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How to Reschedule GRE

The GRE is an essential requirement for your Graduate school application and therefore, cannot be missed. However, certain situations might arise and thus hinder you from taking the exam on the set date, and maybe you have an essential appointment for that day that cannot be missed under any circumstance. Or you feel you are not sufficiently prepared for the exam and would like extra time to prepare some more, and another possibility is that of you waking up under the weather on a set day.

Thankfully the ETS (Educational Testing Service) have made some provisions for How to reschedule your GRE

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Rescheduling Your GRE

As noted above, the ETS allows you to reschedule your GRE, albeit with some conditions attached.

  • You Must Pick a Date Within a Year of Your Original Date

The GRE has 365 days, so if your initial exam is set for say April 1, you have the luxury to reschedule to eligible dates before April 1 the next year. Suppose you live in a country where only the paper version of the GRE is taken. In that case, however, you have a shorter eligible time to reschedule as it is only available three times a year so you will need to reschedule during the available exam window.

  • You Must Send Your Request for Rescheduling Four Days Before Your Original Exam Date

This condition must be met without fail. You have to send the request to reschedule four full days before the day you are supposed to write your exam as failure to do so will see the forfeiture of your exam fees without any hope of a refund.

  • A Rescheduling Fee of U.S. $50 Must Be Paid

While you are allowed to reschedule, it cannot be done for free. You have to pay 50 U.S. dollars to the ETS for your request to be approved. If you are not able to pay this fee, you either have to forget your rescheduling request and write the exam on the initial date, or you miss the exam and forfeit your exam fee. Hence if you need to reschedule, pay the price without delay.

The above are conditions of the ETS for rescheduling the GRE before the set date of the exam but will be hard to follow by a person that wakes up under the weather on the exam day and thus is unable to write the test. What then can one do when this situation arises?

It is either you miss the exam and have to pay for it again when you want to write it, or you contact ETS and tell them your condition. There is a fair chance that ETS will give you a voucher to do the exam later without paying a new exam fee but not before you:

  • Send In a Doctor’s Report

You will have to send an official doctor’s report that corroborates your story and proves that you were too indisposed to take the exam.

  • Wait for ETS to Carry Out Independent Investigations.

After you send the report, you will have to wait for ETS to thoroughly investigate the matter to be sure your story is not fabricated. When the investigation is over, they either give you the voucher to retake the exam if they see no fault in your story or disregard your request if they perceive it as a weak excuse.

The process to prove the reason for your absence on the day of the exam is a long one so if your sickness is minor, you should try your best to go for the exam. If it is severe, however, you should stay home and contact ETS.

How to Process GRE Rescheduling

Rescheduling your GRE can be done through various methods. It can be online through your ETS account, by mail, through fax or a phone call.

  • Through ETS Account

This is probably the easiest way to notify the ETS of your rescheduling request. First, you have to log on to your ETS account, open your homepage and click on the “Upcoming tests” section. This will open a page with your details (your name, exam centre, and your appointment numbers). On that page, you click the “Actions” tab which will have a “Reschedule Appointment” option, this action directs you to another page, and there you will be able to search for a suitable location or specific exam centre. When you are done searching, you click the “Find Available Test Centers and Dates” option. After this you will be directed to another page where you will be able to select an exact date, place and time, within a year of your original exam date, to write your GRE. When you register, a pop-up window asks if you will like to change your test appointment and you either click “Yes” or “No”. After this, you will be directed to pay the $50 rescheduling fee and you are done.

  • Through the Mail

For this, you only have to mail your request to GRE services at GRE-ETS.

P.O. Box 6000

Princeton, NJ 08541-6000 the USA

Always remember to include your: name, date of birth, address, registration number, original test date, preferred centre, new test date and the $50 fee. Note that this mail must be delivered four full days before your actual test; otherwise, your application will fall through.

  • Through Fax

You follow the same process as above and send through fax to 1-610-290-8975

  • Through a Phone Call

All you have to do is call 1-609-771-7670 or 1-866-473-4373 and request for GRE rescheduling. Ensure that you have all your necessary information with you when you get as well as your preferred method of payment. The phone line is Toll-free for GRE takers in the United States, Canada, and U.S. regions (Hawaii and Puerto Rico) and can only be reached Mondays through Fridays between 8 a.m. and 7:45 p.m. E.T. and are closed on weekends and U.S. public holidays.


Certain circumstances might arise that will lead to the need to reschedule your GREs. Fortunately, the ETS has made provisions to aid the process of How to reschedule GRE, albeit with certain conditions. While these conditions might be tedious to some, they are a better option than missing your GRE on the set date and forfeiting the initial payment for the exam. So ensure you follow the due process and reschedule your GRE with ease.

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