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Best Online Courses to Learn SQL

Structured Query Language, known as SQL or “sequel” is a domain-specific programming language. It is one of the most robust and easy to use programming language. It can be used to manage and share data found in relational database management systems. By using SQL, one cam query, update or reorganize data and also modify the structure of a database and control its data’s access.

Databases are used everywhere and every day, they are the backbone of many companies. According to Stack Overflow, SQL is the 3rd most popular programming language after HTML and Java. SQL is used by every kind of organisation there is from Google, Apple to Amazon, Netflix to Uber, WordPress, Fargo and thousands of other companies. SQL offers two major advantages to companies:

  • It lets you access many records with one single command
  • It eliminates the need to specify the way to reach a record.

SQL is an older language compared to many other types of programming codes yet it is the most widely used database language. Due to this wide use, many organisations need professionals with SQL knowledge. People with the knowledge of SQL have to deal with the company’s data in relational databases, their cloud storage and even their social media accounts and eCommerce applications. Anyone involved in working around computer programming or using databases to collect or organize information of company should learn this language.

Because SQL is so common, learning about it not only enhances your programming skills, it also gives you a better understanding of applications you work with on a regular basis.  There are many positions such as Database administrator, Data scientist, Data architect, Database migration engineer etc where having the knowledge of SQL boosts not only your resume but also gives you chances to get better-paying jobs compared to a person who doesn’t have knowledge about SQL.

If you want to boost that resume of yours or even learn this language just for the fun of knowing it, after all, that’s the harm in learning a new skill, scroll down this website to find links to some of the best SQL learning platforms.

1. SQL course-

The name says it all, is a web portal that dedicates itself to providing knowledge on SQL. This website provides content for learning basic SQL. This website provides elementary SQL course with online classes which are mostly text-based and online library for its students to access. This is simple and free of cost platform for learning introductory SQL. In this course, you get to learn about the basic SQL commands “Create”, “Select”, “Drop”, “Update”, “Delete” and “Insert”. It also allows you to practice these using SQL Interpreter. And if you already are well versed with the basics of SQL and want to learn advanced, take the next step and go to Both the websites have the same training methods and are free. If you are interested in learning SQL from any of these websites click the links below.

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2. Introduction to Structured Query Language (SQL)- University of Michigan- Coursera

This is an introductory SQL course offered by the University of Michigan through the online web portal Coursera. This course is a subpart of a four-part class about web applications. In this course you get to learn the installing MAMP and XAMMP, creating a MySql database, the basic syntax of the SQL language, database design with multiple tables, foreign keys and the JOIN operation. This is a short and free course for beginners that you can learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world. You get a certificate after the completion of this course. If you are interested then click on the link below

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3. The Complete SQL Bootcamp- Udemy

This complete Bootcamp course is provided by Udemy at $194.99 only. Udemy instructor Igor Ristovski teaches this course through interactive video lectures and you also earn a certificate after its completion. In this course, you’ll learn to read and write complex queries to a database using PostgreSQL. You’ll learn the basics of SQL syntax, analysing data using aggregate functions with GROUP BY commands, running advanced query, common SQL JOIN commands and many more other operations related to SQL. Every section of this course comprises challenge questions and tasks which will make you a SQL Pro after completion of this course. Click on the link below to access this course. 

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4. Databases and SQL for Data Science- IBM- Coursera

This online SQL course is provided by IBM through Coursera for beginners. This course introduces you to relational database concepts and helps you to apply this knowledge. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of SQL or Python to study this course. It is an interactive and easy to understand certificate course. This course emphasizes practical learning and will make your work with real databases and real data science tools for creating a database instance in the cloud. This course provides you with hands-on labs for practising building and running SQL queries. After the completion of this course, you will become well versed with SQL language.

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5. The Complete Oracle SQL Certification Course- Udemy

Instructor PratikshaDeshmukh offers this complete Oracle SQL certification course on Udemy at just $194.99 suitable for beginners or intermediate SQL developers. The topics covered under this course are basics of SQL syntax, JOIN commands, Grouping functions, GROUP BY commands and more additional topics. This course also comprises of different exams and exercises to help you practice your knowledge. This course teaches you SQL language and its application to Oracle. Click on the link below to gain access to this course.     

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6. SQL for Data Science- University of California- Coursera

This is a beginners SQL course offered by University of California, Davis through online portal Coursera. This course gives you primer knowledge of fundamentals of SQL and working with data. This course builds your foundation of SQL and helps you to begin analysing it for data science. This course comprises of four units namely: Getting started and selecting and retrieving data with SQL, Filtering, sorting and calculating data with SQL, Subqueries and JOINS in SQL, and Modifying and analysing data with SQL. This is the 1st part of an excellent 4-part online class which digs deeper in programming languages as you continue. This is a free course that requires 20hours for completion. To avail this course, click on the link below.

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7. Learn SQL- Code Academy

This course is offered by Code academy which gives you access to insights into SQL language. In this 8-hour course, one will learn all things related to this programming language- manipulation, aggregate functions, tables and queries. This course contains 4 projects on how to manipulate data and build queries that communicate with more than one table. Code Academy is the hub of coding languages and you can learn any programming language you want from this website. To learn SQL language from code academy, click on the link below.  

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8. Introduction to SQL- University of Waterloo

 This online course is provided by the University of Waterloo for only $190. In this 6-weeks course, you’ll get to learn about the basic structure of relational databases and how to read and write basic and advanced SQL statements and data manipulation techniques. This course teaches you everything there is to know about SQL language from retrieving and filtering data to summarizing and grouping data. This course includes the allotted time of study and coursework plus a final exam at its end after which you will gain a certificate. After this course, you’ll gain a solid knowledge of SQL language.

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9. Vertabelo Academy

Vertabelo academy is under hub for learning any kind of coding language. This academy provides 2 online courses and 1 practice test set for learning SQL through interactive online classes.

  • SQL Basics: This is for beginners in which you’ll learn about databases, SQL queries and tables, aggregation and basic SQL syntax. You are provided with quizzes and tests to test your progress throughout the course. This is available for only $39.
  • Standard SQL Functions: This is an intensive 18-hour online class for those who already know the basics of SQL and want to learn more about it. This class costs you only $45.

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10. Intro To Relational Databases- Udacity

This is a free and interactive course on relational databases provided by Udacity. This course offers to learn the basic of SQL and database design as well as Python API. This is a fun course with expert instructors, video lectures, quizzes to test your progress and a supportive community. By the end of the course, you’ll become well versed with basic SQL and Python and have a shining addition to your resume. To access this course, click on the link below and learn not one but two programming languages from the comfort of your home.           

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