Climate Change Painting Competition for 1 to 9 Grade Students

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Climate Change Painting Competition for 1 to 9 Grade Students

Due to rising pollution, our climate has been changing drastically. These sudden changes in our climate seem to be a red alert for all of us. It has made a negative impact on our environment, and increasing global warming, drought, and disappearance of mountain glaciers can be seen as the outcomes of it. Climate change has not been happing naturally but is the result of increasing human activities. By destroying rain forests, making our rivers filthy, burning fossil fuels, farming livestock and building factories and creating such vehicles that contribute to adding pollution, we humans are influencing the climate and earth temperature. Thereby, we might have to face the devastating aftermath of its in future. For this reason, the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy has developed a “Climate Change Painting Competition” for 1 to 9-grade students.

This is a well-known competition open only for young students from around the world. The idea of the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy behind designing such a contest is to raise awareness about our climate and its changes with students’ help. This year’s theme for the contest is “The wonders of water”. To compete in this program, aspirants will have to create a fantastic art piece reflecting the theme of the contest very well and send it to the institution by the application deadline. The judges will select candidates for four award categories: Gold awards, Silver award, Bronze Awards, and Honorable Mentions. The painting creation should be interesting and focused on ocean protection and water conservation. Only one entry per applicant is allowed in international competition.

Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, in short, TAISE has been committed to promoting sustainable work in Taiwan to be in line with the world. It focuses on climate change, sustainable energy, corporate sustainability, university sustainability and the promotion of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It strives to do so by policy advocacy, sustainable development education promotion, international exchanges, hosting the Taiwan Sustainability Award, etc.

Brief Description

Get quick information through this table:

Organization Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy
Educational Level 1 to 9-grade students
Subjects All
Amount Varies
Access Mode Online
Number of Awards Multiple
City Taipei City
Nationality All
Country Taiwan
Application Deadline May 3, 2021
Application Fee No
Requirements Painting work

Who May Be Eligible

Domestic and foreign students ages 6 to 16 currently attending/enrolled in school interested in painting creation will be selected for this program. One student can send only one entry.

How to Apply

To apply for this program, candidates will need to complete an online application form that should be filled with all accurate information. If the participates are not young enough to fill out this form, then their parents or teacher can help them in doing so. Every entry must comply with the requirements rules to be eligible for the final stage.

Supporting Documents

Draw a painting expressing your interest in oceans and climate change and scan the artworks and convert them into PDF or high-resolution JPG. After that, take photos with your artworks, don’t forget to smile and say cheese and upload it to your application form.


The awards will be distributed as fellow:

  • Gold Awards (1 participant)
  • Silver Awards (1 participant)
  • Bronze Awards (5 participants)
  • Honourable Mentions (5 participants)

Application Deadline

The applications will close on May 3, 2021. So make sure your entry reaches the institution as early as possible.

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