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Best Online Greek Language Courses

There are more than 6500 languages in the world which are spoken by people around the world. English is the most spoken language which is followed by Mandarin. Every language has its own specialty and beauty. The diversity in languages makes it important in many ways. But certain languages are very less used and some are even completely forgotten.

The Greek language is the most gorgeous language spoken by the populace around the globe. When the Greek language is considered, around 13.5 million people in Greece speak Greek. The writing system is in the form of Greek alphabets which is in use for over 2600 years. The Linear B and the Cypriot syllabary were the writing systems used for writing the Greek language. The learning of the language is comparatively easy for those who are familiar with the English language; as most of the letters and alphabets in the Greek language resemble most of the letters and sounds already in English. The Greek language has three genders; masculine, feminine, and neuter.

Learning the Greek language also helps to improve the English language and vocabulary too as they help to learn and identify root words. Learning the language helps the learner to alter the skills to understand what others are trying to communicate. Greek is an excellent language and comes along with a rich historical backdrop as it influences significantly the literature of the Western culture.

It has a great influence on other languages, mathematics, astronomy, and philosophy. Most of the words in English have originally come from the Greek language and still, it is being used for the creation of new words in English and other languages too. Online learning of languages is a common matter of interest nowadays, as there is an assorted number of course providers available.

1. Modern Greek for Non Greek Speakers by E-learning University of Athens

The course is a basic level course for learning the Greek language especially aimed at non-Greek speakers. The program attracts those who are interested in learning the language and the course can be taken leisurely without any pre-requirements for attending. The course completion ensures the learner to be skilled in handling the language for basic activities and common situations that they might stumble upon. Self-introduction, interpersonal communication, and ways of orientation are some of them. It would be feasible for most of the learners as the medium of communication is English.

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2. Greek for Beginners by Udemy

The course is a first-level complete method to learn the Greek language with the help of a native teacher which in turn leads to the mastering of the fundamentals of the Greek language. The course includes the names, the writing and the pronunciation of letters of the Greek alphabet, greeting somebody while meeting for the first time, saying goodbye, the way of asking about the wellness and answering their concern, expression of the emotional being, improving vocabulary and grammar. The course doesn’t require any prerequisite information about the Greek language and is intended for beginners and those with partial knowledge about the language. It can also be learned for the sake of excitement about the language and for those who have a deep desire for language proficiency. The course is also the best choice for those who want to learn the Greek way of thinking, those who want to communicate in Greek with a Greek native teacher, and those who are admiring the Greek history and culture, or those who desire to visit Greece or arranging a vacation to Greece. The learner has to just follow the lectures conveyed through videos. The contents need to be repeated and practiced.

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3. Learn Greek by Duolingo

The way of learning through Duolingo is one of the most popular ways to learn Greek via online mode. They are intended to help the learner with the Greek language by just keeping away 5 minutes from the daily busy schedule. The lessons are arranged like games and the learner gets in touch with the basics and starts to get practiced with reading, writing, and speaking Greek. The course has been proven scientifically to show confirmed results. The course is absolutely available free of cost, and it is sure to be 100 % effective. The listening, speaking skills along with reading are considerably improved by the program. The learning speed is adjusted accurately for the best intake of essentials of the language. The way of motivating learning works best for every age group, which is accomplished by Duo, the owl who is the friendly lucky charm that comes with challenges and reminders. The learning is made completely interactive and playful with attractive exercises.

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4. Greek and Sciences by the Greek Online School

The program is a specialized one that crosses themes and is aimed at supporting the learning of Greek language skills in children. This is attained through science-oriented projects, tasks, and activities in the class. The tutor introduces the learner to vocabulary, expressions, and language formats through mythology, history, math, games, geography, chemistry, biology, and much more. The skills of speaking and listening of the language and to be confident enough to speak Greek alongside learning novel words and phrases for usage to enrich the vocabulary to deal with daily situations. The learners are able to interact with other learners to enhance communication. The sessions are arranged in such a way that there is a rotation of topics to avoid monotony. The learners are made available with a contended and relaxed environment to acquire the language. Teachers experienced in Geography, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and other subjects work with the Greek teachers to organize modified content and appealing activities. The class is also enriched with quizzes, videos, audio, and games to make learning an enjoyable experience.

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5. Online Greek Language Course by the Hellenic Culture Centre

The Hellenic Culture Centre offers online Greek language courses and is provided with various levels of language study. It is being provided for learners who are adults, children, and any age group individuals. The teachers are experienced and certified and they have increased language proficiency as they are native speakers in Greek too. The lessons are made available in the form of texts, audio files, language activities, links to dictionaries, and many other helping aids. During the meeting with teachers, the learners are capable of practicing and improving their speaking abilities. The students are kept engaged in activities like playing educational games, learning grammar through fun, performing writing tasks, and practicing speaking through recording mode and any probable mistakes are corrected within 48 hours.  

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6. Learning Greek with Pimsleur

The course is the best option for learning the language to improve conversing skills.  The lessons are intended more for enhancing speaking ability than for writing proficiency. The course is delivered as recordings making the platform an accessible one to learn the speaking skills faster. As the recordings are provided in male and female tones and with a conversational pattern, the learner can grasp better and can respond rapidly in real life.

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7. Learn Greek Online by Kypros-Net

The intention of the course provided by Kypros-Net in association with the CyBC is to put forth the idea of imparting knowledge regarding the Modern Greek language through the online platform and is provided for free. The program consists of audio files which are actual time videos, along with notes, collaborative learning methods and an online Greek dictionary, and a Greek spell checker. The version is available in the textual format and is supplied by the previous students.

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8. Learn Greek by University of Oxford

The course is aimed at focusing on the communication and use of all the skills of the Greek language for reading, writing, listening, and listening. The program is detailed and involves all the minute details regarding the learning of the language. It is taught in weeks and provided online with 1 session every week which extends up to 30 minutes. The course is provided as a guided way of learning including providing instructions and a self-study pattern alongside the practice of the same for weekly 2 hours.

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9. The Greek Language Knowledge Base by Online Greek Tutor

The course is provided by the Online Greek Tutor in order to stay updated with the Greek language as the various aspects of the grammar and vocabulary are explore along with the depth of Greek culture. Videos and articles are available based on the topic along with info regarding vocabulary lessons, grammar classes, Greek articles, culture awareness, and the method of learning the language.

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10. Greek Language by Hellenic American Academy

The mission of the program is to provide an all-rounded program for the Greek language to infuse a sense of pride in Hellenism, Orthodoxy, and Greek American Identity and Community to promote bilingualism and constructive cross-cultural approaches and actions. The Academy provides a well sorted out language programmes for the Greek language according to the needs of the learner. The complete level of language competency is made available for beginners to the advanced.

The learners are made proficient to read, write and speak the Greek language in a demanding and inspiring setting. The tutoring seems to be proficient and helps to improve the practice of the language. The activities are engaging and help in the thorough participation of the learner in Greek culture, heritage, Greek orthodox religion, history, and literature. The program is approved and recognized by the Greek Ministry of Education and the Illinois Board of Education.

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