includes pleather of sports teams, where students can focus on team building, health, and competitive drive.

Founded In: 1959
Tuition: N/A
Average SAT: 1310
Average ACT: 30
Average GPA: 3.5
Rank: 7
Contact: +1 703-319-2300
Financial Aid: To get more info, click here

  • Dingledine-Bluestone Scholarships-  $12,330
  • Madison Award for Academic Excellence- $4000- $10,000                                  
  • Second Century Scholarships- 100 percent of in-state tuition and fees for the year recipients.
  • Charles Edwin Good (’62) Scholarship Fund- Educational fund

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West Springfield High School

With a great placement program, West Springfield High School is a top-rated public high school that enrols over 2,400students. The school has an equal gender distribution atmosphere with great allowance for economically disadvantaged people.

West Springfield has a 95percent graduation rate. Also, the neighbourhood is relatively cheap comparing to Fairfax county. The median rent is around $2,131. It is great for families and housing. According to the survey conducted by Niche, the 90percent of people feel safe in the school environment. West Springfield is an exceptional school when it comes to inclusivity. Many clubs focus on ethnic culture and hobbies that allow students to feel welcomed to the Spartan community.

Founded In: 1966
Tuition: N/A
Average SAT: 1240
Average ACT: 28
Average GPA: 3.52
Rank: 8
Contact: +1 703-913-3800
Financial Aid: Click this link to get more info

  • PB&J Scholarship- $1000
  • Hampden County 4-H / Youth Special Fund Scholarship- $1000
  • Abbott and Fenner Scholarship Program- $1000

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