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Best English Courses on Udemy

Out of 6500 languages around the world, what is so special about the English language? Why is it considered to be the world’s popular language? Why English is used as the language of international communication? 

English is the widely spoken language in the world because it is considered to be the trade and diplomatic language for people. It is the language of international communication, media, and also the internet. Learning English is not a teensy weensy job. English gives an open door for great opportunities in academic as well as employment prospects all around the world. 

There is a chunk of English courses available on the internet, but why is it important to learn English from a 

credible source? That’s why we’re here comrade. Udemy offers excellent courses on learning English. Nearly 3.3 million people all over the world have learned English through Udemy courses. To learn the course, all we need is a simple internet connection, a device and a basic understanding of English. The following are the best English courses provided by Udemy. Buckle up your seats!

1. English for Beginners Spoken English Course

English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course is a top-notch course for beginning-level English courses. It consists of 77hour of classes which includes not only English language speaking but and English listening practice. It is a bestseller course with 4.4 ratings and has around 42,426 students. 

It is also available in English, Hindi, Portuguese and Spanish subtitles. There are no big requirements for the course. It does not require any prior knowledge of English. For novices, this is a standardized course to have a full beginner to intermediate course of spoken English.

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2. Complete English Learning Course for Beginners

With a total of 2 sections and 46 lectures, this English course is an excellent beginner course. It is an (A1->A2 plus) course taken by a Native teacher. English speaking, English grammar, and English pronunciation are the themes covered in the syllabus. 

This course is unique for its attributes since it is great for improving English and comprehension skills through ear training and visual training. The course includes demo lessons and quizzes with full HD video lessons. This is a great course for beginners who wants to understand the native style of English.

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3. Master Native English Speaking, Grammar, and More

Master Native English Speaking, Grammar, and More is a top-notch course that offers mastery in fluency as well as grammar. Have you ever felt like you have a decent vocabulary yet you couldn’t put your thoughts into words? This course gives the solution. It offers mastery of the English language with more humorous and fun classes. The course also offers assignments that make you record yourself for the assessment. 

The course has 15.5 hours of on-demand video lectures with 29 downloadable resources. This master course offers a total of 30 sections and 70 lectures to complete the certification of the master course. This is a highly recommended course for non-native English learners.

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4. Speak English with Confidence Course

Ever felt like you want to raise your opinion on a certain contemporary matter, yet you couldn’t find the proper words to construct a sentence? This Course gives the resolution. It offers an amazing syllabus that introduces various methods to talk confidently with good vocabulary. 

The course offers real-time conversation lectures and it offers a total of 18 sections and 131 lectures lasting a total of 7 hours. The criteria for this course require the learners to be at a pre-intermediate level of English to keep up with the lectures. This is one of the top course English courses because it has a whopping 4.5 stars rating and around 10,000 students. The course is created by Charles Cornelius, MA, CertEd & CELTA who’s been an instructor in Udemy since 2015 for over 30,000 students.

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5. Building Your English Brain

If you’re not a native English speaker, you tend to think in your regional language. This course helps us to think in English which enables us to form thoughts in English which can build confidence for talking the language.

This course is a mainstream course since it has 23,101 students. The course includes Spanish subtitles. It includes 3-hour demand- video and one downloadable resource. The instructor of the course is Luke Priddy who is the founder of Cloud English. It includes exercises, techniques, and a rigorous path toward fluency.

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6. Master Memorization & Break Vocabulary Barrier

This course does not limit its scope to the learning of the English language but also, teaches how to remember what we study. It helps to improve the quality of the vocabulary to use in our day-to-day life. 

The course is just 1 hour 15mins of on-demand video which helps the students to accurately memorize and recollect a big amount of data. The course uniquely teaches us to disrupt the ordinary way of learning vocabulary. The instructor is Revshan Abdurakhmanov who is a well-renowned teacher in Udemy with nearly 10,000 students. 

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7. Improve English from Intermediate to Advanced

Henry Cassidy’s Improve English from intermediate to Advanced is a highly rated course in Udemy that offers an English course to help you write and speak in English like a native speaker. 

The course takes our English language to an advanced level with informative classes. The course is having relatively less audience but the instructor, Henry Cassidy offers around 9 courses in Udemy with a total of 30,000 students. This course is highly recommended.

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8. English Speaking Complete: English Language Mastery

If you want to learn English speaking fluency and improve your vocabulary, grammar, and English language skills in a more engaging lecture, this is the right course for you.  

The course is a lengthy course with 41.5 hours of on-demand video. The course offers additional 19 articles and 14 downloadable resources. The course is for advancing your English language and also grammar. The course has 235 lectures. The course is instructed by David Morris who is a renowned IELTS & English Language Mentor.

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9. ESL English: Understand Real English Conversation, Beginning

The highlight of this course is the instructor, Nina Weinstein who has Masters of Arts in Applied Linguistics/Teaching English. She teaches for Harvard University and she is acknowledged for her twenty English textbooks that are held in libraries such as MIT, Oxford University, New York University, Kyushu University.

The course is a simple crisp course with 13 lectures. This course will also help you to better scores on the listening sections of tests like the TOEFL and the TOEIC. The course is highly recommended for someone who cannot commit to a long course.

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10. Learn English Speaking Course: English speaking secrets

Have you ever wondered how native English speakers speak flawlessly without thinking twice? This course will help you to discover the secret sauce for English native speakers uses naturally in speaking.

The course is lengthy with a whopping 48.5 hours of on-demand video. Nevertheless, the course is designed in a more engaging way that uses advanced conditionals including past models. The course has 199 lectures and 17 sections.

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