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Best Online Childcare Courses

Childcare can opt as a wonderful profession since it involves spending valuable time with children, teaching them, getting involved with them in various fun activities, and most importantly providing them a homely environment. With the right care and support, Childcare workers help children develop and grow just like they do at their homes. Many working parents cannot manage to take care of their children, so they leave their little ones at Childcare centers that become their second home. These centers provide a great learning-growing environment where toddlers spend a great amount of time.

Working in Childcare centers can be challenging as well as fun, and for students who want to work as caretakers, we have provided a list of top-10 online courses that can make anyone succeed and achieve their dreams. Be it Certificate courses, free courses, or Diploma courses, we have provided the best options for you to opt for.

1. Understanding Child Development: from Synapse to Society by Coursera

A course presented by Utrecht University on Coursera, the understanding Child Development course will introduce students to the complexities of child development and how one can understand and create a difference during this stage. This course will take you to different levels of understanding of development from different angles and disciplines, that will in a way establish your ideas of child development. In short, this course is a journey to understand child development from synapse to society.

This course will take approximately 28 hours to complete, and is perfectly designed for beginners who want to research Child Development.

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2. Childcare Courses by is a platform where you can find thousands of online courses in various disciplines, and you will also find various Childcare Courses that will help you set a career in child care organizations. Whether you are looking for the best certificate courses, to begin with, or to enhance your knowledge more by obtaining Diploma courses, has them all.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to Certificate and Diploma courses however, some courses are based on particular locations whereas others are online and can be accessed from anywhere around the world, so choose the course of your type carefully. However, these courses will provide every support and guidance required to fulfill your dreams, and help you work as a Child Care Assistant, Family Day Care Assistant, Education Assistant, Outside School Hours Aide, or Pre-School Assistant.

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3. Childcare and Early Years Courses by Online Learning College

Online Learning College brings the best Childcare and Early Years Courses for those who wish to establish their careers in Child Care organizations, and provide children the best learning experience along with homely care. The courses are specially designed to prepare students for working as professionals in childcare, and develop skills and abilities among them so that they can deal with children and provide them the care they need.

These courses by Online Learning College also can prove to be very beneficial for new childcare practitioners to become qualified professionals, who can easily find jobs at many childcare centers or organizations without facing any problems. Some of the best courses available on the website are Childcare and Education, Caring for Children and Young People, Preparing to Work in Home-based Childcare, and many others. Choose the course of your preference and earn a Certificate that will make your dreams come true.

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4. Free online Childcare Courses by Early Years Careers

Here comes a free course on our list by Early Years Career that can be a much better option than overrated expensive courses that are ultimately not satisfactory. There are a total of three courses that can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of Childcare and Child Development in their early stages. These courses are very easy to complete that will give an introductory insight into the psychology and behavior of children that will help you a lot during your work as a professional.

The three courses available on the website include Introduction to child psychology that has a duration of 8 hours and will let you explore the areas of child psychology and its connection with child development, Attachment in the early years that has a duration of 6 hours and will deal with Bowlby’s attachment theory, and lastly Early years teamwork and leadership that will focus on aspects of teamwork and leadership and has a duration of 8 hours. Avail of these courses if you want to have concrete knowledge on child psychology and development, and become a skilled Childcare professional.

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5. Learn to Teach Yoga to Children by Udemy

Teaching Yoga to children from a very young age is the best way to take care of their physical and mental health that eventually leads to development and growth. This course on Udemy will help you learn the ways one can teach yoga to children to keep them healthy, become focused, mindful, and make them do better at school. Nothing can beat the calmness, flexibility, and stability that Yoga can bring into the lives of not only children but also adults, this yoga course is ideal for Teachers, Child care providers, Parents, and Counselors.

This course will teach the yoga asanas that are appropriate for children such as the ones that can release anxiety, stress, nervousness, or the inability to focus on studies, these asanas will make them more composed and focused. You will also be taught Yoga Games that will be fun for children to follow and enjoy, and help them gain more strength, self-control, and flexibility. This course includes live kids yoga class videos, lesson plans, quizzes, and exercises, everything you need to become that loveable Yoga Teacher. You will also receive personalized Kids Yoga Teacher Certificate upon the successful completion of the course.

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6. Childcare Course by ChildCare Education Institute

One of the leading distance-learning childcare education institute of America, the Childcare Education Institute is the best platform to find some of the most top-rated online child care training courses, or certificate courses accredited by Child Development Associate (CDA). The institution has helped thousands of students to become successful childcare professionals and made their dreams come true.

The certificate courses are classified into two sections, if you are willing to earn a CDA certificate then there are particular courses to help you obtain that whereas, there are other childcare courses that will help you find jobs and become a professional.

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7. Online Child Care Training Course & Diploma by Ashworth College

The Online Child Care Training Course & Diploma is an accredited course provided by Ashworth College that will provide you with up-to-date child development, health, and safety training. In this Diploma course, you will gain skills that are necessary to take care of children from birth to school age. You will learn to understand their needs, behavior, and everything that is needed to create a safe and homely environment for children, so that they learn and grow in proper care and guidance. Upon completing this course you will become a member of the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC) at no extra cost.

This course is totally affordable, has flexible schedules, and provides you with every support that is necessary to upgrade your career prospects and achieve your goals.

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8. Early Childhood Development: Global Strategies for Implementation by EdX

This course on edX is presented by the most prestigious university in the United States, Harvard University, that will take students on an amazing learning experience that conspires the concepts and successful implementation programs of child development around the world. This globalized course will cover areas of health, nutrition, childcare, and education services that are the right of every child, throughout this course, you will understand what factors affect and play major roles in the early stages of child development and how proper childcare can help create a healthy next-generation.

This course will cover scientific research and implementations, steps to designing successful interventions that support early childhood development, and understand your role as a caregiver. This course is designed for both those who are interested in Child Development research and want to work on it or students who want to work in Childcare centers with complete knowledge of the process and the science behind it.

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9. Exploring Children’s Learning by Open University

Another free course on our list, The Open University’s Open Learn brings a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the areas of Children’s Learning that will add great value to your career. The course will cover topics such as a child’s mind and behavior change, four theories of child development, child psychology as a major factor in child development, and much more. This course will help develop a deeper understanding of child psychology and make it easier for you to take care of them.

This course consists of learning activities such as quizzes that help test your progress, your Statement of Participation after completing this course. The level of the course is intermediate and will take approximately 20 hours to complete.

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10. The Power of Play and its impact on early childhood learning by Udemy

The last course on our list by Udemy emphasizes the power of play and how it puts a positive impact on early childhood learning and development. This course will introduce you to key techniques and help understand how creative play can make children more active and intelligent, and how it is equally important as education.

Throughout this course, you will explore various play styles, how these games can enhance different areas of learning and development, gain skills to support and encourage children to play, and lastly, encourage them to think creatively. This course is especially for Early Years Teachers and Practitioners, Home Educators, and early childhood development students.

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