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Best Interview Preparation Courses

Interviews are nightmares for many, they hold a bad reputation for being scary where there is an involvement of a lot of tension and awkward situations, but this nightmare can turn into a good experience when you are confident. It is confidence and some prior preparation that can make your day and turn the tables. With the right interview preparation, you can land up with your dream job and tackle the tricky questions of the interviewer easily and intellectually.

Our article consists of the list of best Interview prepping courses that can be the best source of learning some useful skills and getting used to the Interview scenario. These courses will not only make you confident and help overcome fears but will also make you more presentable.

1. Mastering Common Interview Questions by LinkedIn Learning

The best way to begin is to learn from the platform that itself connects recruiters with job seekers, yes we are talking about LinkedIn. And learning from the experts of LinkedIn can really help you with rocking your Interview sessions. The Mastering Common Interview Questions course will prepare learners with some authentic answers that can prevent them from being in awkward situations (where they don’t know how to answer) during an ongoing interview.

This course will cover the 10 most common Interview questions that one needs to know the answers to before appearing in an interview and will provide some useful tips to learners that will help them craft their answers. Through the guidance of the expert instructor, you will be able to tailor rational and intellectual answers that will make you appear more confident and create a good impression. This course can be a great choice for freshers who want to gain some skills before going through an interview.

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2. Lesson |Get Ready for the Interview by GIT on Coursera

This course by the Georgia Institute of Technology on Coursera will get you ready for the interview by enhancing your speaking skills, and make you more presentable. With the help of practice and the right guidance, the course instructor is going to prepare you for the real-life scenario of Interviews, and instill confidence that will eventually get reflected in your body language. A great way for beginners to prep themselves up before they face an interview and land up with their desired jobs.

The enrollment is free, and the course begins on July 13th, so you need to apply for it as soon as possible.

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3. How to Succeed at: Interviews by FutureLearn

Now the secret of succeeding at Interviews is being unveiled by FutureLearn through its top-rated course presented by the University of Sheffield. The best part is this course is totally free of cost and will introduce students to the tools that they need to succeed at Interviews. Your dream job is a few steps away, and all you need to do is rock at your Interview.

This course will take 3 weeks to complete, and is divided into three sections, Preparing for interviews, Dealing with interviews, and handling different types of interview, each of these topics are covered in a span of 1 week. Also with the help of this course, students will be able to develop a better understanding of their strengths and weakness, tackle tricky questions of the interviewer wisely, and improve the chances of being selected in the first place. If you are just beginning with your career and have begun to apply for jobs, then this course by FutureLearn is your best fit.

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4. Resume, Networking, and Interview Skills by edX

An experienced instructor of Fullbridge will take students to a great learning experience where they will learn to write the best resumes and prepare for interviews to get the job they want. This course on edX is an introductory level course that will put major emphasis on creating impressive Resumes and Cover Letters, customizing application materials, creating professional profiles such as on LinkedIn that attracts recruiters, and lastly preparing for and excelling at an interview.

This course is self-paced meaning you can progress at your own pace and manage your own schedules. This course is especially for those who are at a stage of beginning their professional career, or who have already begun applying for jobs and want to do better in Interviews and writing their resumes.

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5. Complete Interview Preparation by Geeks for Geeks

Geeks for Geeks presents learners with a Complete Interview Preparation online course that focuses on making Interviews better for students beginning their careers. Both students and working professionals will get a lot of benefits from this course and help them get their dream jobs. You can work in the world’s leading companies like Amazon and Microsoft with the right interview skills that you will gain from this course.

There are many benefits associated with this course such as you get lifetime access to this course on purchasing it, get internship opportunities from Geeks for Geeks, get access to Job Portals, proceed at your own pace, work on assessments, quizzes, and theory-based learning, and lastly earn a valuable certificate. Geeks for Geeks can change your lives.

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6. Free Online Interview Training Course by offers Free Online Interview Training Course to provide access to everyone around the world. This course is a great choice for students or professionals who are unwilling to invest but want to learn some great interview skills and tips that they can use in their lives. From creating a good “first impression” to securing a position in the company of your dreams, this course is your ultimate step to success.

The course is presented by an award-winning coach who will help you gain some useful skills and prepare you for the worst or best scenario. Get your free access today if you want to prepare smart, avoid common mistakes, and beat the competition.

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7. Job Interview Skills Training Course by Udemy

Want to stand out amongst the crowd and land up with your dream job? Impress the interviewer with your skills and quick wit? Then Udemy has just the right course for you! From preparing for an interview to dressing up for impress, this course will cover every important detail you need to pay attention to create that first impression.

This course features 33 video lessons, and these lessons will take you to a step-by-step process of learning that will eventually turn you into a skilled professional ready for the industry. This course is for anyone who needs to acquire or hone interview skills.

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8. Online Class: Interview Skills by Universal Class

Universal Class understands how tough it can be for students to face interviews and get disappointed in their failures, hence they have come up with a well-designed course that will help them do well in Interviews and succeed in their careers. Universal Class believes just a little bit of preparation, independent practice along some skills, anyone can succeed in their interviews and land up with jobs of their choice.

The course fee is set at $50 without a Certificate and $75 with CEU Certificate, which is much affordable when compared to other top-rated courses on famous websites. This course is accredited, self-paced, and can be accessed from any device anywhere.

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9. Grokking the Coding Interview by educative

Grokking the Coding Interview by educative is one of those courses you need to crack a coding interview with your skills and knowledge. This course will introduce students to a list of 16 patterns for coding questions that are frequently asked at an interview to test their abilities. With the help of this course, you will be able to solve dozens of problems and land up with your dream job in the leading companies of the world.

This course will take approximately 50 hours to complete, and students will earn a certificate after successful completion. Opt for this course if you want to get your hands on the coding environment and learn some useful techniques to excel in your interview.

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10. Interview Master Class by LinkedIn Learning

The last course on our list and yet another one by LinkedIn Learning is your ultimate guide to success. The expert instructor who has had years of experience in interviewing and providing career coaches teaches learners some of the most important things to keep in mind. You will learn what to do on the day of your interview, how to confidently respond to common questions, and how to ask your interviewer thoughtful questions in return to secure your place among the selected candidates. The instructor will make sure that you leave a good impression on the interviewer and be remembered for your performance. If you are prepping yourselves for applying to reputed companies, and want to become their first preference by impressing them at the interview, then this course has your back.

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These top-10 online courses on our list can prove to be life-changing for you, and help bridge the gap between you and your desired job. With the help of these courses, you will be able to deliver an interview that will not only create a good impression but also secure your job and eventually your future.

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