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Best Online Courses to Boost CV

Boost CV courses refer to the courses that boost your Resume or Curriculum Vitae by adding value to them. Sometimes, degrees acquired from colleges or universities are not enough to step into the professional world; in order to fill up this gap, students search for online professional certificate courses that can not only help them gain experience in a short span of time but also these courses add much value in their career and help them wisely choose their job roles. 

In this article, we are going to cover such popular online courses that are going to help students to choose their careers successfully and will increase the chance of them being noticed by job owners because these courses will create a good reputation. 

1. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) by University of Michigan in Coursera

The first course on our list that can add great value to your CV is provided by the prestigious University of Michigan in Coursera. This course by MU is ideal, to begin with, programming in order to enhance your professional career. Through this course, you get a chance to learn Python from the basics, under the instructions of a top-class clinical professor of the School of Business. A course like this from an expert can prove to be beneficial for your career. 

The main focus of the course is basic programming in computers using Python and requires no prior experience to take part in it. This introductory course will make students learn to use core programming tools and make them ready for other advanced-level programming courses that can further expand their knowledge and turn them into a group of experts. If you want to begin with Python in the best possible way, this course is just for you.

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2. Introduction to Graphic Design by Udemy

For students willing to build their career in the field of Graphic Designing, Udemy has the perfect course to introduce them to the field and make them understand its roles and areas of function. If you are new to the field of Graphic Designing or you have a passion for it and want to learn about it, then this course has everything you require. 

This course will cover fundamentals and processes of Graphic Designing, train you to work on Adobe Photoshop with confidence, learn the process of designing with the help of various projects and much more. You will also get your hands on various tools involved in graphic designing and learn how to make your online portfolio. This introductory course by Udemy can be the best beginning for your Graphic Designing career.

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3. CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science by Harvard University in edX

3rd course on our list is presented by the prestigious Harvard University available at the online platform of edX. A course designed ideally for students hoping to build their career in computer science, CS50 is Harvard’s largest course with a duration of 12 weeks. 

This course is beginner’s- friendly, and will focus on the art of programming- the backbone of computer science. Learn essential algorithms, various programming languages, including Python, C and SQL, and all the essential enterprises of Computer Science. Begin your career rightly in Computer Science with Harvard’s CS50 course, and become an expert programmer. 

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4. Advanced SEO Strategies by Udemy

SEO Writers or Content Writers who know all the strategies of SEO are in high demand these days. The SEO keywords help a website rank on the search engine and reach the desired audience. A certificate course in Advanced SEO Strategies can not only enhance your reputation in the eyes of recruiters but also can help you in finding better jobs. 

This course by Udemy is highly ranked and is perfect for learning useful strategies and tactics of SEO. This advanced-level course will begin with basics and then proceed to effective and advanced SEO strategies, Google Artificial Intelligence, machine learning effect in SEO and Keywords rankings. This course guarantees to make you an “SEO Pro” with its advanced strategy and tactics and helps to understand SEO functions from the core. Become an expert in SEO with the help of this course, and add high value to your CV with the certificate received at completion.

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5. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web Developers by Coursera

Students who want to become Web Developers can get great help from this course available at Coursera. The course is offered by John Hopkins University and will focus on instilling skills among students related to HTML, CSS frameworks, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CCS). From learning about basic tools to code for web pages, you will learn everything required to develop a modern web page. This course by Coursera can be the best fit for students looking for a top-rated web development course and willing to work as successful Web developers. 

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6. Marketing in a Digital World by University of Illinois in Coursera

Number 6 on our list and yet another course by Coursera that is designed for students who are Digital Marketing enthusiasts and want to work in the same field. This Digital Marketing course is provided by the University of Illinois and is a part of the iMBA program offered by the Marketing Professor of the university’s Department of Business Administration.

The course is beginner-level, and its focus is on the digital world of marketing, various tools that revolutionize the world of marketing, and how they affect customers. This course will give you substantial knowledge of digital marketing and its functional areas and how it affects the global marketing world. This course is beneficial for students who want to understand how digital marketing works or work as a Digital Marketer. 

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7. Getting Started with Google Analytics by Udemy

A certificate in Google Analytics from Udemy can add a lot of value to your professional life. If you are hoping to begin with Google Analytics, this course provided by an expert is ideal for you. Learn from the very basics, and gain deeper insights into its functional areas. 

The course will proceed step-by-step and introduce you to important instructions such as getting started with Google Analytics, interpreting data from Google analytics, turbocharging website performances and translating raw data into actionable insights. With all this useful information, you will learn all about Google Analytics in just 3 hours, and the certificate earned at the end will add great value to your CV and create a good impression for recruiters.

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8. Academic and Business Writing by Berkeley University of California on edX

If you are a student of English or Literature, and hoping to begin your career with Academic or Business Writing, then edX has just the right course for you. Academic or Business Writing is an interesting job to do (like mine! Jokes apart, it is a fun and creative job to do), where you can showcase your writing skills and earn a decent income and learn new things every day. 

This Academic and Business Writing course is provided by the reputed Berkeley University of California and is just the right one for beginners. Learn everything from the art of writing, grammar, styles in demand, tone, diction, creative ideas and much more. This course will guide you in the best way and lead you to success.

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9. The Business Writing Course by Udemy

Another course on Udemy will focus on the high-impact of Business Writing. If you have a passion for writing and want to be an active part of renowned businesses, this course is the best fit. 

This course has everything minute detail you need to know about business writing, from introduction to the world of Business Writing to an advanced level of writing. This course is well designed to introduce you will all the strategies and key points that make business writing better. Access this course if you want to improve your writing career or want to begin with it.

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10. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills by University of Michigan in Coursera

The last course on our list is a very significant course by Coursera that will help students gain skills and essential strategies to improve and succeed as professionals. The provider of this course is the University of Michigan, and the main aim of this course is to help students negotiate, plan strategies, create contact and other skills essential in day-to-day business. Learn all the tactics, improve your abilities with the help of this skill-enhancing course, and become a reputed professional.

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So, these are the best courses to enhance your professional career; get hands-on on them today.

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