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Best Free Online Psychology Courses

The study of how a human behaves, performs and carries out all his activities inside his mind is termed Psychology. It is also the appliance of the know-how in order to know about the happenings, and how to treat the concerns of the brain, thereby humanizing learning, services and interrelations. It is the science that shows how a human behave how the way they do. When a person is understood in this way, an expert in psychology can provide aid for those who find it difficult to find solutions to their problems and manage their anxiety and worries. They even try to get a close check on their past behaviour to help them better in future.  

The study of Psychology, when approached scientifically, permits to attain the ability of understanding a behavior to the functioning of the brain. This is will easily allow them to know about the working process of human mind, and there after understanding how the mind agrees to the accomplishment of different actions in varied circumstances.

Having a grip on the subject helps us not only to understand others but also to facilitate self-health enhancement. It involves a variety of methods such as work out and appropriate nourishment in order overcome conditions of depression, leading us to good health and a contented state of mind.

The core responsibilities of a psychologist are to understand, analyze and healing the emotional troubles and another malfunctioning of physical and mental state. They also contribute much to the improvement of the sufferer’s condition of keeping him away from diseases and benefitting an improved quality of living.  

Based on the info provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career will forever be in demand. The need is strong always and never fades away. The salaries of psychologists working in different disciplines earn different salary scales, but the average range is around $59,440 for a Forensic psychologist and $58,360 for a psychologist at school.

The possible careers that can be followed are;

  • Clinical psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Psychology assistant
  • Counseling Psychologist
  • Schools psychologist

There are arrays of courses in the field of Psychology, which can lead them to rather a satisfying profession where they can lend a hand to suffering population as well as spend quality time with our family.

1. Social Psychology by Berkeley Extension

The course provides by the extended online department of Berkeley University is an interesting method of making the learners capable of examining one’s self from outside as well as inside, as we communicate with the complicated outer world. The course is framed in such a way that, the theories and procedure of social psychology are observed seriously within an experimental situation and makes them apply to our life and real-life dealings. The course is led by Eleana Lazarus, and the course is rendered 100% online.

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2. Psychology Minor by Concordia University St. Paul

Minoring in Psychology throws light into the action, feelings and thinking process and learning ability of humans and animals. The relation between mind and body, the influencing of personality and social development, use of statistical principles to analyze social science data, and development of skills to progress systematic thought process and understanding an individual’s feelings, conduct and communication. Brenda Frye; Instructor, Human Services is leading the program.

Concordia University, St. Paul is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a North Central Association member. The faculty team is all well versed in their fields and provides a platform for the students to change into professionals. The approach of mixing together the theoretical aspects with the practical applications helps to make the students confident enough to face the diverse conditions in the path of their career growth.

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3. BA in Psychology by Thomas Edison State University

The course is a multipurpose course where it enables the student to pick out any of the path; they would like to continue, be it a career path, or to continue with higher studies in the subject, or strengthening of one’s self.

The program aims at principles of psychology, methods of research, and the approach towards the dilemma in humanities, social sciences and life sciences provided with a very strong base in Psychology. Scientific techniques are used to inspect the psychosomatic queries, communicate the magnitude of ethics and principled values and apply these principles to solve issues that are personal, social or organizational.

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4. BA in Psychology Program by Eastern Oregon University (EOU)

EOU leads the learner’s inquest through academic programs that lead to dependable and thoughtful action in a varied and inter-connected world. The program in Psychology offered by the university is recognized globally and is completely online. The course is well known for its firmness. Human behaviour is emphasized, through the coursework and real-world understanding. The teachers are well experienced in their respective fields and they are really supportive in every step of the course. There are two main specializations; applied and experimental psychology which can be opted according to the career we are planning to decide on. The course fee is $47,700. 

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5. B.S. Psychology by University of Wisconsin

The course prepares the aspirants to use the information of conduct of humans to find solutions in real life. The program is delivered as an absolute online course.

The course intends to change oneself to be of help in improving the human condition. The guideline of the course is as per the American Psychological Association, and is focusing on an interweaving of theoretical and practical aspects of psychology in the real world.   

The passing out candidates are well equipped with abilities to think positively in any adverse situations, and the ability to deal with any kind of undesirable issues, in the field of education, health, government or other related fields like counseling, medicine and research.

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6. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology by University of Florida

The degree course on Psychology is provided on the basis of social science and natural science. It is mediated by the College of Liberal Arts and Science. The students are given a detailed walk through into schemes like, getting sufficient information about the mental activities and behavioral aspects, the changes that are bound to happen through the advancement of lifetime, understanding, development of brain, and the power of societal and edifying proposal.  The coursework includes Statistics, Mathematics and Biology.

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7. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology by North Central University

Thecourse is deliberated to identify the differences in human behavior and emotions, when the students after the graduation go in to the application in the society, of the theory they had been made thorough during the study.  The course is a 100% online program, which initiates the growth individually as well as commences the upliftment of the needy. The aspirants reveal themselves in all the ways possible to the application of psychological principles to the society.

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8. Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Forensic Psychology)by Arizona State University

The graduation program takes us into a specialized area of psychology where it is linked with law, unusual behavior, correctional schemes and lawful configuration. It gives the student to have an in-depth insight into the criminal’s mind for the proper understanding of the situation and the crime status. Unfairness of the adjudicators is also being analyzed with the help of forensic psychologists.  

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9. Bachelors in Psychology by Ohio University

The course offered is by one of the best universities and is completely online and helps to get experienced with the realistic field of Psychology.  The instructors are of uppermost excellence, thereby leading to a big leap in the career. The program is intended to deliver in a variety of ways to the need of the aspirant.

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10. Business Psychology Degree by Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU)

 The course accredited by NECHE and ACBSP is basically a business administration degree but specialized in industrial-organizational psychology. The course is slightly diverted from the normal psychology programs, as they are mainly dealing with changes in human behaviour in organizational circumstances, and that can help in making the work at the organization effective and fruitful.  

The course is carried out very much differently; as it enables to help work in teams, improving problem-solving skills, maintain a word for every context regarding social and global business decisions. Dr Melissa Oleshansky, adjunct instructor of psychology at SNHU, claims that the career after the course is definitely much sort after.

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