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Best Post-Graduation Courses in Commerce

Crunching numbers is not a piece of cake for everyone. Let us not be stereotypical and settle down on the notion. Commerce has much more to it than crunching numbers and yes not all the people who have a degree in commerce work in a bank! Post-graduation degrees are all about advanced study in the field of your choice. It requires a bachelor’s degree to be completed first before heading on to the more advanced curriculum. Most of the people who want to have a core specialization in a certain field and are confident about having a career in it opt to go for the post-graduation courses. However, it is not the highest degree one can obtain in the USA. That honour goes to the Doctorate degree or in simple words PhD.

A post-graduation in commerce is comprised of a few subjects like corporate finance, business statistics, auditing etc. Having a post-graduate degree to your name has a lot of advantages. We live in a competitive world where there is an absolute rat race when it comes to the job sector. People are yearning for job security which is scarce nowadays. They miss out on quality jobs with the slightest of the margins. A few of the benefits of having a post-graduate degree are: –

  • Employers look for a strong profile and a post-graduate degree fulfills that criterion
  • Variety of post-graduate degrees give you freedom of choice
  • Can apply for it straight after under-graduate without any work experience
  • Helps you in narrowing down the career choices and specialization
  • Human reach is boosted through growing network

And for these precise reasons, people opt to go for a post graduate degree that helps them get a hold of their own destiny. In this article we will look at few of the best post-graduate degrees for commerce in USA. The degrees are as follows:

1. Master of Science in Commerce and Economic Development (Northeastern University)

The northeastern university is said to be one of the most prestigious universities situated in the eastern part of the USA. The Boston based university offers a variety of postgraduate programs helping the students in every aspect in which they wish to excel. The Master of Science in commerce and economic development is a detailed course on navigating the financial aspects of this everchanging world economy. The graduates are put in a very strong position with this degree in the job market. Analyzing the impact of environmental resources and how that impacts economic development is just the summary of the program.

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2. Master of Finance (University of Maryland)

The University of Maryland is home to 40,000+ students and also has the nation’s first ‘Do Good’ Campus. The university is very well known for the graduate programs it offers in academics, arts and athletics. The master of finance post-graduate course is particularly targeted for people to understand the financial aspects of the corporate world in detail. It connects you with the high-level people who have spent their entire careers learning finance so that they can provide a guiding path to the students. An industry-specific career for students is aimed as an outcome for this course. 

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3. Masters in Finance (Hult International Business School)

The Hult international business school is a prestigious business school spread in different locations around the world. The Master in finance course at Hult International Business school is one of the most sought-after programs. A degree that is in high demand for the value that it offers. As this degree is a STEM qualification, it makes you eligible for a 3-year working visa in the USA. Practical first-hand experience is concentrated upon in this course. Tactics of working in a constantly changing environment are taught by the faculty. You can also graduate with 2 masters degree with a dual-degree program.

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4. Master of Science in Applied Economics (University of San Francisco)

With the advancement of technology in the San-Francisco Bay area, there are a number of educational institutes providing programs to the students that are directly helpful in tackling modern-day problems. That is why people of to go for the Master of Science in applied economics program offered by the University of San Francisco. With high-level technical resources that are given to the students, it makes it easy for them to apply them to the real-world economical scenario. The course is qualified as a STEM course giving a sense of working security to the students. Internships are offered towards the end of the program to help students settle in a work environment.

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5. Master of Science in Computational Finance (Rochester Institute of Technology)

With the world in today’s scenario, every single thing is digitalized. Even when it comes to simple concepts of commerce like bookkeeping, instead of using the age-old method of keeping records in the ledger, the records are automated. The world has now accepted the path of quantitative analysis. The master of science in computational Finance offered by Rochester institute of technology helps you analyze data using the financial models and then evaluate and implement them in the real world. Jobs like Data scientist and Data analyst can be pursued by the graduated of this course. This is serious number crunching but with the help of technology!

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6. Master of Finance (Howard University)

The master of Finance offered by the Howard university prepares for the graduates to be ready with the skills and knowledge which will help in the financial department of the business sector. Risk management, Portfolio management are a few topics that will be taught in the program. The students are trained to handle complex finance transaction related queries in areas of corporate world.

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7. Master of Science in Accounting (The University of Texas at Dallas)

To know better, here are a set of details that the Master of Science in Accounting provides:

  • A globally oriented, interdisciplinary focus.
  • A balanced conceptual and pragmatic approach.
  • Development of written and oral communication skills.
  • Refinement of research and analytical skills that results in enhanced decision-making abilities.

The career options are both available in the private sector as well as the public sector. The program is flexible so that it allows the students to complete the program at their own pace.

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8. Master of Finance (Babson College)

More and more universities are opting to provide a STEM based course in their program list. The master of Finance in Babson college is a full-time degree that takes the quantitative knowledge and puts it to test against real-life mechanisms of the world. You can pace your learning as the courses are flexible. The technical aspect of finance will be taught in this specific degree. 79% of the students receive financial aid.

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