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Best Courses after Graduation in Arts Stream

After completing your Bachelor’s degree in Arts Stream, choosing the right course to pursue your Master’s degree can be confusing. While people have a notion that the stream of Arts has limited opportunities for students and does not provide many options to pursue higher degrees, but the fact is they are completely wrong.

There are a plethora of opportunities for students of arts after completing their graduation, and some of the best courses are featured on our top-10 list. These programs on our list will not only take students into different dimensions of the Arts Stream but also help them establish a future in their desired fields.

1. MA in Art & Museum Studies by University of San Francisco

The Master of Arts program in Arts and Museum Studies is one of the most interesting courses that students can opt for after completing their graduation. The University of San Francisco has specially designed this course for students who are fascinated with museums and art. This master’s program prepares students for leadership positions in the fields of Art, Culture, Museums, and Heritage Organizations, and develops dynamic views, comprehensive knowledge, and hands-on experience among students.

Since the college is situated at the center of the city, the de Young Museum and the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park are situated within walking distance and make it easier for students to visit them frequently. SFMOMA and the Asian Art Museum can be reached through a short bus ride. This course will let students explore a wide array of artworks and museums, that will connect them to the world of art, culture, and heritage.

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2. MA in Art History by Penn State University

An ideal program for students who want to advance their career in museums, art galleries, education, publishing, academia, criticism, or other arts-related disciplines, pursuing a Master of Arts in Art History from Penn State University can be life-changing for them. In this course, students will explore the history of art and the methodological tools required to study the field.

This program will develop art historical knowledge among students, and cover a wide range of topics including ancient to contemporary art, while exploring the continents of Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. By completing this course, students will not only be ready to work in the fields of Museums, Cultural, and Historical departments but also be prepared to pursue their further research (Ph.D.).

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3. Master of Arts in Arts Management by American University Washington

The Master of Arts in Arts Management is offered by the College of Arts and Sciences of the American University, Washington. This program prepares students for management roles, by instilling in them managerial, ethical, communication and marketing skills, that are essential for running an art organization. This program lets students explore the business side of art, that are responsible for supporting artists, building art communities, and running art organizations.

Students throughout the program will experience the process of research, and receive professional practice along with hands-on training in working with the leading organizations. Students may also have the opportunity to travel to London to work with the Sotheby’s Institute of Art. For students hoping to build a future in Arts Management, must not miss this world-class opportunity to make their dreams come true.

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4. Master of Arts in Graphic Design and Digital Media by Academy of Art University

The MA in Graphic Design & Digital Media from the Academy of Art University is all you need to work in the field of design and media. This program is designed to develop design skills among students so that they can develop their professional careers in the field of Graphic Design.

The course will cover topics such as History of Graphic Design, Making Ideas Visible, User Experience Design, Visual Thinking, and many other important sections divided into 3 semesters. If you want to explore the field of Graphic Design and Digital Media in the best possible way, then this course is your ideal fit.

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5. Master of Arts in Arts, Cultural Management and Museum Studies by Michigan State University

Michigan State University offers the best course to teach students how to manage Museums and Arts with care, in order to preserve their culture. The program combines the curricula of arts management and museum studies that take students to explore the diverse fields including performing arts, visual arts, music, science, history, anthropology, and many more.

This Mater’s program enables students to develop management skills, connects them with the community of artists, helps them engage in the world of museums and art that are a necessary part of the degree and career advancement. With the help of this program, students will flourish in the fields of Museums, Art Organizations, and be able to connect with communities to create a larger network, and most importantly adapt vital skills necessary for the professional field.

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6. MA in Architecture by Harvard University

The Master of Architecture program is essential for those students who had designed it as their major. The M.Arch program from Harvard University provides a top-class learning experience for students to build an intellectual base in the areas of history, theory, technology, the social environment, and also professional practice.

This course aims to mold students into masters of design who have creative thinking skills and can easily resolve issues that arise on their way. The M.Archprogram is divided into two options I & II depending on the requirements of students, where the first one is ideally designed for students to develop a comprehensive understanding of the field through their work on thesis and practices, the latter one is specially designed for professionals for honing their skills and bringing advancement to their career. Obtain an M.Arch degree from the best university in America and flourish in the industry.

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7. MA in Psychology by Stanford University

For students who have previously studied Psychology in their graduation and are hoping to expand their knowledge further, Stanford University’s Department of Psychology provides the best opportunity to study the Master of Psychology program for them.

Explore the field of Psychology with the guidance of top-class faculties of this prestigious university, and work with advanced theories to bring positive changes in mental health. This program will prepare students for real-world problems, and provide the necessary hands-on training experience to gain knowledge about Clinical Treatments, Therapy Sessions, and Medications that can improve the mental health of patients.

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8. MA in History of Medicine by Johns Hopkins University

The online Master of Arts in History of Medicine program from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine is specially designed for students who want to expand and deepen their knowledge of Medicine, and how it affects human life every day. This program will develop research skills among students that will help them explore their areas of interest. The students will be required to conduct research and write a thesis in order to complete this program, and get ready to work in the field of Medicine and Healthcare.

Beginning rights from the history of medicine to their role in the modern world, students will acquire in-depth knowledge on the field and will be able to conduct independent research for the betterment of human health.

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9. MA in Philosophy by University of California Santa Cruz UCSC

UCSC organizes the best Master of Philosophy program for graduate students with prior knowledge of the discipline of Philosophy relevant subjects including History, Sociology, and so on. The duration of this program is 2 years, and in this span, students shall learn about the history of Philosophy, areas of moral philosophy, its role in the modern world. Apart from these, students will also develop knowledge in the areas of metaphysics and epistemology. This course will help students build their own projects, and make them ready for interdisciplinary areas of research and work.

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10. MA in Classical Studies by Boston University

The last program on our list, Master of Arts in Classical Studies at Boston University is for students interested in mythology and classical literature. Students with a background in Literature or Mythology will find this course a great opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop advanced skills.

The students can choose their area of specialization among two choices provided by the department- Greek or Latin, and pursue their study focusing on it. The key areas of research shall include comparative literature, mythology, and art including classics to modern. Boston University’s Master of Arts in Classical Studies provides Scholarship options for students and molds them into masters of the field of Classical Studies.

We hope these 10 diverse courses on our list will help students to choose wisely their ideal program after completing their bachelor’s program in Arts Stream. These postgraduate programs on our list offered by well-reputed and prestigious Universities shall not only provide great learning opportunities but also will prepare students for the professional world and pave their way for further research possibilities.

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