Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students

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Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students

Although nursing school is not a medical school, the challenges that the learners have to face are not far less. The preparation for the nursing exam would be even tougher for those who are already in a career, or a student of any kind. In order to stuff the already existing tight schedule with even harsher learning prospects is sure takes life upside down. To develop a sense of taking up the nursing course is itself a challenging decision. The life of a nurse would mainly be dedicated to service. The family will have to adjust according to the shifts and time plans of the profession.

The test to be taken and to come out successful in nursing is tedious and requires a rigorous learning schedule with systematic learning techniques. The curriculum that a student has to follow is meticulous and tough. They have to be completely involved in it to come out successful. The important and the main concepts have to be emphasized more and concentration should be given to the previous questions available.  

In order to clear the exams, the students should be thorough with all the topics, remember the vital information, and have practice in handling the components of the course. The clearing of the nursing tests requires specific strategy and planning and the aspirant should stick to the plan and execute it. Repeating the topics and constant practice are the only short cut to clear the nursing test.

The learners should always practice the ability to maintain calm and composure even during the most stressful situation. There are certain definite steps to be followed in order to fly out colorfully. The methods of retaining the crucial tips and points in the subject are important to surpass the test.

  1. Several guides are available to follow the nursing exam schedule according to the NCLEX test pattern. Such guides are set as per test format and cover the topic that is included in the syllabus. So the learner feels less stressed while appearing for the test.

2. Divide the portion into chunks in order to reduce the burden of studying everything all together and ending up forgetting the whole portion. The smaller information can be learned quickly and retained easily.  The idea of stacking the topics for the weekend with the mindset of grappling over them somehow is not at all the option to cover the topics. Only a systematic pattern of learning would lead the learner to success. The crucial part of learning for the test is utilizing the entire time for preparation. Mere studying from the notes and texts and classes will not do the thing. Experiences have to be made from outside the classroom too.

Test Success: Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students

The portions divided into smaller pieces should be completed on a daily basis. About 6- 7 hours of the daily time has to be kept aside for preparing for the test. If the learning process seems to be tough for the working class, then methods can be selected to overcome the problem. Textbook matter can be recorded and the learner can listen to it while working, traveling, or doing other chores. The weaknesses have to be understood and measures should be taken to overcome the temptation caused by gadgets and accessories away from sight. The focus should be maintained purely on the required field of study.  

3. Focusing on key areas would be a more practical way of covering the information, instead of vast reading through all the topics under the prospectus. The important portions highlighted by the instructor should be emphasized in order to have a better preserving ability. Time managing in completing the topics in time is very crucial during the preparation of the test. All the mock tests, assignments, and courses works should be completed within time and should maintain the already set schedule.

4. To have an ability to practically apply the learned concepts is the biggest success of a nurse. The career aspect of the course needs more accurate applying of the theory by the learner. So while learning itself, they should be able to understand why the particular topic is being concerned and how they can put it to use in order to console a patient. The application of the physiology and anatomical concepts alone only will make a nursing student a better nurse. The patients are never interested in measuring the depth of theory that the nurse possesses, but they would value only those who can provide them relief from the kind of distress they are in. The concepts and facts which have to be memorized during the preparation have little influence on the real career as a nurse. The ability of critical thinking is what is required in the first place. Based on the data and information available they should be able to analyze the actual situation of the patient.

Test Success Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students

5. Studying in a group has more effective learning outcomes than trying it make it all alone. While studying with friends or peers, there would be an improved exchange of information and also leads to the enhancing of confidence and also receive moral support to improve confidence and performance. Studying in unison along with a group smoothens the progress of learning. Discussion sessions with peers also enhance the subject knowledge. Teaching and being heard from peers or equals would be more beneficial than hearing from instructors or obtaining from books. Along with the peer study, the learners should feel free to meet up with the faculty and teachers to clear doubts and even they can reach up to other sources over social media and websites for clearing of doubts and obtaining additional information.

6. Scanning of the topic and notes initially prior to going into the details of it would initially give an idea about what it is about and whether it is a relevant topic or not. If there are others that need more emphasis, then it can be skipped without wasting much of the time.

Test Success Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students

7. Lean on external sources too in order to gain extra information outside the texts, resource materials, and instructors. There are plenty of online as well other agencies where the related activities are going on which can be depended upon for improving knowledge. The learner can even try teaching others with the same interest which would strengthen the knowledge along with help to the person who is listening. There can be a variety of different methods opted to somehow overcome the burden of covering the syllabus. There are quite a lot of sources over the web that tends to be of help to the learners in any which way possible. All this information would surely contribute to the improvement in the career with enhanced knowledge about the topics.

8. Identify the learning method as it would be different for each individual. Some of the learners might be visually perfect and some superior in auditory acceptance. Some of them might be good at scanning easily, but some would have to write down each and every point to memorize. Some would have to depend on the application level and practical aspect of the topic to enhance the subject area. The learner should better understand the self-skill and then proceed accordingly. The learners with writing skills find it comparatively easy to remember things as they write and learn. Learning the concepts by categorizing them into systems would have better practicability for the concept learned. When opting for the studying by system method, the important points coming the topic would not go unnoticed, and also the learner doesn’t have to trail behind unwanted information. The identification of the accurate learning style would help to improve the worth and usefulness of learning. Any method opted to learn, it is better to follow the learning pattern created by the teacher to finish the topic on time.

Test Success Test-Taking Techniques for Beginning Nursing Students

9. Come up with memorizing techniques which can be changed according to the convenience of the learner. Methods like flash cards, sticky notes, noting down points and sticking them in places where they can be visualized most of the time can be a better way to memorize the facts unknowingly.

10. Breaks are inevitable as a continuous burden to the brain might result in negative consequences than positive ones. The mind should be given space to breathe so that it can accept and retain more information already there and more coming its way. The human brain is conditioned in such a way that it can only focus properly without missing anything to a maximum of 45 to 60 minutes. So after concentrating for the time, it is better to get up and have a walk around or involve in some activities close to your heart or something that can lift the spirits. All these are sure to improve the grasping ability after resuming the studying activity. The way of learning continuously is not the best choice to earn more information. Punishing the brain should not be the way to learn more. This will only affect adversely and make to forget things. The learner can involve in any kind of mind relaxing activities, may it be cooking, snacking, listening to music, playing any instrument, or any type of refreshing leisurely goings-on before resuming the studies.

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