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Best R Courses on Coursera

R is a popular programming language widely used by data miners and data scientists. It is an open-source programing language often used as a data analysis tool and statistical software. Like other programming languages including Python, Java, C++, and SQL, R programming plays a significant role in the field of Data Science and is used mostly in platforms such as Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Learning R Programming can be of great help to students seeking a future in the field of Data Science or Software Engineering. Whether you are aware of the other programming languages and now want to begin with R, or have completely no knowledge of programming, Coursera has a special course for everyone and meets every student’s requirements. These courses listed below in our article are not only top-rated by students and provided by renowned institutions, but also will help develop an in-depth knowledge of R programming and make you a master of it.

1. Data Science: Foundations Using R Specialization

The first course on our list will teach students the significance of R programming in the world of Data Science. This specialization program is provided by the prestigious Johns Hopkins University and is ideal for those who want to begin with their understanding of R. From learning about foundational data tools to using R to analyze, clean, and visualize data, students will get prepared to use them in real-life.

This specialization consists of a total of five courses, and students will be provided with project works towards the end of every course that will include tasks related to R programming, installing tools, cleaning data, and performing analysis. It will take a total of 5 months to complete this specialization, and financial aid will be provided to students. The certificate obtained after the successful completion of this specialization course will mark the beginning of student’s progress towards Data Science and Machine learning.

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2. Statistics with R Specialization

Statistics with R Specialization course by Duke University is ideal for students who want to work as Data Analysts. Through this program, students will gain expertise in the following areas-Bayesian Statistics, R Programming, Linear Regression, and Statistical Inference.

This beginner’s level course will teach students to visualize data with R, understand and perform Statistical Inference using the Bayesian methods. Students will not only learn to make statistical models but also know how to make data-based decisions. By the end of this course, students will have complete knowledge of R programming, Statistical Inference, and modeling, and will be able to work with real-life projects that are usually handled by Statistical Analysts or Data Scientists.

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3. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Course

Next on our list comes a professional certificate program from the expert Google itself. A course specially designed for students hoping to build their career in the field of Data Science, this course will develop the required skills among learners and make them job-ready in 6 months. If learners don’t have any prior experience or degree related to Data Science, that’s not a problem, you just have to be an enthusiast of the field.

A program that will prepare learners for the competent, rapidly growing industry of Data Science. The main focus of the program will be learning key analytical skills that include visualizing, cleaning, and analyzing data, using tools such as R programming, SQL, Spreadsheets, and Tableau. From Data analyzing, data collecting, to problem-solving and decision making, learns will acquire every skill necessary to establish themselves as professionals.

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4. IBM Data Analytics with Excel and R Professional Certificate

Another professional certificate course on our list and this time it is by IBM will focus on R Programming fundamentals, using Excel Spreadsheet to analyze data, statistical analysis, and many other significant areas. This is one of those programs that makes you job-ready and helps develops necessary skills.

A total number of 8 courses constitute this professional certificate program and make students completely understand the roles played by Data Analysts or Data Scientists in their field of work. The courses will introduce various significant tools such as Excel, R programming, Cognos Analytics, SQL, and Jupyter, which play major roles in analyzing data. With a special emphasis on R Programming and Excel, by the end of this program students will be provided with projects that they need to complete before obtaining the certificate (hands-on lab), and thereafter will be ready to work under the positions of Data Analyst or Data Scientist.

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5. R Programming

A course on our list that will solely focus on R Programming, is provided by Johns Hopkins University and will prepare learners to use R effectively for data analysis. Since this course is for intermediates, you need to have some prior knowledge of programming and the field of data science to utilize this program fully.

From learning to use R, installing and configuring software, to statistically computing and analyzing data, this program will cover every necessary detail to make learners ready for the professional field. Obtaining the certificate after the completion of the course, will not only add value to your resume but also open doors to multiple job opportunities.

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6. Statistical Analysis with R for Public Health Specialization

A course organized by the prestigious Imperial College of London focuses on Statistical Analysis by using R as the programming language. Since the field of Statistics is multidisciplinary and is associated with almost every field, this program links it to the discipline of Public Health, and how statistical data is an important part.

This program will take students into the areas of Medical Research, and how statistical data analysis helps researchers. Divided into 4 courses, this specialization will focus on Introduction to Statistics & Data Analysis in Public Health, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, and lastly, Survival Analysis. This course is a perfect combination of the medical field and data science.

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7. Introduction to Business Analytics with R

The Introduction to Business Analytics with R offered by the University of Illinois is ideally for those professionals who need a better understanding of business analytics and get familiar with analytics tools.

With a special emphasis on R Programming, business analytics, and RStudio, the experienced instructors will develop data processing skills among learners by efficiently using R as the language of analysis. Learners will be able to use analytical tools, implement algorithms, clean, visualize and transform data, along with gaining experience in using RStudio that simplifies coding with R. From Data Analytics to solving Business problems, this course will hone professional skills and enhance work experiences.

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8. Statistical Modeling for Data Science Applications Specialization

An intermediate-level course offered by the University of Colorado Boulder requires prior knowledge of Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Probability theory to gain a comprehensive understanding of the specialization program. This program will take approximately 4 months to complete, and financial aid is provided to make it easy for students to avail themselves. The key skills one can learn from this program include R programming, Linear Algebra, Regression, creating Statistical models, Calculus and probability theory.

Throughout this specialization, students will acquire knowledge in crafting statistical models, using advanced techniques for data analysis, analyzing real data using R programming, and becoming proficient in the theory and application of linear regression analysis. This specialization program is aimed to prepare students for the position of Data Scientists, and hence help them master every required skill.

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9. Introduction to Probability and Data with R

Yet another course by Duke University on our list is ideally designed for individuals wanting to gain knowledge in Data Science, Probability, and R programming. This course is a part of the Statistics with R Specialization program and will cover basic probability theory, data analysis techniques, installing and using R and RStudio, and other important areas necessary to know while beginning with Data Science and Probability. This course will work as the building block for your future with Data Science. It will take approximately 14 hours to complete the course and there is also an availability of Financial Aid.

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10. Data Analysis with R Programming

The last course on our list is again by the expert Google, which will teach how to analyze data using R programming. The course is a part of the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate program and will help learners apply for introductory-level data analyst jobs.

This course will prove useful to anyone wanting to work in the field of Data Science, and help them equip specific skills in areas of R programming and RStudio software. From learning and understanding the programming language of R to using it to analyze data, Google has got your back to prepare you for the best career. No prior experience is required to attend this course, one just needs to have an understanding of high school level mathematics to fully understand and utilize this course. Learn from the expert leading the world, and increase your reputation by adding value to your resume, and also get noticed by top recruiters with the help of this course.

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