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Best Courses for Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering is not the same mediocre engineering course. On the contrary, it is the best engineering course to take in 2021. It is primarily focused on the design, planning, and optimization of production and manufacturing processes. Manufacturing companies require a lot of talented engineers who excel in their work. Moreover, with more skill, there can be great productivity and less wastage of time, money, and raw materials.

A qualified person will only know to comply with the safety and the regulations. Industrial engineers should learn maths, physics and also social science. To know precisely how vital qualified industrial engineers are, let us take an instance. You don’t want the plane you’re flying to burst into flames, right? Industrial engineers are required worldwide, and you have come to the right place. This article has compiled the top 10 industrial engineering courses that would make you a full-fledged industrial engineer. So without further adieu, let us get into it!

1. Six Sigma White Belt Certification by Udemy

Don’t worry; this isn’t some karate class certification. Black Belt in Six Sigma is a top-rated certification that helps you to facilitate breakthrough improvements in operating units through DMAIC methodology. Society of Manufacturing Engineers sponsors the certification; this course is highly recommended since it is accredited and constantly updated. The system has a 4.5-star rating, and it is just a 2-hour self-paced program. If you complete this course, you will be able to ace the official AIGBE Lean Six Sigma White Belt Exam. This white belt course is the beginning of the six sigma certifications. This course is created by individuals who are world-class Six Sigma trainers.

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2. Six Sigma Green Belt by Six Sigma

Spoiler alert; this course is not for you if you haven’t completed the six sigma certification. This is an advanced professional course for industrial engineers who want to step up their game in the industry. Through this Green belt, you will learn to interpret the six sigma tools.

Moreover, you will learn to perform and interpret Six Sigma tools and use standard principles of Lean. International Association For Six Sigma Certification offers the courseThe course is being provided by International Association For Six Sigma Certification. This program will help you get ready for The IASSC Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Exam. provides the best instructor-led program to ace this examination.

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3. Supply Chain Management by MIT

The Supply chain management field is primarily for industrial engineers who want to excel in the end-to-end understanding of supply chain management. The great Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers the program. This micrometer program is considered to be the number one program offered by MIT.

The supply chain management program certification can be achieved after completing Five courses and a final comprehensive exam. This credential will have the same value as the master’s program. This field is a  dynamically changing field and has a great scope in the future as it is a booming industry.

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4. Engineering Project Management Specialization by Coursera

The critical job of industrial engineering is to effectively and successfully manage projects. Rice University offers the Engineering Project Management Specialization program, and it is a beginner-level program. You can complete the course within 4 months with a dedication of 4 hours per week.

This program will help you manage significant leadership roles in project management. You will learn through different real-life engineering-based case studies. Through the case study, you will learn to prepare a Stakeholder Engagement Matrix, Statement of Work, Work Breakdown Structure, and many more. This program is highly recommended.

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5. Systems Engineering by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

System engineers are in high demand, especially when a qualified system engineer specializing in a top university has high credibility. The top MIT OpenCourseware offers this program. MIT’s chief industrial engineer instructor Dr. Qi Van Eikema Hommes is part of the instructor team for this program.

You will learn the entirety of systems to know how to proceed with design synthesis and system validation. This is like a full specialization program where you will acquire operations, performance, test, manufacturing, cost, and scheduling. All the materials are grasped through real-life projects which will help you get hands-on experience in system engineering.

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6. Advanced Manufacturing Process Analysis by University at Buffalo

The main job of an industrial engineer is to devise efficient systems that integrate workers, machines, materials, information, and energy to make a product. This Advanced Manufacturing process analysis program is a first-class program that will help you understand the landscape of manufacturing.

The program will help you learn all the necessary fundamentals of this booming manufacturing industry. The program is offered by the University of Buffalo and it has a 9hours of video content. You can learn everything through systematic hands-on experience. From diagnosing and correcting operational flaws, you will specialize in this industry.

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7. Blockchain engineering by Central Blockchain Council of America

Even Though it is not particularly for industrial engineers, this blockchain industry has a great scope IN future prospects. Basically, you will learn how to create and implement digital solutions for organizations. The Central Blockchain Council of America has offered great certification for individuals who want to specialize in blockchain engineering.

At just 750 dollars, CBCA Certified Blockchain Engineer certification is yours. Cryptocurrency will become the norm since digital currency is going to come anytime soon. This program will help you prepare you for the best of jobs in leading blockchain exchanges. This program is highly recommended.

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8. Solar Energy and Electrical System Design by Coursera

The solar energy industry is a booming industry with excellent career options. The course offered by Coursera, Solar Energy, and Electrical System Design is a top-class program that will help you learn successfully installing a photovoltaic (PV) system per design specifications.

This course is targeted at engineers who have an interest in entering the solar power sector. Anyhow, if you enroll in this program it is necessary to have some basic knowledge of the concepts of electrical engineering, physics, and mathematical concepts. This intermediate-level program can be completed in 17 hours. The program is instructed by the founder of ETM Solar Works Gay E Enough.

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9. Unconventional Reservoir Geomechanics by Stanford University

Oil and gas reservoirs are in dire need of highly skilled industrial engineers who can understand the concept of hydrocarbons and also basin-scale stress fields, fracture, and fault systems. The Unconventional Reservoir Geomechanics program is offered by Stanford University.

The professor of Geophysics Dr. Mark D. Zoback is one of the instructors of this program. His research on geomechanics is widely popular among scientists. This program is highly recommended if you have an interest in exploring new engineering topics which will help you land a promising career.

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10. Engineering Simulations by EDX

Industrial engineers do not primarily choose engineering simulations four. But if you have an interest in computer work rather than fieldwork, this is the best course for you. Simulation is the process of using computer-based modeling of a system to predict the changes. There is great demand for this program.

To understand this program it is necessary to learn through a hands-on program to analyze real-world engineering problems using ANSYS simulation software. The estimated time period of completing this program is 6 weeks. The credibility of this program is very high since it is offered by Cornell university through EdX.  There are more than 2,20,000 students enrolled in this top-rated program. It is completely a problem-based program and you won’t be learning through lectures. The program has great insights from SpaceX engineers and it is highly recommended.

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