Best Time Management Tips for College Students

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Best Time Management Tips for College Students

College is normally the first opportunity people have to start learning how to manage their time; they have to set their own schedule and ensure that they do so in a way that their classes and other activities don’t clash and also have time to sleep, eat and study.

For some, it may not pose a major challenge, but for others that might be used to someone else arranging their life, it may come as a bit of a shock and it takes time to adjust. Being able to time manage effectively in college can be the difference between failing subjects and being an outstanding student; it can be the difference between continuing to grad school and staying behind.

This list is about some great time management tips for those that are going to experience independence for the first time and help you not crash against the brick wall of time and deadlines.


Resilience is the inner strength a person has to go through difficult times and just persevering; keeping the resolve to solve the problems and challenges that may come. It’s figuring out a way to get over the humps and continue, without losing the commitment and not wasting time.


Take advantage of the technology you have in your hands, literally. You can use your phone’s calendar and reminders to help you keep track of your responsibilities. You should learn how to take advantage of those time management features those devices have and really use them for your benefit.

An Old School Calendar

For some having a more visual and “tangible” calendar is the way to go. Writing a to-do list and crossing things off as you get them done can be very satisfying and it can also give a nice sense of achievement.

Stick To a Routine

When you’re in college, you’re on your own when it comes to what you’re doing and how you spend your time. It’s a good idea to develop a routine and stick with it, that way you avoid the temptation of procrastinating and the inevitable piling up of schoolwork and all the anxiety and negativity that it brings. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can’t stray from it every once in a while and stretch out your brain and legs, but having a routine can help you stay organized and focused.

Know Yourself

Knowing yourself is a big step towards adapting and taking on the challenges that college life can present. Pay attention to how your levels of energy fluctuate during the day and use that to your advantage; avoid scheduling a class during the time of day you know you feel more tired or dispersed. Look at the thoughts you have, your emotions; they will be the ones that set the path to the way you handle your challenges, so get to know them and use them to your advantage.

Keep a Journal

A journal can really help you become more aware of what you’re doing and what kind of an impact it has on you. Take note of your eating and sleeping habits when you study, you may notice changes in how you perform on tests and activities depending on how well you ate and rested and the studying techniques before the exam.


Family and friends are the ones that can tell you the truth no matter what, even if it’s hard to hear. Seeking feedback from those you trust the most can give you objective and candid perspectives when you feel stuck or blocked. They can see the problem with fresh eyes and suggest a new approach. You can also get feedback from professors, where they can point out your strengths and weaknesses and how you can use those to your advantage.

Learn From Mistakes

It’s important to remember that mistakes are always a lesson, no matter what. So when you do make mistakes (because you will), pay attention to where you went wrong and start from there.

Remove Distractions

The phone, social media, the TV, pets, your roommates, they can all cause distractions from your focus and cause you to waste time. Turn off the TV, close the door and hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign, put your phone on silent; make the necessary adjustments so that your time is used to the max without stopping to see who liked your latest picture on Instagram or to shoo away your annoying friend who wants to play ping-pong.

Sleep Well

What a difference a good night’s sleep can make in your productivity levels. It’s scientifically proven that one or two extra hours of sleep can determine your ability to focus, analyze and work in an effective way. It’s never a good idea to sacrifice rest in order to try and complete work; one that when you look at it the next morning you will probably realize isn’t exactly your best, all because you were tired and didn’t get enough sleep.

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