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Best Design Courses on Udemy

In this digitally dominating world, design plays a multidisciplinary role. Be it Graphic Design, Web Design, User Experience Design, Interior Design, or Service Design, Udemy has a course for all. Since designing has become a significant part of this digitally advanced world, it has become an inseparable part of our day-to-day lives.

As Designing is a rapidly growing industry, Designers are in high demand these days and are also highly paid for their creative works of design. If you too are dreaming to become a skillful designer, but are hoping which field will be the best for you, then here are the 10 best courses available on Udemy, that will help you with choosing your field and explore the roles involved. 

1. User Experience Design Essentials – Adobe XD UI UX Design

The User Experience Design Essentials is the ideal course for those who want to showcase their skills on the virtual platforms, and want to get their hands on User Interface UX and UI design. If you want to successfully design a website that is creative, and user experience friendly, and want to work as a Web Designer or a UX Designer, then this course will be the best option to opt for.

This design course will cover areas such as UX and UI design with the help of projects that the students need to work on, building and testing mobile apps, website designing and lastly using Adobe XD as an essential tool. If you are new to the field of UX design and want to begin in the right way, then this course in Udemy will serve as the best introductory course that will make you a master of designs. The use of Adobe XD as the designing tool will not only make the process of designing easy and interesting but also will enhance skills and help students land up with the perfect designing job that is even highly paid. If you are someone who wants to become a part of this industry that is growing rapidly and is in increasing demand, then you are in the right place. 

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2. Design Thinking in 3 Steps

A course that will transform your ordinary ideas into creative design ideas, and help you rule the industry with the right set of strategies and a human-centered approach to innovation. Design Thinking in 3 Steps is for those who are hesitating to enter into the world of designs, or are unaware of how it works and what can be done with it. This course will also prove beneficial for business professionals who want to enhance their knowledge of designing that will help them to please their customers more efficiently and achieve their goals rapidly.

Now the sole purpose of this course is to instill creative design ideas and skills among students so that they can showcase their skills and become a part of this global industry. From design thinking, strategic planning, and problem-solving to improvising customer experience, this course will help me understand everything one needs to know to work as a professional. Opt for this course if you want to understand what the designers at various companies and organizations do, and how they play a major role in their success. Creative skills and ideas give birth to the best designers, who play a major role in this technologically advanced modern world, if you too want to change the world with your brainstorming and innovative ideas implemented in designs, then this course is just for you.

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3. Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro

For learners who want to master their skills in Adobe Photoshop, Udemy’s Ultimate Photoshop Training will mould beginners to advanced-level professionals. In this course, you will learn to design icons, illustrations, create characters, clean up face imperfections, change backgrounds, insert layers, and many other important skills. 

This ultimate Photoshop training course is all you need to become a pro, from using the best techniques that require minimal efforts to creating app icons, designing business cards, and also designing impressive characters, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how designing works, with a special emphasis on Adobe Photoshop. This course will serve as a foundation for any aspiring designer and will help them choose their areas of work such as web designing, graphic designing, image editing, retouching, and so on. If you are a beginner with no prior knowledge of Photoshop, this course will make you a proficient Photoshop user. 

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4. Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners

A perfect course to learn how to design 3D models be it for animations, video games, art, or designing homes and offices. The best way for students to begin with 3D modeling and animation, this course will introduce to the use of Blender, an excellent platform that enables you to make AAA-quality models which can be exported to any software or game engine. 

With the help of Blender, you will be creating 3D models that can be used in various platforms for multiple purposes, you will learn from the best tutorials provided by the instructor that is very simple, and easy-to-follow. Since this course is project-based, you will be working on 3D models to test your progress, and by the end, you will have the complete knowledge and skills required in 3D modeling. This course is ideal for artists who want to learn 3D modeling, Web And Developers, Game Developers, and complete beginners who want to begin their design career.

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5. Graphic Design Masterclass

The ultimate Graphic Design course you will need to become a professional, this course will provide complete training in graphic designing including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Design Theory, Branding, and Logo Design, and make you industry-ready. 

This course will establish an understanding of the world of graphic design, and let you explore the areas such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, creating Logos, editing and retouching photos, working with layouts, and various design tools. You will have a better understanding of design theories and principles, and learn to apply them while working on projects. This course introduces students to brainstorming design techniques that will successfully turn them into skilled graphic designers, ready to showcase their talent to the world. This course is also for professionals who want to learn Logo Design, Branding Design, UX/UI Design, and Package Design.

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6. WordPress for Beginners

WordPress is an extremely popular platform to create a website in the simplest way, and this course by Udemy will teach how you can do that. From building a corporate website to designing pages, this course has everything you need to know before beginning with WordPress. 

This course will focus mainly on how WordPress can be used to create a customized website, be it for a business site, a personal blog, a personal portfolio, or an e-commerce website. While the process of building a website is not easy, WordPress makes it way simpler, and with the right guidance provided by this course, anyone can master the art of building powerful websites for multipurpose. This course can turn beginners into skillful web designers in just 5 hours and is ideal for those who want to get their hands on web designing through WordPress, or Business professionals who want to build their websites.

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7. Gamification & Behavioral Design: The Octalysis Framework

Now, this course on Udemy is different from any other on our list as it is based on Gamification and Behavioural Design, something which is not similar to mainstream design courses. This course emphasizes the role of motivation in the world of design, and how it can help trigger innovative ideas.

Learners will be introduced to Behavioural Design, and how it is multidisciplinary and can be applied in areas such as sales, Business, Teaching, and many more fields including personal lives. This course is led by a world-renowned expert and Original Creator of the Octalysis Framework Yu-kai Chou, and what can be better than learning from a top-class professional? This course is for anyone interested in Gamification and Behavioural Design be it students, or professionals, this course will have different impacts on different individuals, but it will sure change the perspectives of your lives. 

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8. Service Design: Designing for Experience Over Time

A top-rated course that will introduce learners to new service innovations, and help them improve the service they provide to customers and users. This is an excellent course for design professionals, Project Managers, and Business owners who want to improve their services and become more efficient in their work. 

The course will begin with introducing learners to compelling service and system designs, how design thinking along with behavioral touchpoints can enhance the services of a company. This course will put major emphasis on diagramming, storytelling, and rapid prototyping, which will help professionals visualize complex ideas and mould them into simple user-friendly service designs. With some grounding principles and practical skills obtained during the course, anyone can improvise their professional skills and do better at work. 

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9. How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro

Number 9 on our list is a course for students who aspire to work as Interior Designers. While there are numerous interior designing courses in the market that are not only expensive but fail to meet expectations, Udemy brings the best comprehensive course that has been top-rated by learners.

This course will feature popular interior design styles, formal and traditional interior designing styles, style patterns, and other important sections. You will thoroughly understand what style goes with what furniture, have a better knowledge of color schemes, floors, windows, style patterns, everything necessary to transform an empty room into a work of excellent interior designing. After completing this course, you will be responsible for making people’s dreams come to reality with the best interior designs that are no less than a work of art.

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10. The Ultimate Character Design School – Beginner to Advanced

The last course on our list is especially for artists who are fascinated with digital art, and love to create admirable characters. Make your imaginary characters come to reality just as they are painted on your mind with the help of this character designing course, and become a popular artist. 

This course includes easy-to-follow video lessons, many projects that the students need to work on, downloadable resources, and constant support throughout the course. This course will feature everything a beginner needs to know from drawing fundamentals, storytelling, drawing body parts, gestures and poses, style development, and many more vital things. This character design course is one of its kind and is an excellent resource to learn and become a professional artist.

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