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Best Courses after 12th Commerce with High Salary

We will be highlighting some of the Best Courses that learners can pursue after 12th Commerce and establish a successful career in the commerce field through this article. Students are frequently perplexed as to which degree or professional course to pursue in order to establish a solid career foundation. Simply put, what to do after 12th Commerce is a common question that students have once they have completed their secondary education. Parents are also concerned about their children’s job prospects, which will provide them with a solid foundation for future success. There are many different professional paths to choose from.

However, you want to choose the best for yourself. So, we’ll be talking about careers in business, specifically employment opportunities for commerce students. What course do you select after your 12th decides your career path? It is one of the most important decisions you will take in life. You should ensure that the job you do, gives you mental satisfaction and you are passionate about it. Luckily, for commerce students, there is a wide range of career options available as commerce is one of the most popular and profitable fields in the world right now.

So, go through our list, pick your course and then strive to be the best in your field.

1. B. Com

This is a three-year general degree that is quite common among commerce students, which you can take after completing your 12th commerce. Even if you are pursuing any of the professional degrees, having a standard degree comes in helpful. It’s always a good idea to finish your degree education because it will aid you later on if you decide to pursue higher education. Depending on your preference, you can pursue B.Com as a full-time or correspondence course. If you are also taking a professional course such as CA, CS, or another, online learning or correspondence courses can be advantageous. A standard degree, on the other hand, is a superior option if you do not want to have a career in commerce. After completing your BCom, you can opt to do a professional degree or you can do Mcom. BCom students can also work in a lot of great companies too.

2. (Honours)

This is similar to a, but more comprehensive, with a concentration in a certain subject or field such as accounting, management, or economics, for example. (Honours) has a somewhat higher demand in the industry than regular However, the admission standards and eligibility requirements for both may be comparable. These may differ slightly amongst universities/colleges. If you are really passionate about commerce, you can do a Honours degree. It will be a lot tougher than the regular, but it will give you a lot more value and your expertise in one subject will benefit you too. An honors course will be tough to complete though. You will have to juggle many things at the same time and you will also have to burn the midnight oil from time to time. If you can take that, then this degree will be a great option for you.

3. Bachelor’s in Economics

After completing their higher secondary education, business students have another alternative, economics. You will gain practical knowledge of numerous economic principles, policies, analytical methodologies, and programs, among other things. This program may be right for you if you have a strong interest in economics and wish to specialize in the economic framework. Passionate economics students are in demand in most companies all throughout the year. If you have an inborn love for math, you will definitely enjoy this course. A lot of the principles and theories taught in an economics degree are very useful in real-life situations too. After the degree. You can either opt to do a master’s or you can work. If you want to continue your education, getting an economics degree from a reputed institution will help you to have a solid base in the subject.

4. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

This is a three-year business administration program that helps students develop a foundation in core business disciplines. You will have the opportunity to learn about various aspects of a business environment. So, if you want to learn about numerous business components and gain a better understanding of business administration principles, this course could be a good fit for you. BBA from a good university provides you with business intelligence and real-world marketing skills in addition to academic study. Following graduation, you can pursue a postgraduate degree such as M.Com (Finance), MBA (Finance), or MBA with a concentration in any other discipline, depending on your choices. This is an ideal choice for those interested in pursuing a career in finance or business management. The only drawback to doing an MBA is that the course fee can be really expensive. Also, you will have to make sure you are doing it from a reputed university. If you successfully complete your MBA, you will have a wide range of high-paying salary job options in front of you.

5. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

Another undergraduate degree is geared toward preparing students for careers in management. This is a three-year program that combines theory and practice to help students develop leadership and management skills. A thorough understanding of managerial methods and principles can lead you to a plethora of business options. You will gain expertise in administration, human resources, organizational theories, research techniques, and other areas. The demand for qualified managing experts has been on the rise. As a result, acquiring the necessary degree from a reputable college can assist you in achieving corporate success. Some colleges may have changed the name of their BBA program to BMS. You should be aware that the semester structure is now used for the majority of Bachelors’s and Master’s degrees. As a result, consult the various colleges/universities for all necessary course information, fees, duration, courses, and other key facts.

6. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

This is the most effective professional education for launching a successful career in business. Becoming a Chartered Accountant provides access to a variety of intriguing job prospects in a variety of fields. You can work as a tax consultant, auditor, advisor, or financial officer, among other things. This is largely depending on whether you want to start your own practice or work for a corporation. The CA Course features a new syllabus that requires you to complete Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India offers this professional training (ICAI). Its headquarters is in New Delhi, and it has offices all over India. To learn more about the course, eligibility requirements, and admission process, go to the official website This is a popular course that leads to a satisfying profession in accountancy, taxation, auditing, and financial analysis, to name a few fields. Theoretical knowledge combined with practical training (articles) aids in the development of a high reputation and respectable job for you. If you are willing to work hard, then this option is the best for you.

7. Company Secretary

After 12th commerce, students can choose from a variety of professional courses and this is one among them too. The Institute of Company Secretaries of India offers this course. A Company Secretary is essentially in charge of the company’s regulatory compliance and serves as an in-house law professional. After completing CS, you can either practice on your own or hunt for a position in the corporate world. This is also a popular option for those who want to pursue Chartered Accountancy. Students who want to develop a strong career often choose a combination of CA and CS. CS is also really tough to complete and doing a combination of CS and CA can really take a lot of time and effort and patience. So, you should opt for this degree only if you are absolutely passionate about it and is willing to give your all.

8. Cost and Management Accountant

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India, or ICWAI, offers this program. Certified cost accountants keep cost accounting records, conduct cost audits, and assist in product design, control, and cost. As a CMA, you can run your own practice or work in management positions in both public and private companies. A Cost Accountant’s responsibility extends beyond that of a Financial Accountant by assisting with production operations and processes. You have the option of choosing between cost auditing, certification, and consultation. This is a great career choice if you do not want to take many years trying to complete a CA course or a CS course. This one is a lot easier but will take effort to complete.

9. Law

L.L.B. programs are usually only open to graduates. However, according to changing laws, 12th Commerce students can now seek a law degree from a law school after graduation. However, students will have to choose an integrated Law course to do so! The duration of such integrated courses is five years. These Integrated courses combine a degree program with a regular L.L.B. program. B.Com. and L.L.B., for example, or B.A. and L.L.B., for example. When it comes to job options, one might start out by working in any law company. Gradually, one may establish a private practice, a consulting firm, or even a legal firm of one’s own!

10. Journalism and Mass communication

This course is perfect for someone who wants to stray away from the commerce stream into doing something creative. This course used to be primarily for students who wanted to work as news anchors or for companies with enormous marketing budgets, but it is now a must-take for today’s world. The course will consist of a lot of practical lessons and is a lot of fun to do. If mathematics is not your thing, this is one of the best options to do. You can either work in front of the camera or behind the camera depending on your taste.

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