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Best Online Ground Schools

If you are a student pilot who is dreaming of getting your private pilot license and don’t know where to start, don’t worry, you have come to the right place. One of the most important aspects to get the license is aerodynamics, engines, electric systems, flight systems, and many other necessary things for a pilot.

You might be wondering how an online program can teach you the best aviation program as it is something that is required to be learned in person. Well, I have to break it to you; some online ground schools do a better job than others at breaking down these complex concepts in a way that you can easily understand and will stick to.

But these programs are costly; selecting the right one is strenuous for student pilots on a budget. But don’t worry, I have got it covered. I have handpicked the top 10 online ground school programs to help you become a first-class pilot. So without further adieu, let us get down to business.

1. Rod Machado’s PPL eLearning Center

Aeronautical topics can be a bit complicated. Rod Machado’s PPL eLearning focuses on helping the students to learn all the principles quickly. Student pilots fail to keep up with accelerated ground school and naturally become unprepared for the PPL exam. So Rod Machado’s school focuses on giving the best to the students for passing the PPL exam.

The program is offered in a first-class comprehensive method. With short voiceovers and animated videos, student pilots will absorb all the knowledge by watching once. The duration of the program will be 40 hours long, and this school is highly recommended.

Tuition: $279
Rank: #1
Contact: (800) 437-7080
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2. Federal Aviation Administration Private Pilot Ground School Part 61

FAA Private Pilot Ground School Part 61 offers a first-class training program for student pilots and anyone who wants to learn the technical aspects of the pilot training. Many students prefer traditional-style explanations on a whiteboard, and this course is just right for them.

The course helps to look at  Federal Part 61 ground school. The program is taught by top-rated industrial experts who are FAA-certified flight instructors. The course access will be given to you indefinitely to come back and learn if you flunk the examination.

Tuition: $219
Rank: #2
Contact: 866.835.5322
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3. King Schools

The highlight of studying here is you will be able to check the programs from the industrial experts who have experience for more than four decades. John King and Martha King have forty years of experience in the aviation industry teaching and training pilots. They are the best instructors you will ever find.

Anyone who picks this course for their PPL test preparation will pass the exam on their first try. The PPL preparation completely focuses on giving the best materials to pass the examination. you can find detailed lessons and excellent techniques to remember specific tasks in this course

Tuition: $600
Rank: #3
Contact: 800-854-1001
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4. Sporty’s Private Pilot Learn to Fly

If you have already done some research, then you have come across Sporty’s Private Pilot Learn to fly as they are considered to be one of the top-rated programs offered online. Both Sporty’s and King school frequently update their content to provide up-to-date information for students to pass the PPL examination.

Another highlight of doing your program at sporty is they provide a Document library containing books and PDF files that are worth more than 300 USD. So this program will help you get a complete approach and learn towards becoming a top-rated pilot.

Tuition: $249
Rank: #4
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5. Gleim Aviation Online Ground School

This course is for newbie student pilots to prepare themselves for the FAA knowledge test. The interesting fact about Gleim aviation is that they confidently promise you a refund of your money if you do not pass the FAA knowledge test on your first attempt. So this gives them the confidence to move ahead with the program.

The course is 35 hours long, which is adequate for your private pilot theories. They provide the best education through top-rated and renowned instructors who are industry experts. Before going for your first flight, you will learn all the subjects during your ground school training. This program is highly endorsed.

Tuition: $129
Rank: #5
Contact: 800-874-5346
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6. Mzeroa Private Pilot Online Ground School

One of the reasons why Mzeroa Private Pilot Online Ground School is unique to other schools in the whole program is organized and taught in 15 lessons. As a result, there are fantastic reviews given to this ground school. In addition, the website also offers a 12-module Private Pilot Bootcamp. The boot camp includes longer video lessons along with an exam.

It is considered to be one of the most user-friendly platforms to learn for the PPL examination. Each lesson starts with an overview followed by a series of short videos covering lesson subtopics. Videos vary in length from roughly two to 20 minutes. In addition, they provide quizzes and other activities to keep up with your learning.

Tuition: $500
Rank: #6
Contact: N/A
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7. Gold Seal Online Ground School

Gold Seal Online Ground School is a top-rated school that offers first-class education on the complex theories of pilot training. The program is taught by industrial experts who have more than 20 years of experience in this field. The program is designed to pass the PPL examination.

Overall, the Gold Seal course is well organized, easy to use, and provides a good variety of study materials. While it could be improved by better access via mobile devices, the focus on interactive learning makes it a strong program. It also provides excellent value for its $169/year price tag.

Tuition: $169
Rank: #7
Contact: 888-514-1945
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8. Aviation Supplies & Academics Online Ground

ASA Online Ground school offers the best comprehensive program for learning all the complex principles and theories of pilot training. All the subjects will be covered in a learning objective, written material, a video, and a test prep overview. This program is highly recommended.

Although ASA says an internet connection is required to access course materials, we could download videos for offline viewing. In addition, it is a well-organized, utterly user-friendly interface that will provide you with the best education to pass the examination.

Tuition: $179
Rank: #8
Contact: 425.235.1500
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9. Jeppesen Online Ground School

The Jeppesen Private Pilot Online course is composed of three stages subdivided into twelve lessons. Lessons are further ordered into topic sections. Each section includes several short video presentations with follow-up questions. This interface is considered to be very friendly.

Jeppesen offers the program through industrial experts who have great experience in this field. The program will focus on making you pass the PPL examination and teach you the necessary skills required to become a full-fledged pilot.

Tuition: $550
Rank: #9
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