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Best Internal Medicine Board Review Courses

A highly skilled professional in a field like medicine, you would know that learning never stops. To always stay informed about the latest developments and ensure your existing knowledge is still accurate— whether or not you’re preparing for the board review.

But if you are preparing for review with the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), many great online resources can make the process much easier. Whether you’re interested in video and audio lectures, practice questions, case studies, textbooks, or live classroom sessions, there’s an ABIM course available just for that.

So today, we will be giving you a detailed breakdown of the best ABIM question banks and review courses to help you maintain your credential and further your professional knowledge. I hope you enjoy reading the article while also gathering some valuable information.

1. Oakstone Internal Medicine Courses Online

Oakstone CME is at the top of the list, which provides high-quality education for several medical certifications. They’ve got an unbeatable suite of ABIM prep course content; with Ivy League Education.

Learning from the best of the best speakers and faculty in these programs comes from the top universities, including Harvard Medical School, UCLA, and The University of Chicago. You’ll receive instruction from experts in hematology, cardiovascular medicine, endocrinology, oncology, gastroenterology, and more.       

Oakstone offers comfortable learning online, with all its materials being accessed in video format. You can choose to download your course on a USB drive or go for audio content instead.

The course also offers extra benefits like you can add monthly clinical briefs to your study materials— complete with commentary in audio or video format. Oakstone ABIM courses, an unparalleled resource for continuing medical education, can significantly enhance your medical knowledge by signing up today.

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2. BoardVitals Internal Medicine Board Review Online

BoardVitals offers more guidance when preparing for your board review exam while doing an excellent job preparing you with blueprints and one of the best ABIM question banks. The main focus for this internal medicine board review course is practicing for the exam by answering questions. Over 1,200 questions make up BoardVitals’ QBank — which should keep you busy for quite a while — and cover topics like dermatology, immunology, infectious diseases, neurology, and many more.

BoardVitals also offers life features to help manage pre-exam anxiety, including the ability to delay your start date for up to six months after enrollment, as well as a 100% pass guarantee. BoardVitals review courses come with detailed explanations for each correct answer so you can fully understand the reasoning on the actual test. Additionally, their Prepare and Master courses offer to Ask a Physician lets you reach out to medical experts for guidance.

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3. The Pass Machine Internal Medicine Board Review

The Pass Machine Internal Medicine Board Review offers both video lectures and practice questions; this is an ABIM prep course that provides a one-stop-shop for all things board review. Pass Machine offers short video lectures that cover all topics while also providing 2,300 practice questions.

The Pass Machine offers relief to even the most cautious student. Under their Triple Trust Guarantee, you’ll be able to receive a full refund plus 10% back and continued access to their course until you pass the exam. Without a doubt, the best guarantee you’ll ever find for an online system!

The Pass Machine has qualified instructors that will teach you about medical topics without a doubt. The Pass Machine ABIM Course offers an appealing combination of practice materials and lecture content. A jack of all trades course that provides comprehensive benefits to students.

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4. UWorld Internal Medicine Reviews

UWorld offers a combination of study materials and technology to the field of medicine. Their ABIM review course offers many advantages to students.

UWorld works with students to identify features that will have the most impact on their exams. UWorld’s board review prep course will provide seamless progress tracking, ensuring you’re always working on your problem areas.

UWorld includes the option for you to compare progress with other students, helping you reach your progress while feeling connected with a larger community. It’s easy to recommend UWorld Medical for professionals because they have a solid reputation backed by powerful learning technology.

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5. Med-Challenger

A no-nonsense ABIM prep course at an affordable price, Med-Challenger is worth a look. Med-Challenger offers students 157 CME credits who complete their internal medicine board review materials. This is more than you’ll find with most other prep courses, making it an excellent resource for maintaining your professional status quickly and efficiently.

Med-Challenger was designed in such a way to provide a convenient user experience to its students, from its full compatibility with all mobile and tablet devices to an easily navigated course catalog/dashboard. There’s a lot to appreciate about this board review course catalog, especially if you’re constantly on the go. 

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6. Mayo Clinic Online Internal Medicine Board Review

This course is designed for fellows and physicians within two years of their next Internal Medicine board or recertification exam. This comprehensive online course will give you 365 days of access to a personalized and adaptive online learning curriculum that will save study time, give you the confidence to pass the exam, and most importantly, enable you to bring the most current medical knowledge back to your daily practice.

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7. Awesome Review

Awesome Review is a focused board review course that helps students towards their goal of Board Certification and Recertification. The course makes complex concepts simple to understand with the help of animations and memory enhancing techniques.

As a concept is simplified, the board types in questions to help students lock their newly learned knowledge into long-term memory. So when you review a topic again, the time to process the information is drastically reduced. The course offers exclusive access to hundreds of animations and picture slides covering all subjects from WBC inclusions of Ehrlichia to EKGs, X-rays, Dermatology slides and so much more. These picture slides will have exam buzz words in them too. See the HIV life cycle and how medications work.

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