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Best Udacity Free Courses

An American for-profit organization established by Sebastian Thrun, David Stavens, and Mike Sokolsky; Udacity, helping in offering a huge number of online open courses and generating a revenue of $100 million. They are providers of about 200 free courses generated as a part of remunerated micro-credential offered by Udacity.

Some of the courses provided by Udacity are aimed at rendering basic skills in programming which qualifies the learner to be an entry-level professional. the programs help to improve the confidence of the learner and to develop a better career profile.

The free courses in Udacity seem to be more valuable when compared with other such competitive online course offering organizations. Their way of income is through the selling of content to other private or new customers. They offer free courses only to introductory classes and some portions of their paid courses called nano degrees.

Some of the free courses available on Udacity is listed below;

1. Microsoft Power Platform Course

The course is a beginner-level program for those who are interested in creating apps used in businesses and other marketing ventures. It is a program that is unique in its stature as it trains not only in app development but also in data analysis, automation, and AI solutions from Microsoft. So, anyone with an interest can go on well with the course as it is a no-code setup and doesn’t need any experience in programming. The program surely opens several doors to success with ease and comfort. They provide real projects and the learner is made capable to find solutions for the same. At the end of the course, one can very well build a completely working Android and iOS apps using the Power Apps, and even connect it with Artificial Intelligence.

The four main components of the course are;

  • Power Apps
  • Power BI
  • Power Automate
  • AI Builder

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2. Ethical Hacker Course

The program is aimed at creating skills to understand the loopholes and susceptibilities of a system, various ways to design and put to test the plans of penetration and generate a report on the findings with true authentication. The roles and responsibilities of a hacker to work ethically and the techniques required to be developed in order to work as an ethical hacker are delivered to the learners. The job profile of a professional in ethical hacking improves the policies of businesses and the standards and procedures for its conduct on computer systems. 

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3. Learn Foundational AI Algorithms

The course study regarding the basics of AI algorithms in order to strengthen activities which range from simple ones to the utmost complex things. NASA’s Mars Rover and DeepMind’s AlphaGo Zero are examples if to cite a few. Mastering various algorithmic systems such as Beam Search and Random Hill Climbing, Bayes Networks and Hidden Markov Models are also a highlight of the program. If the learner has a prerequisite of a few of the basic understandings such as; linear algebra and calculus, probability and statistics, Python, algorithms, macOS, Linux, and a few of the object-oriented programming would be an added advantage.

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4. Java Web Developer Course

The most recommended programming language Java is a value addition to back-end courses and is used in a majority of organizations to develop the organization. A moderate understanding of Java is preferable for the course on web development. The knowledge of initial Java types, ability to use collections from Java. util. collections, designing and creating class methods, interfaces, and subclasses in Java, and the ability to write fundamental requests in SQ are preferred. The course focuses on the introduction to Spring Boot framework and allied plugins, differences between web services, APIs, and microservices, and learning about various security mechanisms for safeguarding the documents, testing API and network applications. The learners also develop the aptitude to use Java Persistence and the incorporation of the testing of persistence layers to a Spring Boot application. In addition to the above, certain other capabilities to approve and validate and to build a CI/CD channel to position code to manufacture are also delivered during the course.

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5. Cloud Developer Course

The basics and essentials of cloud development along with the positioning with AWS, creating applications emphasizing microservices, Kubernetes clusters, and serverless application technology. The information regarding computer power, safety, storing, networking, messaging, and management services in the cloud are also provided. The coaching to design ascendable, extensible, and sustainable full-stack applications utilizing contemporary cloud architecture. The theory of serverless technologies with the preparation of developing a compound serverless application and focus on learning by doing makes the learners even more capable.

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6. Quantitative Trading Course

The basics of quantitative analysis with data processing, signal generation trading, portfolio management, usage of Python for developing strategies for trading, and the creation of an optimized multi-factor model are included in the course. The fundamental analysis of quantitative trading, stocks, market indices, and market mechanics, risk factors involved in the creation of optimization techniques, text processing, and in-depth learning of neural networks and generation of trading signals are also highlighted in the course. 

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7. Self-Driving Car Engineer Course

The ability to apply the detailed learning in recognizing the solutions to automotive issues and to understand about the lane lines detection, steering angle prediction, and more of such kind to apply the computer vision. The usage of sensor fusion for filtering the data from a series of sensors in order to distinguish the surroundings, and finally to run the self-developed code to simulate the self-driving car. The self-driving car developed by Udacity is put forward as ‘Clara’, with the in-built Robot Operating System. The learners will be confident enough to run the code developed by themselves after understanding the theory of the development of the self-driving car engineering offered by Udacity.

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8. Product Manager Course

The capabilities of a product manager tend to move towards success when there is increased delivery of products in the concerned market. The learner will become well aware of the techniques to understand the conditions of the current market so that he succeeds in developing a prototype that is user-friendly. An execution timeline is charted out to understand the competition in the field and ultimately the tests are created to improve the desired characteristics of the product based on the feedback from the market. The course also creates a sense of leadership and the ability to move smoothly within a team and go about solving the arising issues with improved communication and innovative ideas.

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9. Monetization Strategy Course

The knowledge of understanding the stream of marketing by analyzing the products giving profit, identifying the personality of the customer, and ensuring the availability of products through ways to improve business is materialized through the course. The program gives a broad range of ideas in a step-by-step process starting from the market development to the methods of increasing the market reach. The fundamentals of monetization by learning about the necessary building blocks to a strategical monetization, the ability to tackle different customers with varied personalities and interests, identification of premium value for a buyer and the ways to change it to business value, understanding about the creation of a plan for pricing for optimizing the market income are only some of the important areas discussed under the course. The ultimate goal is to use all the understanding obtained from the theoretical and other classes to create a business model for cloud-based software B2B SaaS for outside financing. This leads to the upcoming of a hypothesis with possible alterations to the strategy on monetization. A monetization model for the prescribed business is built based on some features about the company as; the product of the company, pricing of the products, and the latest business deals with the customers. On working in these real-life models, one would become competent enough to come up with a handful of hypotheses regarding the change in pricing metrics and plans to slightly alter the business strategy corresponding to monetary affairs. At last, the learner would be able to come up with a plan that can be experimented with by putting the prescribed hypotheses to test.

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10. AI for Healthcare

The course explains to the learners the techniques to create, analyze and incorporate models of prediction that can alter the results of patients. The program includes a basic understanding of the classification of medical images in 2D and 3D to improve the treating methods leading to the modeling of the patient’s results with the help of electronic health records to augment clinical trial testing choices. The course also focuses on creating an algorithm for the collection of data from wearable devices on the patient to calculate the pulse rate. The basics of imaging in 2D and extracting the images to analyze them for conditions of pneumonia being detected from X-rays of the chest, all being part of this outstanding course. The application of Artificial Intelligence to 3D medical imaging data for understanding the depth of progressing of Alzheimer’s disease, selection of patients for drug testing in case of diabetes with the help of AI application to EHR data, and ultimately building the algorithms which help in processing data from real-world sensors.

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