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Best Short Term Courses for Job

Every one of us is not entitled to have a graduation and earn a huge chunk of money. Sometimes life will screw us up. There are thousands of jobs that are high in demand where those skills are not taught at undergrad schools. These skills can be learned through various online courses. In this article, I have come with 10 short-term courses which will definitely land you a job.

If you are an undergrad and if you are planning to do short courses for a secure future, you have come to the right place. The change in time and more, graduation degree itself isn’t all sufficing and that is what often makes us a need to go for higher education ahead. All we need for getting a good job is to take the specific specialization and work towards it. There are plenty of full-time courses and degrees that come along in the journey after graduation. So what are we waiting for? Let us get down to business!

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Management by Great Lakes

PGDM is like a long-lost brother of an MBA course. But PGDM has a lot of pros than the mediocre business management program. PGDM is offered in many colleges and universities with a pre-requisite of already completing a bachelor’s or diploma.

PGDM in Human Relations and PGDM in Banking and Finance are the highest in-demand fields that will yield you a good income. It is a 2 years curse in the field of management. Students holding the postgraduate diploma in management can be placed at the managerial level in top MNCs.

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Best Short Term Courses for Job

2. Tally Erp9 for the Beginners by Skillshare

Tally is one of the most beneficial skills one can never have to land you a great job. It is literally the basic skill one must-have in the field of accounting. This certification course will take only for the time period of 3 to 6 months.

There are no specific undergraduate prerequisites needed to complete this tally program. you only got to be a commerce student in high school. Tally is an accounting program/software that helps any small, medium, or large industry in preparing invoices, maintaining inventory, etc. also bonus suggestion is- If you are looking for the best and tough to crack course in Tally, then ERP 9 Tally is the best for great job opportunities.

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3. Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Certification: Level I by Udemy

This course allows a student to learn more about the financial implications, risk management, internal controls, and much more. The highlight of this course is there are two levels to be completed to become a full-fledged FRM, there is no requirement of having 3-4 years of undergrad studies.

Financial Risk Manager or FRM is a certification that is provided by the GARP or Global Association of Risk Professionals. Most of the companies are looking for FRMs who are qualified with the certificate. There are a total of two parts and the FRM exam pattern constitutes over 4 hours and in these multiple-choice based questions, there is a segregation of part one and part two.

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4. Digital Marketing Specialist by Simplilearn 

Nowadays every single company has moved to digital marketing. google ad sense, Instagram, and Facebook ads have become the top advertising places one can ever go. These companies literally steal our data to give us a personalized advertising pattern. The whole trend has changed and the companies are looking for Millenials who are very knowledgeable in digital marketing.

Netflix, the streaming platform hires meme creators when they release a Show/Movie to spread the highlights of the movie to give people a FOMO. Just like that, there is a lot of different trend for digital marketing. it is a 3 to 6 months course that takes into the aspect of integrating SEO and growth options for the boost of the company on the online market. It allows the company to improve its rank and performance and build a brand ahead.

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5. Learn Java by Codecademy

Java has been one of the most important skills for 3 decades. Its credibility has still not reducted. This course runs for around 3 to 6 months and allows you to learn skills about Java language, an orient-based language, and with it, you can then use it for building real-world applications.

Those who have basic programming knowledge in C and C++ can learn the Java programming language easily because it is based on C and C++ syntax. This course is highly recommended for programmers who are looking for a great stream. being a Java enthusiast can help you become a  programmer, Java developer, Technical Writer, Java web developer, Java Application Engineer, and much more.

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6. Product Management Certification Program by UpGrad

The demand for product managers has been increased drastically in the last few years. Excerpts from Google, Myntra and BookMyShow has curated a top-class course on this subject. Duke Corporate Education’s product management course is highly recommended since it is instructed by John A Davis from Columbia University, a renowned professor on Marketing.

The duration of this course is six months. After completing this course you will know to learn how to build a product roadmap through user research, prototyping, and product analysis. The courses are exclusively offered by UpGrad.

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7. Business Analytics Certification Program by UpGrad

A Business Analytics Certification Program is much needed for a person who is willing to enter into corporate. Through Business Analytics you will learn about Statistics & Optimisation, Predictive Modelling, Machine Learning, and Business Problem Solving that will help you build the company.

The course comes with Real-life industry-sponsored Business Analytics Projects that will help you practice. Moreover, through the UpGrad course, you will get valuable hands-on experience and develop a portfolio of projects which will give you a  credible certificate.

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Best Short Term Courses for Job

8. Advanced Certificate in Blockchain Technology by UpGrad

Blockchain technology is creating ripples of change in modern industry. The concept of cryptocurrency has been spreading like a huge boom. After transforming the BFSI sector, Blockchain technology has made its way into numerous other fields, including healthcare, real estate, supply chain & logistics, FMCG, transportation, and even government agencies.

Blockchain concepts like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, Fabric, Composer, Advance JavaScript, and NodeJ are taught in the following comprehensive course. This course is highly recommended to know the nuances of blockchain tech and moreover to understand which crypto coin will yield more income for you.

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9. Advanced Certificate in Machine Learning and NLP by UpGrad

The Advanced Certificate in Machine Learning and NLP is a top-class course to take in recent times. Machine Learning and NLP are two fast-emerging technologies with high demand in the industry.

Concepts like Named Entity Recognition, Hidden Markov Models, Bag of words, Topic Modelling, and Information Extractionhavebecome very challenging, and learning these topics through a right short-term course will not only land you a great job but also you can stand out and earn a huge chunk of money. The following is a 6-month duration course designed for beginners.

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10. PG Certification in Full Stack Development by Udacity

When we are talking about short-term courses, the list cannot go without a full-stack development course. Mind you, being a full-stack developer is not a simple task. It requires a lot of effort and practice to master development. To start the following course you will need Prior experience in Python, CSS/HTML, and Git.

The following course is a top-notch course to become a developer. The industry-influenced training helps you gain coding fundamentals & MERN stack skills along with complete placement support. It is a five-month training program and it is highly recommended.

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