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Best Free Courses on Coursera

Coursera is a teaching and learning platform available online. It is an American based education service which was founded by professors from Stanford University in the year 2012. It works collaborating with organizations and universities so that online availability of courses is made sure of. There are a variety of courses available through the Coursera. The classes can be viewed based on the ease of the learner. The certificates provided are also accredited by employers. The faculty is ensured to be from renowned universities around the globe. The programs available are mainly of 6 kinds;

  • Courses
  • Projects with guides
  • Specializations
  • Professional certificates
  • Degrees online

There are partners too that help support their platform such as Amazon, Google, and IBM for the provision of courses on different subjects. The time allotted for courses range from 4-10 weeks. But the most significant characteristic is the flexible scheduling that can be followed according to the time availability of the learner.

Some of the courses on Corsera are;

1. The Science of Well-Being

 The course on the science of well-being is led by Laurie Santos, Professor in Psychology from Yale University. The program assures the skills of gratefulness, cheerfulness, contemplation and relishing. The program puts forward a series of challenges designed to improve self-contentment and in the creation of more fruitful habits.  The teacher exposes certain regular false impressions regarding happiness and the exasperating conditions of the mind that leads us every day and all the available methods to get rid of it. The ultimate result of the study makes an individual being able to involve wellness to our lives. 

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2. Machine Learning

The art of learning the machine language has a greater influence to today’s generation, as it has provided with exciting features like cars that can drive on their own, speech identification, efficient web search, and the deeper human genome understanding. The way of learning machine language enables the computers to act clearly and all-encompassing that it is being used a whole lot of times a day unknowingly. The researchers are on the go about the advancement of Artificial Intelligence based on this. Classes are about the effective learning about the techniques involved alongside its implementation and working using them. The theoretical and practical aspects are covered in detail making the learner competent for the future. The subjects involved are;

  • Data mining
  • Algorithms (supervised learning)
  • Clustering (unsupervised learning)
  • Bias/ Variance theory
  • AI

The course also brushes various case studies and applications, to make the learner understand to act to situations by the applying the theory at levels of medical informatics, computer vision, building of smart robots and so on. The course is offered by Stanford University led by Andrew Ng, Founder of deep learning, AI.  

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3. Learning How To Learn: Powerful Mental Tools To Help You Master Tough Subjects

The program is offered by Deep Teaching Solutions under the instruction of Barbara Oakley, Professor of Engineering and Dr. Terrence Sejnowski, Francis Crick Professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. The programs provides valuable methods of learning in the field of math, sports, literature, science, and art. It mainly involves in the way of processing information by the brain, how it is analyzing and storing it in the form of small pieces. Several techniques of learning, remembering, and the reasons for delaying of learning are analyzed during the study. The methods to improve the learning of hard subjects, and the way of learning it at a faster rate, easier problem solving abilities, and an all-round betterment in all activities of life. The course promotes the skills to prepare effectively for learning, and acquires the Meta Learning and Pomodoro Technique.

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4. English For Career Development

The course ensure to develop the communication skills, writing skills and to improve in English Language as a whole. The instructors Brian McManus and Robyn Turner; Language Specialists, and offered by the University of Pennsylvania leads the learner through a journey for language development.  The course is mainly aimed at people who are non-native English speakers, but interested in improving the language for the improvement in career and to enhance them in the global market. The learner can improve his proficiency in English language in order to have advancement in his communication, vocabulary and other professional skills. The course has 3 units which pass through a systematic way of applying for a job in U.S., creating a specialized resume and an attractive covering letter which is distinct and precise. Ultimately there is a session on improving the skills for an interview.

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5. Buddhism And Modern Psychology

The instructor for this rather enlightening course offered by Princeton University is Robert Wright who is a Visiting Lecturer from the Religion Department and Center for Human Values. The course ensures the attainment of understanding in Philosophy, Psychology, Mindfulness and Meditation. It answers several questions pertaining to today’s situation and how Buddhism has extended to the population in understanding. Various doubts and doctrines in Buddhism are also verified and explained by the instructor. There had been claims that Buddhism has greatly influenced the use of meditation in calming one’s mind and body. This has been taken as a challenge by researchers to understand the reality behind it.

