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Best Online Nail Technician Courses

Nail art is becoming the fastest growing trend in the beauty industry, and hence there is a high demand for Nail Technicians everywhere around the world these days. And this popularity has led Nail Technology to become a booming business.

Nail Technicians are no less than artists, from shaping the nails to giving them the most attractive looks through various designs and techniques, the job of a nail technician is surely amazing and requires a creative mind along with a lot of patience to become a successful professional. For students who want to begin their career as Nail Technicians and build their own businesses or work in the best saloons of the country, we have provided a list of the best online courses that can make their dreams come true. Getting trained by famous, expert professionals and renowned institutions will make it easier for students to establish a future in the beauty industry or begin their career in the right way.

1. Expert Nail Technician Course by Udemy

The Expert Nail Technician course on Udemy is just what you need to become a popular Nail Technician and get to work on stunning designs that will amaze everyone. From essential knowledge on nail structures to choosing the best color combinations, and working on creative designs, this course will teach you everything you need to learn to impress your customers. This course will also focus on the ergonomics of working with clients and avoiding injuries and allergic reactions that can otherwise create great dissatisfaction among clients and ruin your reputation. This course is led by 3 professional instructors who will provide you the best learning experience, and have helped a plethora of aspiring students to become professional nail technicians. This course is for all, be it freshers or experienced, any nail art enthusiast can get benefitted from this top-rated course.

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2. The Nail Trail: The Beginner’s Guide to Nail Art by Skillshare

Skillshare offers some of the best Nail Technician online courses that too for free, and the instructors are themselves, world-famous professionals. This beginner’s guide to nail art is provided by Hannah Weir, who is a Melbourne-based artist, and will teach you the easiest nail art that you can begin with. You will be introduced to the step-by-step process of designs, ace your base, clean up the mess and give it a finishing touch with the final coat. Students will be required to upload the pictures of their completed nail design pictures in the class Project Gallery and can also share them on various social media platforms with #nailtrail.

This easiest-to-follow nail art guide will provide you with tips, hacks, and useful techniques that will help you in using your creative ideas and create your own designs.

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3. Nail Technology Course by Beauty Courses Online

Beauty Courses Online is the ultimate destination for all beauty enthusiasts since it offers professional courses in many areas including Nail Technology. If you want to become a master of nail technology with the help of the best professional guidance and affordable course rate, then Beauty Courses online is going to help you with that.

In this course, students will be able to create the best nail designs with the help of the three most popular nail systems, that will be carefully taught by beauty professionals. From acrylic nails, gel ideas, giving natural look to Quick Dip Nail System, students will learn every style that is in trend these days that will help bring maximum customer satisfaction. No matter if you are currently studying, working, or have a busy schedule, this course has flexible schedules to fit into your busy life and help you begin an exciting career in the beauty industry as a Nail Technician.

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4. Nail Technician Course by International Open Academy

The Nail Technician course from International Open Academy is designed for individuals who want the best skills and designs and begin their career in the beauty industry. This course can mark the beginning of your beauty business, and who knows you might become the best nail technician in your state?

This online course includes expert advice from taking care of nails to giving them an attractive outlook through the most unique designs, you will learn everything that is in demand these days, and will help build a good reputation among your clients. This course is appropriate for both beginners and professionals already working in this industry who want to enhance their skills by learning new things.

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5. Online Nail Art Training Course by The Beauty Academy

The Beauty Academy’s Online Nail Art Training Course will introduce learners to stunning designs and freehand nail art techniques that will make them skillful professionals in no time. Students will be provided with comprehensive study materials including video tutorials that will include step-by-step processes and instructions. This course will also introduce various tools and mediums that are a necessary part of Nail Art treatments and brings out the best results that win the hearts of customers.

This course will let students learn professional skills at the comfort of their homes, and is ideal for those who are hoping to start up a business in the beauty industry.

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6. Nail Technician Online Courses by Courses for Success

Courses for Success is a popular name that prepares students for the best. There are varieties of online nail technician courses on the Courses For Success website that include Acrylic Nail Technician courses, Gel Nail Technician courses, Manicure and Pedicure, online Nail Technician Certificate courses, and also Professional Certificate courses. Courses for Success is your one-stop for all and provides its courses at the most affordable rates, which is much lower than any other beauty website. You can choose the type you want to specialize in from the varied options, and become a successful Nail Technician.

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7. Online Nail Artistry & Entrepreneur Certification by Lacquerbar U

The online 6-weeks part-time Certification course on Nail Artistry and Entrepreneurship is all you need to begin your business as a professional Nail artist. This certificate program will introduce students to the most modern techniques of manicure, nail art, and design. The skills you will learn from the expert professionals will help you build a lifelong money-making career.

LaquerbarU will train students to meet the industry’s requirements and mold them into skillful professionals who know how to build their goodwill and impress their customers. If you want to invest your money in the best nail artistry course, then it should definitely be LaquerbarU.

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8. Nail Technician Courses by NailCare Academy

As the name suggests, NailCare Academy is your ultimate stop for obtaining a Nail Technician course from the best industry experts. The Nail Technician courses here are classified according to students’ needs such as there is Advanced Nail Technician course, Footcare Nail Technician course, and NA Medical Nail Tech course.

NailCare Academy organizes internship programs, where Nail Technicians get to work with Physicians. Learning from NA has many perks such as it is up-to-date and provides the latest education, the courses can be accessed from anywhere on any device, and the courses are provided by certified professionals. If you want to work as a Nail Technician in the medical field, NA is your ultimate destination.

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9. Nail Technician Diploma Course by Center of Excellence

Here comes a Diploma course on our list from the renowned Center of Excellence that assures success. This program will prepare students for the professional world with extensive training, and everything one needs to know to become a successful Nail Technician.

This program will put major emphasis on areas including creating a successful Nail Technician business, avoiding allergies, manicure with tools, working with acrylic nails, gel nails, nail art, and silk nails. This program will develop a comprehensive understanding of your role as a Nail Technician and open doors to an array of opportunities.

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10. Nail Technician Courses by MediNail Training Center

MediNail is your ultimate destination to obtain exclusive certifications on Nail Technology. There are varieties of online courses available on the website including the MLC Advanced Nail Technologist course, M-ANT & Medical Nail Technician course, Certified Clinical Podiatric Medical Assistant course, and 12 MediNail Master’s Certification Program Course Modules for graduates.

Obtaining a Nail Technician course from MediNail can prove to be life-changing, you can either build your own business or take part in the virtual internship programs of MediNail to work for the best companies. After completing the course from MediNail, you can also work with Healthcare institutions alongside physicians and build a reputed career.

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These 10 online Nail Technician courses on our list are going to help students choose the best courses for them based on their requirements such as if they want to build a nail art parlor or work as nail technicians in the best saloons of the country or work alongside health professionals to provide medical treatments to patients, these courses will guide students in the best way to begin their career.

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