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Best Computer Science Courses in the World

Computers are machines that help to make the lives of people easier and even more relaxed. It improves communication and enhances the connectivity with people around the globe. The advancement has reached the summit as even working has become so simpler without even seeing each other. There are cars controlled by computerized programming and each and every minute detail in every body’s life has been linked with computers. The utilization of technology has emerged into every single field, as education, weather forecasting, outbreaks of deadly ailments, prediction of human attributes, prevention of crimes, and to solve any kind of issues of people anywhere. The knowledge of computer has become an essential attribute to any kind of career in the modern period.

The science of study in the computer field strengthens and makes the student ready to take up any difficulties in the career and face any challenges in the way. They can find careers in Information Technology, Communication systems, Networks and Applications and so forth. The science of study includes theoretical basis of computer, hardware system, software systems, and computing scientifically.

The possible job responsibilities include;

  • IT consultant
  • Cyber-security advisor
  • Manager of Information Systems
  • Database administrator
  • System analyst
  • Game developer
  • Technical writer

The average salary of a computer professional in the United States is approximately $104519 annually.

Computation is the commonest practical application of using computers. The calculation methods, computing technology, processing of information, data conversion and much more are the applications of computer. Learning computer science is not merely the ability to compute but the future is vivid. Systematical learning of processes like algorithms, help the attainment, representation, communication and storing of available data and the interpretation of these data would prove useful to the learners.  

A whole lot of universities around the globe are providing courses on Computer Science. Some of them are enlisted;

1. Master of Science Program in Computational Science and Engineering by the Center for Computational Science & Engineering

The program which ensures the attainment of Masters Degree is aimed at developing professionals for the future and experts in modernized computational techniques and its applications. This degree was previously delivered as the Design and Optimization in Computing but later modified to the present one. The teachers who are working in the various disciplines inside the institute lend their hand in supporting the learners in the department. The chance of handling projects in vivid subjects such as nanotechnology, aerospace, designing systems and communications are also highlights of the course. The career chances include the fields of systems modeling, numerical simulation, designing and optimization.

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2. Computer Science Undergraduation by Stanford

There is the possibility to continue the research scientifically in the computer science domain. It can be for the advancement of further studies or to pursue a career. The institute is a well known one around the globe which has created various leaders and professionals who have turned out in flying colors in their career and education and research. There are several corporate magnates too in the list. The name Stanford is enough to understand the volume and reach of the courses provided by them.

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3. B.S. in Computer Science by Carnegie Mellon University

The undergraduate program by Carnegie Mellon is substantially informative and established in serving the learners with deep understanding of computer science subjects along with a minor one too. The course is designed in such a way that it provides the suppleness to move in whichever direction according to the interest of the learner. The education in mathematics and probability supplied by the department makes the student strong in the foundational basics of the topics. The learning process is enhanced by dealing with projects related to building and maintaining systems. The peculiarity of the course is the integrated version of the under graduation with research activities.

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4. The Beauty and Joy of Computing by Berkeley Eecs

The program by Berkeley is outstanding in its name itself. It is basically an introductory course to dive into the beauty and happiness while dealing with computers. The program grazes through wonderful applications that have altered the universe in various ways. The topics of study includes historical importance, effects on society, the immense concepts and ideologies in computing and the futuristic wonders it has to offer. The importance and the need to have an awareness and understanding about computer is beautifully accentuated in the course.  The method adopted for tutoring is in a gracious way using the graphical language and eventuated by a significant program development project according to the interest of the learner.

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5. Undergraduate Program in Computer Science Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering

The program delivered by the Computer Science Department at Harvard University possesses a specialized curriculum with freedom of flexibility for the students. There are others fields of study for the enthusiastic learners where they can choose from mathematics, physics, economics, and psychology and language studies to combine with the main area of study. The commissioning of the course is not imparting a double major degree, but is allowed to submit a written thesis for both the subjects of study.

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6. Computer Science and Philosophy by University of Oxford

This is a unique amalgamation of science and philosophy. The computer science aspects of Artificial intelligence (AI), logic, robotics, modeling and understanding complex physical and social experience are clubbed with the philosophical aspect of it. The requirement of computer experts with a philosophical point of view in many regions of development of the modern technology such as AI and Robotics are discussed in the course of study. The specialized treatment with the unification of computer and philosophy together is something ingenious and exhilarating. The students are blessed with the opportunity to be part of two prominent departments of the University. It is an integrated 3 or 4 year course depending on the interest of choice of the students. The initial year covers the main subjects later narrowing down to the specialties chosen from the vivid electives available and finally ending it up with the submission of thesis on a project work. Learning philosophy is actually an exercise for the mind as it stretches the mind to integrate innovation into the array of thoughts associated with the study. The mere understanding of computer might move away from the basis of morality, reality and natural ideas which is reestablished by the influence of philosophy. The ability to think through novel ideas, its after effects, and the logical firmness about a thought is developed through philosophical learning. Computer science is the consideration of computer system at the next level. The programs and systems are complex ones and creating them pose massive challenges. Ability to face these difficulties is the ultimate understanding of Computer Science which is accomplished in the University.

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7. Undergraduate in Computer Science by University of Cambridge

The course even though is an under graduate course in Computer science; it fetches several minor subjects like mathematics, engineering, psychology and linguistics to it. The abilities obtained during the program helps the learner to grow academically, and in research and to excel in the respective career. Cambridge University is one of a kind in imparting education in Computer Science. The essentials of law, business and economics are considered along with the core subject. There are a variety of small and large business concerns associated with the University which provides the learner with starting career and project options in chip designing to mathematical modeling and AI. Skills for practical experience in C++, Java and Prolog Programming languages and hardware systems are taught alongside. Learning is accomplished by recent technological aspects, modernized theaters for lecturing, and practical rooms dedicated only to the department. Industrial experience is provided through group projects which if found to be successful would be converted to licensing or service.  

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8. Master of Computing by Nus Computing

The program offered is a specialization in computer science which is a complete and demanding graduate program. It includes recent findings of research in the basic and applied fields of computer science. This also helps in the detailed learning of Information Technology for the learners to prepare themselves for a career in the same area. 

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9. Computers in Our World Princeton University

This is an introductory course put forward by the University of Princeton to educate the learner with the fundamentals of computational technology. As we are living in a computerized era, the revolution of computer knowledge is beyond words. The students who have pursued other disciplines of study such as social science or humanities would find it difficult to cope in this technological era. This course would be of great help for such individuals. The program is of 90 minutes and includes the basics such as working of computers, programming, and the level of difficulty to harness it, know-how of internet, its security and privacy.

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10. Master in Computer Science by Eth Zurich

The master degree in computer science by ETH Zurich not only educates the learners deeply in the main subjects, but also deals with individual attention to each and every learner. The theoretical and practical aspects are equally administered with unique specialty that the learner gets a clear idea about what to choose after the course completion. The teachers are part of the globalised research front and have the leading faculties to deliver the lectures. The students get enough and more opportunities to deal with projects which are in close relation with research centers of global corporation. The doors to innovation are open wide in front of the aspirants in the form of flying robots, cell simulations and advanced chances of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The students with basic insight on computer science and love dealing with engineering would find this course to be the best choice. The course can be completed in 2 years and is suitable for students from USA as the medium of instruction is English.

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