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Best Business Schools on the East Coast

If you are planning to move to the East Coast for education, it is going to be the most crucial choice of your life. Whether it is Delaware, D.C Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or West Virginia, all these states provide first-class education in Business administration programs. Moreover, People in the conditions of the East Coast tend to be the most educated in America, according to the U.S. News data. So it is very much recommended to do your degree at this top-rated place. Moreover, The East Coast remains home to several private and public colleges that consistently top “best of” lists, highlighted by the prestigious Ivy League eight.

But which state has the best colleges? Which college offers the top-rated business administration program? Which college will have the best campus life? Well, don’t worry, we have all the answers to your questions. This article has enlisted the top 10 schools that provide the best business administration programs exclusively in the East Coast area. So what are we waiting for? Let us dive right into it!

1. MIT Sloan Business School

The Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers the top-rated business school program that is considered top-rated. Each of these business administration programs is provided by the significant faculty team, which will help the students grow.

If you are interested in getting a comprehensive perspective on how business works, you have to opt for MIT. The academic courses are inherently global, and there are dozens of opportunities for students to travel and study abroad. They provide the best education as well as top-rated campus life.

Founded In: 1861
Tuition:  $73,160 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 36
SAT Avg- 1570
Acceptance Rate: 6%
GPA:  3.5
Rank: #1
Contact: (617) 253-1000
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2. Stanford Graduate School of Business

Stanford Graduate School of Business is considered one of the top business schools in the USA, which offers a wide range of business and accounting programs. Therefore, it is prestigious to get into this top-rated university. In fact. the Carolinas are personally invested in the success of their students which makes the Business school the best of all.

Whether it is accounting, e-commerce, economics, entrepreneurship, ethics, or finance, all these concentrations are taught by industrial experts who happened to be in the faculty team of the business school. Stanford University is famous for its fantastic gender distribution of equal balance.

Founded In: 1885
Tuition:  $74,570 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 32
SAT Avg– 1460
Acceptance Rate: 4%
GPA:  3.7
Rank: #2
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3. Harvard Business School

When it comes to business schools that offer the best hands-on experience, Harvard is unbeaten. The Harvard Business School has top-rated affiliations with giant companies across the globe which gives the students a chance to get great internship opportunities at these places.

One of the highlights of Harvard is they have recruited the world’s best business and management experts. Harvard Business Review is the leading destination for smart management thinking/ the school is community-driven and will help you enjoy fantastic campus life.

Founded In: 1636
Tuition:  $73,800 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 35
SAT Avg– 1580
Acceptance Rate: 5%
GPA:  4.18
Rank: #3
Contact: (617) 495-1000
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4. Yale School of Management

Located in Connecticut, Yale School of Management is a world-renowned business school that has the best academic infrastructure for a top-rated business school. The average six-year median earnings of a graduate from Yale will range to $84,400 which is more than most of the colleges can offer.

It is very difficult to get into Yale as the competition is terrific. The acceptance rate for business schools is 8%. They provide a rigorous curriculum that will help the students nurture their business minds. Also, Its integrated curriculum allows students to see problems from a multi-disciplinary point of view.

Founded In: 1701
Tuition: $36,359 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 35
SAT Avg– 1560
Acceptance Rate: 6%
GPA: 4.14
Rank: #4
Contact: (203) 432-4771
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5. University at Buffalo – School of Management

Right from 1923, when it comes to business management programs no one can beat University at Buffalo in SUNY. The School of Management is top-rated and gives you the hands-on experience approach towards learning the subjects. These programs are highly recommended.

The highlight of studying here is that students may opt to complete a three-credit internship which will give them the practical stuff they need to succeed in the business area. In addition, the curriculum mandates that They must complete at least three upper-level management electives outside of their concentration.

Founded In: 1846
Tuition:  $28,666 (before aid)
ACT Avg– N/A
SAT Avg– N/A
Acceptance Rate: 61%
GPA:  3.6
Rank: #5
Contact: (716) 645-2000
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6. Binghamton University – School of Management

Binghamton University is New York’s finest university which is very popular for its diversity as well as campus life. Bolstered by a powerful New York-based alumni network of more than 140,000, Binghamton established its School of Business in 1970, with a significant number of programs that are top-rated.

Since the alumni of the University is great, the funding is great. Moreover, the internship opportunities the students get while studying is very useful and top-rated. The BSBA program culminated in a global strategic management capstone. Students may also pursue a dual BS/MS degree in accounting or an MBA.

Founded In: 1946
Tuition:  $28,269 (before aid)
Acceptance Rate: 41%
ACT Avg– N/A
SAT Avg– N/A
GPA: 3.63
Rank: #6
Contact: (607) 777-2000
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7. University at Albany – School of Business

Albany University is very popular for its close knitted community. In the Albany School of Business, there is a very low enrollment and the faculty they have enrolled is near 130 members who are industry experts in their particular field. Out of all, Marketing has the best faculty team in this university.

In addition, The school maintains dual-accreditation for business administration and accounting. Most UAlbany business students complete an internship, many through renowned NYC companies. I would highly recommend this university as the internship culture will cultivate the business mindset in young minds.

Founded In: 1844
Tuition: $27,136 (before aid)
Acceptance Rate: 54%
ACT Avg– N/A
SAT Avg– N/A
GPA:  3.5
Rank: #7 Contact: (518) 442-3300
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8. Duke’s Fuqua School of Business

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke’s Fuqua School of Business is a first-class university that offers authentic business education for students who want to shine in the industry. Their rigorous curriculum helps the students to get a multidisciplinary approach towards business administration.

Eleven years after Duke University chartered the Graduate School of Business in 1969. They have been offering phenomenal business education ever since. The school has a fantastic student-faculty ratio of 6:1 and has a graduation rate of 95% which is great. This is the best school in North Carolina.

Founded In: 1838
Tuition: $77,029 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 35
SAT Avg– 1570
Acceptance Rate: 8%
GPA:  4.13
Rank: #8
Contact: (919) 684-8111
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9. Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

With a challenging acceptance rate of 9%, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania is a fantastic school to get started with a business career. The reason why I highly recommend this business school is because of its top-notch faculty team who is an industry experts.

Moreover, the school’s notable alumni are jaw-dropping. Great personalities like Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Sundar Pichai, and Warren Buffet are alumni of this fantastic institution. Literally, the alumni list looks like a list for the richest men in the world. It is a highly recommended Business school.

Founded In: 1740
Tuition:  $77,264 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 35
SAT Avg– 1560
Acceptance Rate: 12%
GPA:  3.7
Rank: #9
Contact: (215) 898-5000
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10. Carey Business School – Johns Hopkins University 

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is a first-class University. they have excellent jaw-dropping expert faculties in addition; the school offers excellent infrastructure for academics. The business school has Six-year median earnings of $73,200, which is more than most of the programs that can provide.

The school not only excels in median earnings but also in employment opportunities. The school has excellent affiliations with giant companies to provide fantastic job assistance for students. The school’s Two-year employment rate is at 91%, which is phenomenal.

Founded In: 1876
Tuition: $74,028 (before aid)
ACT Avg- 26
SAT Avg– 1450
Acceptance Rate: 11%
GPA:  4.6
Rank: #10
Contact: (410) 516-8000
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