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Best Accredited Online Courses UK

Side courses can help a lot in enhancing your professional or academic careers. Students often look for short courses that can help them choose their career, whereas professionals seek for courses that can hone their skills and give them new ideas to improve their work life.

If you too are among those people who are looking for some accredited career-enhancing online courses in the United Kingdom, then here we present you a list of top-10 online courses that you can pursue to gain skills and expand your knowledge:

1. Introduction to Cyber Security by the Open University

The first course on our list is an accredited course presented by The Open University, an Introduction to Cyber Security, a course for everyone connected to the digital world. Whether you are working in a digital platform or enjoying being active in social media, from online payments to online purchases everything requires security. With the widespread of hackers across the globe, your cybersecurity is at stake every day, but you can add a long-term solution to it by knowing its do’s and don’ts from this course by Open University.

Here in this course you will learn about every detail that can increase your cyber security and help you recognise threats that can steal your valuable information. This program has been designed by The Open University with support from the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Programme.

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2. Social Entrepreneurship by University of Oxford

Social Entrepreneurship is gaining rapid recognition globally for its success, so a lot of students show interest in it these days. Here, in this course, you will learn and understand the functions of social entrepreneurship and how they bring out solutions to social problems. This course will help you understand the power of social entrepreneurship and how you can bring social change with the help of your knowledge and skills. If you want to change lives and the dimension of entrepreneurship as a whole, then you should definitely opt for this course.

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3. Understanding Finance in Organisations by Cambridge University

Cambridge University’s course on Understanding Financial Organisations is ideal for students or professionals who want to have in-depth knowledge in various functions of finance. With the help of study and practices related to finance, you will be able to interact and collaborate in a better way, develop better planning and decision-making skills, be proficient in the process of financial reporting and accounting, and many other important things necessary to become a successful professional. The duration of the course is 7 weeks and the course fee is only £ 275. So, enroll in this course today to have a better understanding of Finance and improve your career by developing your skills.

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4. Global Health and Disability Course by London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

An informative, accredited course for students having a background in the medical field, public health, or social science, this online course on Global Health and Disability by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine brings a great opportunity to gain insights about improving health conditions worldwide. This course will focus on disability as a global cause and provide useful information related to raising awareness on the importance of health and well-being.

This course will build a comprehensive understanding of disability, how to identify it and how individuals with disabilities suffer from poor health. With the help of this course, you will be able to improve the health of individuals suffering from disabilities by providing them with the necessary health services. If you wish to work in sectors related to Public Health, Rehabilitation, International Development, and Humanitarian Assistance, then this course can be of great help to you. This course is totally free of cost and its duration is 3 weeks and 4 days.

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5. Certificate of Higher Education in Law by the Open University

Among various online certificate courses offered by The Open University, you can opt for this Certificate of Higher Education in Law if you wish to build your career in the field of Law. This course is a great way, to begin with, your understanding of the legal world, and learn skills required by a lawyer to provide justice to people. Learn all about legal rights, the role of a lawyer in society, solving legal issues and criminal offenses with the help of this course you get closer to your dream of becoming a lawyer. The duration of the course is 1 year (full-time), and after the completion of the course, you will be ready to pursue your career in the field of Law.

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6. Building a Future with Robots by Sheffield University

For students who are fascinated with Robotics and autonomous systems, and want to work with robots to build a better future, this course by University of Sheffield (FutureLearn) is just the one for you. With only a duration of 3 weeks, this course will cover advanced information on robotics, how it takes its inspiration from the nature and works for future development.

The field of robotics is multidisciplinary and is connected with almost everything used in our day-to-day life from cars (transportation robots) to medicines (biomedical robots) or even the washing machine at your home (household robots), everything is made and run by the technological advancements of robotics that make our lives easier. If you too are hoping to become a part of the world of robotics, this course is your best fit.

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7. Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research by University of Leeds

Another course on FutureLearn by University of Leeds, that will let you explore the world of healthcare and medical treatments. Clinical Research can bring a lot of positive change in the world of modern medicine and healthcare. It is clinicalresearch that introduces and enables new solutions to major diseases and its medications, hence this course will introduce you to the methods and strategies of clinical research and how it can benefit the humankind.

If you are a student with a medical background or a health professional willing to pursue with clinical research, this course is going to be very useful and helpful for them. This accredited course by University of Leeds is set for 4 weeks, and is self-paced.

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8. Understanding Anxiety Depression and CBT by University of Reading

Another course on our list that can benefit students with Medical or Psychology background to understand deeply about Anxiety, Depression and the benefits ofCBT on patients. This course by University of Reading is also available on the platform of FutureLearn, and puts emphasis on the important issues of mental health.

This course will develop in you a comprehensive understanding of mental health issues related to anxiety, depression that prevents an individual to lead a peaceful, healthy life, and introduce you to the effective treatment of Cognitive Behavioural Treatment that can change the lives of patients. The main aim of the course is to raise awareness on mental health, and how issue like depression and anxiety can be easily treated. Take part in this course if you want to enhance your knowledge on mental health and want to learn the wonders of CBT.

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9. Introduction to Creative Writing by University of Glasgow

Number 9 on our list is a course for aspiring writers who want to showcase their talents through creative writings and find pleasure in it. This online course by University of Glasgow is going to provide you with a brief introduction of how to begin and pro tips to become a successful creative writer. Learn about various techniques that can make your writing skills better and ready for the professional world. If you wish to write novels, stories, fictions or anything similar, then this course is a treasure for you.

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10. Environmental Assessment and Control MSc by University of Derby

The last course on our list is a Master of Science program on Environmental Assessment and Control provided by the renowned University of Derby. With an increasing pollution around the world and overusing of resources, our environment (or rather nature) is at stake. However, we can prevent this world from extreme harm through various measures and controls, and this course is going to help you with that.

Here in this course, you will learn the right scientific knowledge, holistic understanding of strategies and preventions, necessary to conduct a rigorous research on finding solutions and preventing the environment around you from contamination. This master’s program will not only help you become a responsible human being who works for saving the environment, but also get an opportunity to work as an Environmentalist, a Scientist and many relevant, reputed positions.

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We have tried to cover the best online accredited courses around the United Kingdom provided by renowned institutions that can help you succeed in the future. We hope these courses will benefit you in many ways.

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