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Best Entrepreneurship Courses in the World

Being your own boss is a trend which we all tend to look forward to at some point in our life. Now in 2021, it is the right time to start your own business for various reasons. Many companies were shut down due to the effect of lockdowns and pandemics on the economy and business uncertainties. You might be wondering how this is the right time to start a business. From an optimistic point of view, 2021 has been the start of a buoyant and flourishing economy. Moreover, if your business is online, chances are your business will be a grand success.

In this article, I have exactly what you’re looking for. To become a great entrepreneur, you should have the necessary skills to succeed in your new business. I have enlisted the top 10 best programs based on entrepreneurship, which is handpicked after in-depth research considering its affordability, reviews, ratings, and content quality. So what are we waiting for? Let us make some money!

1. Creativity & Entrepreneurship by EdX

An entrepreneur needs to harness their creativity. Having their own individuality is what is going to help the business grow. This program treats entrepreneurship as a creative program that would allow for career development and business innovation.

The course also teaches how to grow a business in streams like music, dance, culinary, which requires creativity. It is a four-week course offered by Berkeley University, and the program is free. But you have to pay 49 dollars to get the certificate from the Uni.

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2. Financial Analysis for Decision Making by EdX

Financial Analysis for Decision Making is a top-rated program that will help you build excellent financial skills indispensable for an entrepreneur. After completing this program, you will learn how to value a stock, bond, or company for business opportunities.

The length of the program is four weeks. It can be completed with a dedication of  2-4 hours per week. The program is instructed by one of the top financial faculties of Babson College- Mark Potter. This course is highly recommended since it is a particular skill for an entrepreneur.

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3. The Essential Guide to Entrepreneurship by Udemy

This program is highly recommended if you are lost and don’t know where to start your entrepreneurship journey. You will get excellent guidance from Guy Kawasaki on approaching the business with confidence and avoiding common pitfalls. In addition, a guy’s 30 years of wisdom on entrepreneurship and investing are taught more comprehensively.

The program is entirely based on Guy’s business journey. He has worked for technology giants like Apple and Google and played a significant role in creating several innovative Silicon Valley startups.  It is just a four-hour comprehensive program.

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4. Free SEO Training Course by HubSpot

Now let us cut to the chase. If you are starting an online business and want to grow your business’s sustainable traffic, this is the best program to learn how to do it. Academy Hubspot offers a free SEO Training Course. The program is offered within 3 lessons and it will have 15 lessons and 2 quizzes.

The program will have a total of 1-hour self-paced course content. The program is instructed by Matthew Howells-Barby who is HubSpot’s in-house SEO expert. This course will help you figure out an approach to SEO that fits your business’s needs.

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5. Private Equity and Venture Capital by Coursera

With over 1,30,000 students enrolled in this program, it is a great course that would help you learn a valuable skill for your business. The course tries to discover how special financial intermediaries finance through equity companies belonging to different stages of their life-cycle, starting from the very beginning to a more mature phase or also staying into crises and decline.

The program can be completed in 10 hours of time. The program is instructed by one of the top industrial experts- Stefano Caselli. He is the Vice-Rector for International Affairs and this course is sponsored by Bocconi University. this course is highly recommended.

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6. Effective Fundraising and Leadership in Arts and Culture by Future Learn

The program is offered by the University of Leeds. Effective Fundraising and Leadership in Arts and Culture is one of the most important skills for an entrepreneur to have. He must be skillful to bag funds for arts and culture, which would ultimately help the entrepreneurs.

The duration of the program is just 2 weeks, and it is 100 percent flexible. The program will help you learn necessary skills like diversifying income streams by becoming more entrepreneurial. Leeds is one of the  UK’s largest research-based universities, so the credibility of the program is high.

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7. U.S Startup & Small Business Registration and Business Law by Udemy

The most important thing for an entrepreneur is knowing all the ifs and buts of the local law. You don’t need the police or the IRS to stop you from doing your business due to infringement of rules. U.S Startup & Small Business Registration And Business Law is a short and crisp 2-hour program that will teach you right from registration.

Firstly the program will help you determine whether your company is an LLC, S corp, C corp, or a non-profit. The program will also help you understand how to protect intellectual property. The program is constantly with any new amendments in the law. Udemy offers it.

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8. Why Ethics Matter: Ethical Research by Future Learn

For a business to prosper, it is necessary to do business more ethically. The program is offered by Griffith University, which is one of the top universities in Australia. The course duration is just two weeks.

In this program, you’ll examine the components of a research ethics application based on real-life case studies. The program is very engaging and tailor-made for business entrepreneurs. Deakin University also sponsors the program. It is one of Australia’s largest universities. Ethics is quintessential for a business and for having a happy life.

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9. Blockchain for Business: The New Industrial Revolution by Udemy

Yes, you would have heard a lot about the blockchain in recent times after the revolution of Cryptocurrency emerging as a digital currency. It is a 6-hour program which is high;y recommended for young business people. Blockchain tech is the future.

This program will give you complete analysis starting from Developing a solid fundamental understanding of the inner workings of blockchain. The course also gives you detailed explanations of “mining”, decentralized consensus, cryptography, smart contracts, and many other essential concepts for an entrepreneur.

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10. Sales and Business Development by Coursera

Offered by Hubspot, this program is highly recommended for small business owners. Do you think you know what it takes to be successful in a sales career? Well arguably, there are a lot of reasons as to what drives sales. But this course gives a systematic analysis of how to receive active and passive buyers.

After completing this program, you will understand the critical importance of understanding the buyer’s context and perspective. It is a beginner-level course. There are no prerequisite skills to have to enroll for this course. The program is instructed by Kyle Jepson, a profound sales professor.

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