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Best Postgraduate Courses in the U.K

When it comes to Postgraduate degrees in the United Kingdom, there are so many better options to seek. As known by everyone, U.K is home to some of the most prestigious and renowned universities in the world, including the Oxford University and Cambridge University. Hence pursuing a Master’s degree from these renowned universities of the U.K can be the best life-changing decision ever. From MBA to MSc, M.Phil to M.E, there are many good reasons (and options) to visit this country and pursue your Master’s degree. Here are the best degrees you can opt for:

1. MBA from London Business School

Pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree from the world-famous London Business School can be the best decision of your life. LBS has been ranked number 2 in the world by Financial Times for its MBA program and 90% employment success, so completing your master’s degree from here can be a lifetime experience of goodwill and success. 

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2. MSc in Advanced Computer Science from Oxford University

A golden opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge in Advanced Computer Science, a Master of Science degree from the world’s best Oxford University can be life-changing. Getting a degree from world-class universities has its perks; not only do you have goodwill for life, but also you get a chance to learn from the best of best professors, who deliver you a learning experience like no other.

The MSc in Advanced Computer Science is a 12 months program. It will cover an array of advanced topics, including the branches of engineering and mathematics essential for programming. This program is a blend of theory and practice and will make you an expert in Computer Science through its research, reasoning methods, and practice. There cannot be a better option for your career than to pursue your Master’s degree from Oxford University, so do not hesitate. 

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3. MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering from University of Edinburgh

If you already have a background in chemical engineering and want to pursue your Master’s degree from a renowned university in the U.K, then the University of Edinburgh is your ideal destination. The MSc program in Advanced Chemical Engineering offers study in a wide array of disciplines and progresses with its research-based approach. 

This one-year program will emphasize the processes of chemical engineering, carbon capture, advanced pharmaceutical processes, sustainable water resources, alternative energy technologies for the advancement of science, and much more. You also get to work with Research Dissertation projects and get in touch with the university’s industrial partners. The University of Edinburgh also has other Engineering opportunities, including Electrical Power Engineering, Advanced Power Engineering, Electronics, Structural and Fire Safety Engineering, and much more. 

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4. MPhil in Veterinary Science from University of Cambridge

Master of Philosophy in Veterinary Science from the University of Cambridge can be studied in two ways- one, full-time for 1 year and the other one being part-time for 2 years. MPhil in Veterinary Science program is completely research-based and focuses particularly on Disease, Immunity, Infection, and Pathology. This program covers a wide array of potential research ranging from microbiology to clinical patients. You not only improve your research skills throughout this program but also acquire in-depth knowledge in various disciplines. 

After completing the program, you can also continue with a PhD in your areas of interest. 

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5. MSc in Clinical Medicine- Imperial College London

There are various options available to pursue your Master’s degree in the field of medicine from Imperial College of London. The master’s programs here are divided into three main sections: Biomedical Sciences, Medicine and Healthcare, and Public Health. You can choose from this wide range of research areas and pursue your master’s degree in your area of interest. And get a chance to learn from world-class expert faculties. 

If you are thinking about why it would be worth studying at Imperial College, then there’s great news, ICL has been ranked 10th among the best universities in the world. 

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6. M.A in English literature from Queen Mary University

Be it the location of London or reputation; Queen Mary University is your ideal destination to pursue a Master of Arts in English Literature. Learning and researching from the origin of the language itself (English originated and spread across the world from England/ U.K) is a great choice. 

If you have a background in English Literature and want to dive into it deeper, then there cannot be a better place to expand your knowledge and pursue a master’s degree than Queen Mary. The program of M.A is well designed, covering a wide range of topics, including history, culture, art, and literature. You can choose your periods of interest, be it the Renaissance, Victorian, Elizabethan, or Modern, or a specific age of your choice, and carry on your research on it. The research practices will also include visits to historical sites, museums, art galleries to enrich your knowledge. M.A in English Literature from Queen Mary University can be the best decision of your life; you won’t get a better experience elsewhere.

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7. Master of Law (LLM) from King’s College London

Ranked among the top 25 universities across the world, King’s College London is your ideal destination for LLM. The Master of Laws program here is recognized throughout the world for its academic excellence and success and various specialization areas available for research. 

You can choose your specializations among the 9 different options available such as Competition Law, European Law, International Financial Law, and others. The programs are ideal for recent graduates as well as established professionals who want to enhance their careers. King’s College London is located in the “Heart of London,” so it will surely win your heart and help you transform into a successful professional.

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8. Master of Architecture- Manchester School of Architecture

If you have a bachelor’s degree in architecture and hoping to pursue your master’s degree from a renowned college in the U.K, then Manchester School of Architecture is ideal for them. The M.Arch course of Manchester School is a professionally recognized award-winning program that has helped thousands of students achieve their dream jobs. The program is both practice and research-based and connects students with various events and projects, helping students develop professional skills and understand their roles. 

This 2-year specialization course will not only open the doors of multiple opportunities by building a reputed portfolio but also will bring closer to your dream of planning, leading, and building superstructures, architectural masterpieces.

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9. M.A in Fine Arts from Royal College of Art

The best option for students of Fine Arts to study in the most reputed art college of London, the Royal College of London, as royal as its name, offers top-class programs in various disciplines of fine arts, including Contemporary Art, Sculpture, Painting, Ceramics and Glass and many more. Choose your area of interest and specialize in it to have a bright future as an artist.

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10. MSc in Psychological Research from University of Oxford

The last program on our list, yet another one by the University of Oxford, the MSc in Psychological Research, is a 1-year program based on research and training. The course contains 9 modules, and you need to pass 8 of them to earn a prestigious degree from Oxford. 

The areas of research and training include behavioral neuroscience, neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, psychological disorders, and many other intriguing and essential areas that are significant to establish yourself into a successful Psychologist. With the help of seminars, lectures, and workshops, the Department of Psychology molds its students into skillful, experienced, top-class Psychologists ready to improve human behaviors and mental health. 

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These are the best Master’s programs that you can pursue from the United Kingdom and make your dreams come true.

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