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Best Courses after BA Graduation

BA or Bachelor in Arts is a course which is completed in four years. It is considered an undergraduate program in commerce, arts, literature, sociology, psychology, anthropology, education, humanities, and so on. The generalized fee to pursue post-graduation in the U.S. may round to a total expense of tuition fee, and living expenses, and can come up to $55,000.

Masters degree, which may be MA or MS depending on the course that is opted for.  The duration is usually 1 year but maybe a two-year course. It not only involves a typical classroom experience but is mostly based on references and research.

The course provides the qualification of post-graduation and is the subsequent stage of academic progress after graduation. The post-graduation may be either in the same subject that of the BA, or can be a completely different one to provide a specialized preparation.

Given below are some of the preferred courses in post-graduation in the USA:

1. Full-Time MBA by Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

The institute is well admired for the techniques and qualities being imparted to the students. The skills for digging out advancement in commercial awareness from big data are practiced in the institute. Other abilities to lead a project to bring about change in the universal souk, and plunging into such projects which will provide instant impression for the ideas provided. Analytic skills are developed to bring about data-driven alterations. The course study provides a climate of academic as well as experiential learning clubbed together. The electives and other activities outside the classroom available are based on individual interests.  

The fee for the course is $64,000 every year. Several scholarships and financial plans are also available. The electives are;

  • Analytics, leadership and innovation
  • Innovation field project
  • Health, technology and innovation
  • The NEXT approach

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2. MS in Global Fashion Enterprise by Thomas Jefferson University

The students who would like to give it an expert try in the Fashion industry can get a global and spirited environment at the university.  They include various activities in the program to how to sustain and flourish in the arena of designing and fashion. Along with, management and dealing with products. They are introduced to a whole world of clothing networks on a universal account. The graduates are well set to bring about new and creative changes using the skills and education obtained from the university. All these can take you to maintain a flourishing endeavor in the fashion world.

The students get the chance from selecting from various aspects based on one’s career objectives. They are going to experience a real-life world of complete fashion. They have to work in teams, come up with new ideas and concepts, and deal face to face leading fashion businesses.   

All these experiences mold them personally and making the aspirants confident so as to follow the profession of their dreams.

The fee ranges up to $1736.

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3. MA in International Affairs (Maia) by George Washington University

The course is offered by the Elliott School at the University. The university provides the program, MAIA as it is one of the most appreciated and priceless degrees in the world. This leading program unites and endows with everything that the world has to provide in the future. The course is stretchy and one of a kind which helps to succeed and chase the dreams. There is a variety of networking atmosphere which also strengthens the success of the program.

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4. Certificate in Cultural and Environmental Heritage Management by Western Michigan University

The university has a special motto of developing its students for the wellness of the world, as well as to succeed personally by a novel perspective of education. The course is a certificate program by the History Department of the university. It follows a mixed-up curriculum with in-class and field activities. They are to recognize and handle cultural and ecological inheritance through various approaches. The professionals once after course completion become completely geared up to counsel and guide the people and the community about the heritage assets based on State and Federal Law. They become communally and morally responsible for the cultural and environmental heritage.

The required groups include;

  • History
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies
  • Geography
  • Public Administration

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5. MA in English by Villanova University

The course is provided by the College of Liberal Arts and Science, which is the oldest among the colleges of Villanova. The university is aimed at enlightening the students by educating them academically and rationally, making them ready for the altering and demanding world.

The program is a unified research and learning facility, equipped with faculty capable of providing every key detail of a subject. The proposed method of educating creates thinkers, communicators, leaders, and more disciplinary roles. The prescribed necessities are courses in;

  • American Literature before 1900
  • British or Irish Literature before 1800

The course can be completed online as well, the duration being 2 years. There are a lot of funding scholarships and assistantships. A stipend of around $18,000 is provided every year.

The teaching details may range from indicating a protein to cancer-detecting testing methods, the effect of industries on local water transports, or critical writings along with publishing agents, all these sum up the learning and outcome apprehensions.

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6. Public Relations by Event Management by Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology

The institute located in Ontario has furnished a program on creating professionals in the Public Relation scenario. The professional requirement after the course is high, people with proper and excellent communication plays a vital role in every industry. This field never fades off, and the responsibilities differ from place to place, rendering a press opportunity to managing communication crises.

The course is available as a one-year program. The career after graduation may vary from a school to a hospital, to a non-government organization. The proposed career openings are;

  • PR specialist
  • Event manager
  • Fundraiser
  • Campaign manger
  • Publicist
  • Media relations specialist

Salary ranges from 40,000 to 44,999 USD based on the firm and placement.

The job responsibilities may be different in the early stages of a career. Media monitoring, interviews and news conference organization, planning events are some of them.

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7. Clinical Psychology by Sam Houston State University

The university is considered the greatest of the state, as its roots are driven deep in the field of academic excellence.  The institute has a history of organizing significant lives for students.

The course creates professionals licensed for practicing as Psychological Associates approved by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Psychologists. The course work extends to 3 years with 60 hours of coursework and independent practice. The students are made ready with applications skills in evaluation and medical involvement.

In order to have a career in the psychology field, the candidate should have a recognized post-graduation degree. Even though mere graduation can help anyone to get into any jobs where graduation is the base, in order to work specifically in the field, the subject should have majored. The person has got a lot to do in the area of the behavior of humans. The disciplines where they can get employed are;

  • Human Services
  • Program Development
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Retails Sales
  • Management
  • Law Enforcement
  • Pharmaceutical Representatives

The department also offers courses in

  • Clinical Psychology (MA)
  • Specialist degree in School Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology (PhD)

The Masters’s programs center on creating scientist-cum-practitioners who are well-versed in the evaluation and identification of symptoms and enhanced with remedial abilities.

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8. Counseling: Clinical Mental Health Counseling by Regis University

The course puts me through personal and cultural transformation. The program improves the individual’s philosophical and mental attitude to develop a sensitive mind and heart to help the needy. A strong academic base with convenient counseling talents and improved leadership abilities are developed in students by working in a counseling environment among people with mental insecurities.

With all these on-life experiences, the emerging students are all set to serve society.

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9. MA in Communication by Merrimack College

The course is provided by the School of Liberal Arts. The program fosters the technological and strategic skills of communication making the student an advantage for any organization he/she is going to join. Ultimately, the student is converted into a multitalented, skillful, and tactical communicator who can be proficient in any program of communication. The courses are available both online as well as offline. The course is aided by scholarship and fellowship facilities.

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10. MBA in Healthcare Management by Westford University

The course approved by WES is a one-year Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management. The program is intended for professionals in the healthcare industry. The course involves main modules;

  • International Human Resources
  • Strategic Change Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Operations Management

With specific modules as Part 1 and Part 2;

  • Healthcare  Management
  • Leadership
  • Healthcare Operations Management
  • Socio-Economic-Legal Environment

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