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Best Online Java Courses with Certificate

One of the most common programming languages used worldwide, Java is a general-purpose, class-based, object-oriented programming language that provides high-level performance, and is fast and secure to use. Java is a reliable language of coding that is very easy to learn and is widely used for developing web applications and games.

Java was first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and until then, it has been used widely for its fast performance and security. Java is used in many disciplinary areas including Android for developing web applications by using Java or Java API, in Big Data for Hadoop MapReduce, in Data Analysis and Research, in Information Technology to create algorithms for software development, and much more. If you are looking for the best online courses where you can not only learn how to code in Java but also earn a certificate, then check out these courses on our list:

1. Object Oriented Programming in Java Specialization by Coursera

A course presented in Coursera by a tie-up of Duke University and University of California San Diego, this Java Specialization course will help you gain skills in many areas including Java programming, Data Structures, Object-oriented programming (OOP), Algorithms, Problem-solving skills, and much more. This is a beginner-level course however, you need to have prior knowledge of any one programming language before opting for this course to get a better understanding and results.

This course will introduce you to object-oriented programming, designing and developing Java applications, analyzing and managing data. This specialization course is for aspiring Software Developers or anyone interested in learning Java as a programming language.

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2. Java Programming Masterclass covering Java 11 & Java 17 by Udemy

Udemy’s Java Programming Masterclass is the most comprehensive course you will come across. A course designed especially for students who want to land up with their first programming job, Software Developers who want to expand their knowledge, students who want to pass the Oracle Java Certification examination, or anyone who wants to learn Java to design and develop applications.

The course will begin with a brief introduction to Java and explore its basics, and then proceed to its core where you will learn how and where to use it. You will develop core skills in Java, create high-performance Object-oriented programming, use Java to develop applications and much more. Opt for this course if you want to learn the latest versions of Java and use them like a pro!

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3. Getting Started with Programming in Java by Pluralsight

The perfect course to begin with Java programming, Getting Started with Programming in Java is a beginner’s friendly course that will introduce you to the world of Java and help understand its functional areas.

The expert instructor of the course will teach how to create and develop applications in Java and also work with rich data types. You will also learn a lot about the importance of customer interaction, and by the time you are done with this course, you will have knowledge about all the fundamentals of Java and will be ready to use it skillfully. It’s alright if you are not familiar with programming languages since this course will begin right from the basics.

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4. Java from Beginner to Expert by Skillshare

Here comes a course for learners of all stages from “beginner to expert” designed by a Professional Java teacher who wants to make Java understandable and accessible to all. This course is specially designed for those who literally have no background in programming and want to begin with Java. The instructor will begin in the simplest way and will bust your myth of “programming is hard” and requires a lot of prior knowledge, you just need to be an enthusiast to transform your skills from zero to an advanced level programmer.

From learning about the basics of Java to developing Android applications, this course will cover every important use of Java to make you an expert on it. And the best part is, you will come across a lot of practices that will eventually make you a fluent programmer.

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5. Java Programming Fundamentals by edX

A great way to discover the fundamentals of Java is to opt for this amazing course on edX presented by Galileo University Guatemala. This course is all about preparing students to become skillful programmers by using the most in-demand programming language of the world- Java.

This course will help develop basic skills in Java so that students can opt for even more advanced level courses, and will make them familiar with Object-oriented programming, problem-solving functions for loops, conditional statements, recursive, and algorithms. You will learn to develop programs, build, write and compile Java applications, design and implement recursive algorithms, and much more.

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6. Build Basic Android Apps with Java by Codecademy

Next on our list is a course ideal for aspiring Software Developers who want to build basic Android apps with Java. This course by Codecademy is the simplest one, designed by an expert coder to help you with learning easily in a smarter way. This course is especially for those who want to learn the basics of Java, build applications and get comfortable with using an IDE.

Some of the key areas you will gain skills in include Java, XML, Android Studio, Wireframing, Layout Editor, Material Design, and much more. After the completion of this course, you will earn a valuable certificate and will be ready to build applications, code in Java, and use Android Studio.

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7. Object Oriented Programming in Java by Udacity

Now learning Object-oriented programming or OOP is made easy with this course on our list by Udacity, which will introduce you to some of the most powerful programming concepts in Java. The concept you will be learning in this course will help in building applications, understanding the uses of tools, and working on the most popular Android platforms Android Studio and Kotlin.

The best part about this course is that it is absolutely free, and will cover many important areas of Java to enhance your skills as a programmer. This intermediate-level program comes with rich content, interactive Quizzes, taught by Industry Professionals, and most importantly you can proceed and learn at your own pace. In just 4 weeks, you will become a skilled programmer ready for the professional world.

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8. Learning Java by LinkedIn Learning

There is no doubt in the fact that LinkedIn Learning is one of the most reliable resources for learning and developing some professional skills to become job-ready. The Learning Java course is designed for professionals or job seekers who want to gain skills in Java programming, and use it in Android app development.

This course is all about getting introduced to the world of Java, covering its basics, understanding its concepts through real-world examples and challenges, and practicing the programming language to become skilled in it. This course will be a perfect one for those who want to quickly learn Java in very little time or complete beginners who want to learn Java, either way, you will be gaining skills and adding value to your LinkedIn resume. The certificate you earn after completion will make you more noticeable to recruiters and create a good impression.

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9. Java Fundamentals: The Java Language by Pluralsight

Yet another course on our list by Pluralsight that can be a great choice for beginners to get their hands on Java programming and develop skills. This is basically a comprehensive course that will put major emphasis on Java fundamentals and programming, and make you familiar with Java-based development environment.

A great choice to develop skills in Java super quick, along with gaining skills in Java programming, you will also be introduced to client-based server-side, the Android environment, Integrated Development Environment and so much more that you need to discover right from the course. You can make the most out of this course by opting for a free trial.

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10. Java Programming for Complete Beginners by Udemy

The last course on our list by Udemy is a course for complete beginners who want to get introduced to the world of Java and become skilled in it. This course is surely the best in the market because it comes with puzzles, quizzes, and writing 200+ programs to make you fluent. The bonus part of this course is that you get to build REST API with Spring, Spring Boot, and JPA.

One of the most top-rated courses in Java on Udemy, this course will cover all the fundamental areas of Java programming and welcomes even absolute beginners who have no knowledge of programming. With a hands-on learning experience, you will be writing and creating 100+ programs, and by the end, Java will become your favorite programming language. Students, Professionals, anyone with little or no knowledge of Java programming will get lots of benefits from this course.

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These top-10 Java courses on our list are for those who want to become an expert in Java programming. Be it, beginner or experienced professionals, we hope these courses will help all types of learners. The certificates you earn towards the end of every course will add great value to your career ahead.

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