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Best AI and ML Courses

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are considered to be the skill of the future. Be it healthcare, finance, mobile, automobile, smart home devices, music and movie recommendation services, retail, security surveillance, fraud detection, virtual player games, social media apps, the possibilities are endless. So choosing the right machine learning course will not only land you a great job but also good pay.

In this article, I have encompassed 10 courses that are focused on AI and ML functions. Learning artificial intelligence is not a herculean task, but definitely, it is not simple. It requires a lot of effort. The courses mentioned below will help you get the best training and excellent modules to master AI and ML. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has compared artificial intelligence (AI) to “summoning a demon,” some say it will be the destruction of mankind. Well, the hyped stream like this deserves great recognition. Let us get into it!

1. Machine Learning by Stanford University on Coursera

Machine Learning by Stanford University is one of the top-class courses offered by Coursera. This comprehensive course is free. The credibility of this course is high for its Stanford certification. This course has nearly 45000 students.

Through this course, you will learn the most effective machine learning techniques and practice implementing them and getting them to work for yourself. The total program is 61hours of pre-recorded lectures. Moreover, you’ll also learn how to apply learning algorithms to building smart robots. This course is instructed by the Co-founder of Coursera himself- Andrew NG.

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2. Artificial Intelligence Nano-degree Program by Udacity

The Artificial Intelligence Nano-degree Program is a self-paced high-rated course offered by Udacity. The course is designed and tailored by the top industry experts. The course covers the foundational AI intuition and accelerates the learning to build practical AI applications. It gives more of a practical approach to getting the game going.

AI experts like Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun would give an in-depth intuition on algorithms. They also give a lot of projects and assignments to master your education on AI. The course takes 3months to complete which is specially focused on mid-level professionals. The method towards AI is new modern deep learning-based approaches.

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3. Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence by MIT

The Professional Certificate Program in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence course is offered by one of MIT’s best ivy league colleges. The highlight of this course is it is designed by MITs top faculties and leading industry practitioners.

The course also makes you eligible to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The course is designed for professionals and not for beginners. The course will give you hands-on experience. Machine learning is more than just algorithms: it requires math, statistics, data analysis, computer science, and programming skills. MIT’s course will cover everything under a single roof.

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4. Data Science: Machine Learning by Harvard University on edx

World’s top Ivy League University- Harvard University offers this Data Science: Machine Learning course. This comprehensive course gives a hands-on approach to machine learning. This course will help you build a movie recommendation system right from the scratch. Through this practical approach, you will get a complete idea of ML.

This course is designed for beginners and it can be completed in 8 weeks if there is a dedication of 2-3 hours. The course is free but you avail of a verified certificate that requires 99 dollars. The course is instructed by MITs top faculty Rafael Irizarry. He is also a Professor of Biostatistics.

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5. Open Machine Learning Course by

Open Machine Learning Course is offered by, a top machine; learning educational platform. The course is instructed by Yury Kashnitsky. Having both a Ph.D. degree in applied math and a Kaggle Competitions Master tier, Yury aimed at designing an ML course with a perfect balance between theory and practice.

It is a self-paced pre-recorded course that comes with a lot of assignments to master your perspective on ML. There are Kaggle in-class competitions to keep you engaged throughout the program. Machine Learning course is taught with a hands-on approach which is exclusively designed for newbies. Enroll in this course already.

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6. Build Your AI Career by DeepLearning.AI

DeepLearning.AI is one of the best online educational platforms to learn artificial intelligence and deep learning courses. The program will give you world-class education through its industrial expert faculties.

We will gain a lot of technical approaches rather than boring lectures. You will gain a collaborative community of peers and mentors which will help you be motivated through the entire course. The Deep Learning Specialization is a top-class program which is instructed by Andrew NG the co-founder of Coursera and he is also the founder of deep learning itself.

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7. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning by IIT Roorkee

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning is a comprehensive course offered by IIT Roorkee, a top-class cloud computing academy. Through their online live classes, you will get a great understanding of various ML concepts. The course consists of more than 80hours of online training. If you have any doubts on the subject, there is a 24/7 service to clear your doubts. Moreover, you will get cloud lab access for this program.

The course comes with 12 real-life projects for a better understanding of Artificial intelligence. There are more than 12000 students for this course. When you complete this course, you will have an immense idea of TensorFlow 2.0, Regression, Classification, SVM, Random Forests, CNNs, RNNs, Reinforcement Learning, GANs, and More.

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8. Computer Vision Nano-degree Program by Udacity

Offered by Udacity, Computer Vision Nano-degree Program is one of the most famous areas of machine learning. There are many online courses related to computer vision using classical approaches and modern deep learning approaches, but this Nano degree program from Udacity is carefully designed to amalgamate both the conventional computer vision approaches with the new modern deep learning-based approach.

This course gives a complete hands-on approach to the computer vision Nano degree. The concept of python or Matlab has been pretty outdated. Computer vision is the future of deep learning. The course can be completed in three months.

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9. Applied Data Science Program by Must Research Academy

The Applied Data Science Program is a top-class course offered by Must Research Academy. A Nano degree program without a doubt will help you become a great expert but taking applied data science programs will make you an industry-level expert. This course will encompass all the traditional approaches like Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Unsupervised Learning, Data Visualizations, etc.

Joy Mustafi is the instructor of this highly rated course. He guarantees that you will become an expert of AI or DS within 6 months of the period. If you are someone with a deep interest in research and practical data science, this course is highly recommended.

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10. IBM Applied AI Professional Certificate by IBM on Coursera

Offered by the great IBM, this AI professional program is highly recommended to kick-start your artificial intelligence career. Through this course, you will learn how to build a chatbot through the hands-on approach of AI. This course will take approximately 7 hours to complete. The course is offered by Rav Ahuja, the Global Program Director of IBM.

Through this course, you will explore machine learning and computer vision, and leverage IBM Watson. The course is free. Through this course, you will learn how to apply computer vision techniques using Python, OpenCV, & Watson and develop custom image classification models and deploy them to the Cloud.

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