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6. Fighting Covid-19 With Epidemiology: A Johns Hopkins Teach-Out

The course offered by Johns Hopkins University is for a clear-cut understanding about the level of the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic and the effect of this infectivity. There is really an alarming situation where most people are unaware of the details of COVID-19 as the number of people infected, virulence of the virus, the measures that common man can take, and the chances of getting infected and so forth. There are scientific tools which enables in the collection of accurate information so as to find the answers to the startling questions.  The instructor, Gypsyamber D’Souza; a Professor from the Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, explains the above mentioned details and also the importance of social distancing and other hygienic practices like sanitization of hands and wearing of masks is also emphasized. All these tend to make a change in the community and society in which we all live, so that it improves the living state of every human being.

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7. Introduction To Philosophy

The course offered by the offered by The University of Edinburgh is aimed at taking the learner through different areas of present-day philosophy. The modules are designed such that expert philosophers take up the matter of the subject and handle with expertise. The topics in general are;

  • Epistemology
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Philosophy of Mind
  • Political Philosophy
  • Moral Philosophy
  • Metaphysics

The professors in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh are dealing with the classes of the program. There is book which is a companion to the course prepared by the team of Philosophy from the University to help in the learning process of the students.

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8. Internet History, Technology, And Security

The course is relevant in today’s world as it is a technology driven one. It is continuously influencing the lives, society and culture of the present. To strive in such an environment one must be aware of the details about the technology of networking. The course takes the learner through the creation of internet, and how and who created it and its working strategies. Several innovators behind the effort are also familiarized during the course. The course definitely is going to make a change in the learners creating awareness and to take the matters related to the Internet seriously and consider it as place for improvement. The program is surely going to convert the aspirant into a better network citizen. The main skills promised by the providers are Internet Architecture, Security, and Internet Protocol (IP). The course is offered by University of Michigan and led by Charles Russell Severance, Clinical Professor at the School of Information.

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9. Management Of Fashion And Luxury Companies

The course on managing Fashion and Luxury companies is for sure a profound career which requires skills of presenting self more effectively and improved communication. The learner should have a deep knowledge about brands, retails, products and marketing tactics.  The course is a case-study kind of learning where the learner gets the chance to be in collaboration with business models, international development, and the classification of products along with experts in the sector. The method followed is like a comparison of the older version to the modernization, expert work with training, casual styling alongside the stylish ones in order understand the market needs and the need to change according to the changing fashion market.  New retail channels, new media channels and new business declinations are included in the study as relevant subjects. The skills assured are Strategic Management Business, Model luxury Goods and Brand Management. The instructor of the course is the Director of Luxury and Fashion Knowledge Center-SDA Bocconi Stefanie Saviolo, offered by Bocconi University.

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10. Seeing Through Photographs

The course is offered by The Museum of Modern Art, led by Sarah Meister; Curator at the Department of Photography. The program promises to attain the art of photography, the history of Art and the history of Museums.   

Photography is something that is relished by every one of us in a way or the other. It is remembering and creating memories. Even though photographs which are famous may not be of the level of understanding to a commoner, so the level of its enjoyment also may diminish. This course helps to understand a picture better and see through a photograph. This is done through introducing to a variety of thoughts; approaches and expertise that help understand the making of the photograph. The leaner gets to access about 100 photographs from the Museum Collection, along with the viewing of original films and audio tapes.   The skills that a learner will acquire are;

  • The importance of a circumstance in the creation, spreading, and welcoming of an image
  • The interrelationship between the focus and significance of a photograph
  • Developing the coolness while viewing a photograph and talking about it with authoritatively
  • The ability to find encouragement and motivation from the photographs around oneself.

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