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Best Online Courses for Statistics

Statistics play a major role in every field and business. Statistics brings accuracy in Data Analytics; hence, it has been regarded as the Science of analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. Statistics is a branch of applied mathematics that is an essential part of day-to-day business and plays a major role in analyzing data.

If you want to begin with Statistics and are hoping to find some useful resources for it, then here are the top online courses that will not only enhance your knowledge but also add extra value to your professional career:

1. Introduction to Statistics by Stanford University

The first course on our list is Stanford University’s online course, Introduction to Statistics. This course is the best one for beginners in the world of Statistics and Data Science. The course is free to attend, but for certificates, you need to pay a nominal amount of $75, which is all worth it.

This introductory course will introduce you to various statistical concepts, data and communicating insights, data analysis, and Probability concepts. By the end of this course, you will perform statistical experiments for data analysis and know everything about sampling and distribution of results. Earn a certificate in Statistics from the most prestigious Stanford University and enrich your knowledge and career.

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2. Statistics MS Degree by Stanford University

If you already hold a Bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to Data Science or Statistics, then opting for a Master’s of Science degree in Statistics can be the best option for you to become an expert. You can opt for this degree online from the Stanford School Of Humanities And Sciences and gain in-depth knowledge in Statistics, which will be a much better option than short-term courses. A complete master’s degree holds much more value than certificate courses (doesn’t mean they aren’t good) and can prove very useful in choosing your career rightly. 

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3. Fundamentals of Statistics by MIT in edX

3rd course on our list is provided by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology in edX. This advanced-level course has its major focus on the fundamentals of Statistics, the science of turning data into powerful insights, and other statistical principles. With the help of this course, you learn the advances of machine learning, data analysis, functions of data science and artificial intelligence. Learn from the top-class instructors and become an expert in Statistics. 

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4. Statistics and R by Harvard University on edx

Harvard University also provides a plethora of online courses in various disciplines, and the course on statistics and R can be of great help to you. This course is available on the platform of edX and is designed with the aim to deliver a basic introduction to statistics and R programming. For utilising this course, you need no prior experience, just basic programming and mathematical knowledge. 

Learn about statistical analysis, R programming, their functions and connections. Know about various statistical techniques and strategies involved in data analyzing, with the help and functions of R. The certification of this course is divided into two parts- Data Analysis for Life Sciences and Genomics Data Analysis, and the course is self-paced. 

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5. Statistics for Data Science and Business Analysis by Udemy

If you want to work as a Data Analyst or Business Analyst, or are hoping to enhance your professional career by expanding your knowledge, then this course in Udemy is designed to help you understand the concepts and functions of Statistics involved in Data Science and Business Analysis. The course will focus on the fundamentals of statistics and will help you learn how to work with different types of data. You will also understand the concepts of Data Science and learn how to use Python and R as programming languages. This easy to understand course is ideal for individuals seeking career opportunities in the field of Data Science, Business Analysts, or who want to work as Business Intelligence Analysts. 

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6. Statistics with Python by University of Michigan in Coursera

Another beginner-level course on our list available at Coursera and provided by the University of Michigan is the best way to begin with, Statistical analysis and Python as a programming language. In this course, along with Python programming, you will learn to apply statistical modelling techniques to data, including linear models and Bayesian inference techniques. With the help of top-class lectures, assignments and quizzes, this course will make you familiar with the fields of Statistics and Python. 

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7. Advanced Statistics for Data Science by John Hopkins University at Coursera

An Advanced-level course in Statistics provided by John Hopkins University at Coursera is what you need to hone your skills and improve your professional life. 

The main focus of this course will be the fundamentals of Statistics and Probability, linear models that serve as the building blocks for Data Science. For individuals seeking their career in the field of Data Science and want to work as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Analyst and many relevant job roles, then this course is going to help you in many ways. From linear models, algebra, R- programming to calculus, this course will cover everything related to Statistical Data Analysis. Master your skills with the help of this advanced-level course and earn a certificate after successful completion that will add stars (value) to your career.

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8. Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics by Columbia University in edX

The last course on our list is by edX, and its provider is the prestigious Columbia University. An introductory course that will feature statistical thinking strategies and how it affects data analysis. You will understand the roles of Data Scientists and learn to think statistically like them, and also learn to make data-driven decisions. You will learn to collect, analyze and classify data, learn to use Bayesian modelling, functions of probability, basics of linear regression and much more. 

If you want to build your career in relation to Data Science and want to work as a Data Scientist or Analyst, then you should opt for this course and stand a chance to learn from the top-class professionals and faculties of Columbia University.

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These are the best courses on Statistics we hope will help you in advancing your knowledge and career.

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