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Best Bar Review Courses

The course with a set of classes that are attended by the law students in the United States before appearing for the bar examination, to improve the preparation and enhance results, is what is a bar review.

The courses offered by a variety of agencies are intended to educate the aspirants to do well in the MBE part of the examination. MBE or Multistate Bar Examination is a multiple-choice test taken as a part of the Bar Examination. The bar review courses will help in understanding the requirements for not getting removed from the MBE part of the examination. They also provide additional training in improving abilities for the writing part, joined together by MPT (Multistate Performance Test).

The review course is very important to ensure success in the main exam. The providers help with all the necessary requirements, details, and knowledge that are essential for better performance at the exam. The faculties who are involved in teaching are always specialists in the domain. The unavoidable tips, and areas, the learning gaps, and the tricks that are very crucial are rendered by these experts and that will surely enhance the performance at the exam.

Rather than preparing for the exam by oneself, it is always better to take help from professionals through such courses. They plan and prepare the method of study and how to get along before the commencement of the main exam. Practice questions in the same pattern, with MCQ, the essay writing part, and time management are given special emphasis. The lacking areas can be concentrated more once after such mock exams. Moreover, the learner doesn’t feel like a fresh experience while taking the real exam, so there is always a feeling at ease with complete self-assurance ultimately leading to greater performance and then to victory.  

The agencies that provide such courses are enlisted;

1. New York Bar Review Course by Kaplan

The course providers are found to be the best in the industry with a long earned experience of 20 years in the area. The system of study followed at KAPLAN, in such a way that, it is highly organized and there is a continuous monitoring and updating software which helps to follow the track of the topics which have been completed and those which have to be given more attention. This helps the student to give more emphasis on weaker areas and work more to improve that area and not waste time on the same topics again and again. The preparation time lets the student have access to more than 4,000 previous questions to get practice. This boosts the confidence of the student and overcomes the fear of the exam. The fee charged is $2199.

Subjects trained;

  • Business Associations (Agency and Partnership; Corporations and Limited Liability Companies)
  • Civil Procedure
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Evidence
  • Family Law
  • Real Property
  • Trusts and Future Interests
  • Uniform Commercial Code

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2. Ube Suite – Complete Bar Prep Course by Crushendo

The course providers are famous in the domain, by giving practice in UBE (Uniform Bar Examination) and MBE. The students can solve around 2,000 questions for working out. The practice questions are those directly taken from the NCBE. There is also an availability of a whole lot of additional study materials for preparation. They make of a variety of memorizing techniques to remember all the difficult specifics. The course also provides audio flashcards for enhanced learning. The teachers are well-versed professors and attorneys. The fee charged is less than $800 for UBE and under $500 for MBE, which is comparatively lower.  All the MPE and MEE subjects are concerned during the course;

  • Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Evidence
  • Property
  • Torts
  • Business Association
  • Conflict of Laws and Family Law
  • Secured Transactions
  • Trusts and Estates

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3. Bar Review by QUIMBEE

The company has all the essentials to make the student exam ready for all walks of the exam, be it UBE, MBE, or MPRE. The learner has to sign in after payment of the fee of $999, in order to get access to the vivid range of materials for study available in their library. This is inclusive of the lectures in video format, questions for practice, digitalized textbooks, and a tracking calendar for updating the progress of learning. The classes are mediated by attorneys, and the assistance with practice questions for MBE, MEE, and MPT also their highlights. The essays are graded by attorney graders and provided with necessary feedback.

The time management skills are also improved through solving previous questions. The videos lessons are broken down into small pieces of information and delivered in an interesting way. The progress of learning is continuously monitored and marked using the calendar. The performance is graded and the learner is positioned accordingly so that they have a clear idea about the area which needs more attention. Moreover, since it is provided through an online platform, it can be viewed and learned from anywhere according to the comfort of the learner.

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4. Bar Review by Bar Max

The course by BAR MAX is designed by the former students of Harvard Law School. It is intended to help the learners who are preparing for the exam in an efficient and more streamlined pattern. It makes use of the real previous questions for practice to provide enhanced support for the aspirants. There are 1,750 questions made available for practicing so that they are clear enough for them when they face such questions for real.    

They make use of classes with flashcards and a highly developed analytics system that helps to make records of the progress of the study. The course since it is delivered online; it can be administered according to the availability of time and location.

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5. Bar Review Programs by Bar Prep Hero

The course providers believe in the strength of practicing in order to make things more perfect, so they are making the learners learn through performing tests repeatedly with a range of more than 1000 questions for the exam preparation. Along with these, the students also receive materials to study, with 1800 and more flashcards. These help to have an overlooking on the topics whenever needed. An anxiety reliever audio material is also made available for releasing the pressure closer to the exam date.

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6. Bar Review by Smartbarprep

These agencies have a different approach to the course. They concentrate on the theoretical basis of the learning scheme. According to them, rather than monotonously doing repeated questions, it better to have a better understanding of the concepts. So they are provided in print for reference. Extra help is provided for complex sections enhanced with flashcards and extended learning. The courses are claimed to be really effective to make the student exam ready in every way required.

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7. MBE Simulator and Prep by Adaptibar

The guidance to study from the provider is an online platform. The course follows a technologically forward way of delivering coaching. It is done by making the student get accustomed to the environment of the Bar exam and also be enriched with all the information to go forward with the test.  A better understanding is not all to come out successful, one should always be aware of the accurate points what the examiners are looking for especially in the writing part, and also the proper understanding of the question to answer them accurately. The answers in the mock tests are reviewed and they are given an insight into the areas that need improvement. The faculties also provide certain tips and tricks to improve efficiency.

There is an availability of 1,964 questions by NCBE licensed practice exam questions. The classes from professors and lectures, with 1000 flashcards for more practice are also added efficacy of the course.

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8. Bar Review by Themis Bar Study

The course providers let the learners take up the program according to the availability of the schedule. It can take up to 8 weeks for the complete. The lessons are divided into smaller portions lasting 10-15 minutes so that students don’t get distracted and can pay attention. The lecture classes and the practice questions of about 2,500 numbers are accessible from anywhere at any time.

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9. Bar Prep Course by Barbri

The industry is one of the most leading and famous course providers in the U.S.  They provide a variety of options for the learners to take up. Live classes by lecturers, virtual classrooms, or self-study courses are available. The course fee starts at $1,999.

They help the learners with more than 2,500 practice questions for practicing, offers vides classes, a customized approach to study; ‘LawMaster’. The categories have different portions of regularly tested subjects. They help in focusing on specific topics rather than vaguely grazing around in general.

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10. Bar Exam by JD Advising

These are regular tutoring kinds of learning methods planned according to the need of the student. They follow a peculiar path of teaching with not only concentrating on important topics about also the overall understanding. This has really improved the success of the learners. The tutors will be constantly monitoring the progress of learning, updating the practicing options, and keeping up in the path. Special care and attention are given to improve the writing skills needed for the essay part of the exam. Overall wellness and development are intended by the company for ensuring the success of the learner.  

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