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Best Node JS Course

The platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript for creating easier and faster network applications are the Node.js, the training in it helps to structure out the applications more efficiently. The model is light-weight, event-driven and the ideal non-blocking application for circulated services. The web developers initiate front-end and back-end apps using JavaScript, and Node.js provides an execution time for the same. Even though JS is a backup support for all the progresses of the assembly of the apps, Node.js is something different from the frontend environment.

It is an open-source and cross platform runtime environment for executing JavaScript code outside a browser. The most important fact about Node.JS is that, it ‘not’ a programming language or a framework.

It is a platform for the implementation of JavaScript code server-side. Node is used where there is a constant need of a relentless connection from the browser to the server. This comes in handy for real-time apps such as news feeds and web push announcements.

Since the heart of Node.js is JavaScript, the complexity level need not be mentioned. JS can be considered best for initiators because of its easier syntax and understandable identity. The page content creation by Node.js’ is quicker and trouble free. Creating and deleting server files, open, read and write ops to server databases are examples of Node js. They are also event-driven together with HTTP appeal.  Node.js provides the abilities to build own web server to handle asynchronous HTTP.

There are drawbacks too for Node.JS, that is; the inability of Node.JS to carry out the tasks processed by the CPU. It can only execute the JavaScript on the server-side.

The functioning of Node.JS ha to be properly understood, as they perform various functions;

  • Creation of vibrant web content
  • Creating, opening, writing, reading , deleting files on server
  • Collection of data
  • Addition, deletion, modification of data in the database

The course in JS development includes the basics of Node, tools like Express, Mongoose, and MongoDB. The functional aim of these courses is to develop the learner into an expert in Node developing who can develop, test and deploy real-life productions apps.

The dominant Node.js runtime environment has been positioned the best by the professional developers. Node.js being an event-driven JavaScript runtime has innumerable potential uses for JavaScript development including being a great environment for building efficient network applications.

1. Node.js Certification Training by Simplylearn

The training program helps the learner to create web applications faster and more effectively using JavaScript. The developers get a better understanding of the how to build an application.  The areas covered in the course are; Express.js, Node Packet Manager (NPM), shrink-wrap, NPM Vet, REST, Express.js with MongoDB, and SQLite CRUD operations. This Node JS training focuses on the essential concepts of Node JS and provides hands-on experience in building an HTTP server. The certification in Node.JS empowers the developer to build difficult apps without using intricate codes. The course also lets the learner to have a better understanding in the Node.JS framework, node projects, asynchronous programming.  

The average salary of a developer would be $104,964.

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2. Code With Node: Learn by Doing by Devsprout

The course is a web developer program designed to educate the learners to create production grade characteristics for a strong and vigorous web application using Node and Express JS. The course of study also makes the developer reliant on himself to solve the hurdles arising during the course of the development.

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3. Node.js by Udemy

The web developing professionals get an opportunity for their web-side web development to be improved and those with an understanding of JavaScript benefit from the course. The course fee is about INR 8,000. The program strengthens the base from the starting of new self projects with Node.JS leading to a web server creation capability. Newer methods for asynchronous development are learnt thereby proceeding to get comfortable with Authentication.

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 4. Learning Node.Js by LinkedIn Learning

The course on Node.JS includes all the essentialities to have a thorough understanding of the topic. As it is evident that, Node.JS is a platform built on Chrome JavaScript to build quicker and easier web applications, it is important to know inside out of it.  The basics of the topic and the developing of a simple application using it, is also emphasized. Topics such as; Node Package Manger, reading and writing files, Node.js frameworks, Node.js features as await, and in-depth instruction about  popular web development concepts are also touched in detail.

