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Broken Bow Students Scholarships

Do you know about the number of scholarships by the Customer County foundation? If you are a student attending Broken Bow high school or graduates from high school and planning to enrol in the university, then here are some scholarships you shouldn’t miss on to reduce your financial pressure. The Custer County Foundation is dedicated to providing support to the students belonging to different counties. The eligibility requirements, benefits, and deadline for each scholarship is different.

The goal of the scholarship is to offer financial support to the deserving candidates and motivate them to do better in their careers. The foundation is keen on providing support to the students who specifically belong to Broken Bow school. They want to make higher education easy for these students and encourage them to benefit the county.

Custer County Foundation is known for its innovative programs specially designed to develop the county and the people. The foundation initiates different programs dedicated to the development and bettering of the county. Their programs main focus on next-generation learning and preparing them to achieve career goals and benefit the county’s future. The Cluster County Foundation was founded in the year 1991.

Brief Description       

Know more about the scholarships in the table below:

Organization Custer County Foundation
Educational Level University or college students
Subjects Any
Amount Differs
Access Mode Offline
Number of Awards Undefined
City NE
Nationality Domestic and International
Country United States
Application Deadline February 1, 2021
Application Fees Nil
Requirement Application, Essay, Transcript

Who May Be Eligible?

Eligibility requirements for each scholarship are different. Some mandatory needs are mentioned below:

Candidate must be a current or past student of the Broken Bow school looking forward to completing their education.

How to Apply

Eligible candidates are requested to download the application and fill it with all the required details. Please provide all the necessary information and materials without any negligence. Fellows should maintain the authenticity of the data they are submitting. Candidates must apply before the deadline to be considered.  No late applications will be accepted. Candidates should print and send the completed application to:

Custer County Foundation, Inc.

PO Box 304

Broken Bow, NE 68822

Supporting Documents

  • Photocopy of high school or college transcript
  • High school resume and a typewritten, biographical narrative (not a resume) about yourself, please include the following:
  •  Your goals
  •  Interests
  •  Honours
  •  Career choices
  •  Extra-curricular activities
  •  Community and church involvement
  • Why you should be considered for this scholarship.

Double-space, 12 point font is preferred.


The benefits of each scholarship are different. These s scholarships provide considerable financial support to the students to make their education easy on them. This program provides financial support and motivates the candidates to benefit the county’s growth with their education. These scholarships open the pathways for students towards their higher education.

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for these scholarships by applying is February 1, 2021. No late applications will be entertained.

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