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Best Duolingo Courses

Founded in 2011, since then Duolingo has emerged as the most popular platform to learn any languages spoken all across the world. According to today’s user count, there are a whopping 300 million active users every day. Also In 2013, Apple chose Duolingo as its iPhone App of the Year. The highlight of the award is that it was the first time this honor had been awarded to an educational application.

The user interface of Duolingo is specially designed to make education more fun and interesting. I get up every day to Duolingo notifications which are curated in a way that will make me open the app and learn the language first thing in the morning. Moreover, Duolingo does not work like Udemy or Coursera, each student will get a personalized tailored learning experience for more effective and productive education. One of the greatest highlights of using Duolingo for studying languages is, it is free. The certification for the completion of language is approved in most of the top universities like Birmingham Southern College, Oakwood University of Alabama, and Arizona university to name a few. In this article, I have curated the top Duolingo courses available on the site and it is ranked according to its popularity, difficulty, and ratings. So what are we waiting for? Aprendamos!

1. Spanish

With around 26.2 million students, Duolingo’s most famous language course in Spanish. It just requires five minutes a day to ace Spanish to read, write as well as speak. Spanish is the 2nd most popular language in the world. 

There are around 414 million speakers across the globe. We all think the most spoken language is English but no 1st place goes to Mandarin. It is necessary to learn the Spanish language because nearly 31 countries have Spanish as their official language. Statistics say the USA will become the largest Spanish-speaking country by the year 2050.

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2. French

France is the most visited country in the world. Duolingo has nearly a 15.4million active French language learners. Nicknamed as the romance language, French is spoken by nearly 220 million people worldwide.

It is necessary to know that about 45 percent of the words in English are of French origin. French is highly recommended to learn since it has become the most influential language in the diplomatic world after English.

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3. Japanese

Duolingo’s most emerging language, Japanese has around 10 million active learners on the Duolingo platform. It is interesting to know that though Japanese is only officially recognized in Japan, it is widely popular among other countries. Learn Japanese and confidently order tonkatsu at a 10-seat side-alley Tokyo ramen shop or cheerfully check-in to a Hokkaido onsen.

Despite popular belief, it is necessary to know that the Japanese language has no origin whatsoever with the Chinese language. Picking a Japanese course is interesting as well as useful for tuning your brain,

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4. German

Spoken by over a 200million people all across the world, German is a great language to know. Duolingo has 8.86 million active learners on its platform. It is necessary to know that the German language is not only spoken in Germany, it is also widely spoken in Austria and Liechtenstein and it is one of the official languages in Switzerland and Luxembourg. 

German has unique letters and has several words which only exist in German. It is very interesting to learn German. Apart from the heil Hitler, Mein Fuhrer, I have to learn a lot of words in the German language to stand out in my resume. September 12th is considered to be German day.

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5. Korean 

Korean is the national language of Korea and is spoken by over 77 million people as their first language. The popularity of the Korean language began with the emergence of Korean pop music across the world. Duolingo has nearly 7 million active learners.

The vocabulary of the Korean language is heavily influenced by Chinese. Moreover, it is necessary to note that the language spoken in South Korea and North Korea is different. The popularity of the language emerged from South Korea. It is a small-sized country yet has made a major impact internationally.

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6. Italian

With 5.80 million active learners on Duolingo, Italian is the best language to start with, which is derived from the Latin language. The Italian language has always fascinated me from the gangster and mob movies. 

Learning Italian will help you broaden your horizon as well as understand the culture of Italian people. It is easy to learn the Italian language since it has only 21 letters in its alphabet. Only in 1861, the Italian language became an official language since then it was considered to be an extract from Latin.

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7. Chinese

The world’s most spoken language- Mandarin is spoken by one in six people according to statistics. It is a fun language to learn because different tones can drastically change the whole meaning of the word. 

With Duolingo, you will learn to pick up 600+ essential Chinese characters. In this platform, there are nearly 5 million active learners. So get ready to learn the oldest language written in the world.

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8. Hindi

Despite the misconception that Hindi is the national language of India, it is one of the popular languages which is spoken by 366million people across the globe. Moreover, Hindi is an Indo-European language.

English has borrowed thousands of words from Hindi; jungle, khaki, karma, loot, mantra, nirvana, punch, pyjamas to name a few. Also, it is interesting to know that every word has its gender. Learning Hindi can help you broaden your horizon and understand Indian culture more.

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9. Russian

Russian is the fifth most spoken language in the world. When I hear the word Russian, all I know is Chernobyl, communism, and Vladimir Putin. The English language has also borrowed many words from Russian. 

Russian shares strong similarities with Belorussian and Ukrainian. It is spoken by 260million people not only in Russia but all over the world. It is a great choice to learn Russian since it has become an official language of space along with English.

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10. Arabic

Learn Arabic with Duolingo to communicate with locals when you travel to Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Lebanon, or any of the 27 countries where Arabic is an official language.

It is the sixth most spoken language. The UN even made December 18th Arabic National Day. Arabic speakers are high in demand and it will help you learn about the rich culture of the second-largest religion- Islam. This course is highly recommended.

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