The course fee is around INR 1,150

The following topics are to be studied in the course;

  • Introduction to Node
  •  Understanding Node Package Manager
  • Reading and Writing Files
  • Exploring Web Frameworks
  • Building Your Demo App Chat Client for the Browser
  • Exploring Databases
  • Improving Asynchronous Code
  • Error Handling and Debugging
  • Testing

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5. Learn Node.js by Codecademy

The course introduces to the concepts of server-side web development, runtime environment of Node.JS explore major Node frameworks like Express.JS and introduction to the back-end of a website.  JavaScript as being the most powerful language for programming, learning Node would be added advantage for those who are using it. As node.JS is an event-driven JavaScript runtime. Node has countless applications in networking, so a strong back support is required for the successful completion of the course. The course duration is 7 hours.

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6. Node.Js api Development With Express Mongodb And Mongoose by Skill Share

The course on Node.JS is always in demand as the developers with the required knowledge are needed in every industry. Almost all rapidly growing firms make use of Node.JS to make the working rapidly, quickly and accurately. The NodeJS is taught from the beginning, outline of Express, MongoDB, Mongoose and API development. Practical coding experiences are set from the commencement of the study. Theory classes are also provided in the relevant topics, in minimal and short modules. The course of study includes;

  • Node.JS basics
  • Core Node.JS
  • Node Package Manager
  • Server development and Node’s Express Framework

The lessons to be completed are 30 and it requires duration of 3 hours 8 minutes accurately.

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7. Server-Side Development With Nodejs, Express And Mongod by Coursera

The whole course is dealing with the server-side and on the Node.JS platform.  A concise summary on HTTP and HTTPS web protocols, modules of Node.JS, Express building of web servers, CRUD operations, NoSQL databases, and REST concepts for building a RESTful API are provided. The importance of authentication and security is also emphasized.  The course ensures the skills of authentication, Node.JS, MongoDB, and Express.JS.  The course is completely online and completed in 48 hours.

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8. Introduction To Node.Js by EDX

The variety of ways to help with the daily computing situations from service-mocking, high speed prototyping and applications of real-life and Command Line interfaces are greatly helped by the use of Node.JS.

 The fundamentals of Node.JS for frontend and backend developers would be a great choice. Building of command line tools, simulated RESTful JSON API’s and prototype real-time services, common uses of Node.JS and making use of Node core libraries are included in the course. The learners will be equipped enough to create real-life applications using Node.JS. Learning the course not only fetches an attractive career, but also can develop into the higher study options towards Open JS Node as Application Developer (JSNAD) and OpenJS. The course requires 7 weeks and the fee is approximated to INR 11,100. The outcomes of the course;

  • Quick building of command line tools
  • RESTful JSON API’s
  • Prototype real-time services
  • Finding out and using of ecosystem utilities

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9. You Don’t Know Node- Quick Intro To 5 Core Node.Js Features by Node University

The course providers are betting on every learner that the knowledge of Node.JS is never enough for any professional. The method of study is to penetrate deep into the fundamentals, core mechanisms and the various interesting factors involved in the platform of Node.JS. Node.js is a high-speed upgradable web-oriented non-blocking I/O built covering Google Chrome V8 engine. The program deals with the in-depth central ideas which help the non-blocking I/O, streams and buffers, effectively working with data, event sub model know-how. All these information alters the learner into a professional with extended understanding about Async Wrap, Domain, and Exception. Moreover, the learning still involves deeper understanding about C++addons, which helps to create an interface with the JavaScript.

The course as a whole is sure to be an eye opener to building a strong foundation in Node.JS making the learner more confident about the internal and basic knowledge and practical aspects of Node.JS.

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10. Oracle University: Node.Js by Old Dominion University

The course is completely online and can be accessed from anywhere according to the comfort of the learner. The program is based on JavaScript and Node.JS framework. The learner gets to know more about the client-side web applications using the language JavaScript. RESTful web applications, Oracle Cloud and real-life coding abilities are acquired through the course. Node.js has an event-driven design, competent enough of asynchronous I/O. These design choices optimize the scalability in Web applications with input/output operations. The cost of the program is $500.

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