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Best NPTEL Courses for Computer Science

After the surge of the covid pandemic, all the digital learning platforms have risen. One of which is the NPTEL online courses. It is primarily designed by the most profound faculties of the great IITs and IIMs of India. These courses of the National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) do not provide comprehensive programs. They only offer live instructor-led video lessons offered by industrial experts.

The certificates taken from NPTEL courses are highly credible and hold a great value in search of job opportunities. Having an in-person exam, such as the NPTEL online certification exams, ensures that uninterested students do not get high marks by insincere means whereas an average student will be somewhere in between. In this article, I have mentioned the top 10 NPTEL courses in the field of computer science. Every course on this platform is free. You have to pay a few bucks only to write their exam. So far, more than 8.5 lakh learners have completed NPTEL Certifications. Be one of the smart persons in that number now!

1. Probability for Computer Science by IIT Kanpur

The Probability for Computer Science is offered by one of the renowned Indian Institute of Technologies- IIT Kanpur. The course is instructed by the fantastic faculty: Prof. Nitin Saxena. You will get a deeper understanding of both theory and practice of probabilities in Computer Science after completing this comprehensive course

The course focuses on introducing probability in the field of computer science. It is absolutely a beginner course. Moreover, the course will be different from a typical mathematics course in the coverage and focus of examples.

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2. Advanced Computer Architecture by IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi’s renowned faculty, Prof. Smruti Ranjan Sarangi has given us a wider perspective on the concept of advanced computer architecture. It is a 12-week comprehensive course that comes with 3 transferable credit points.

You will understand the concepts of on-chip networks as well as memory models. The course focuses primarily on out-of-order pipelines, GPUs, and compiler techniques for enhancing ILP. The highlight of picking this program is it is accredited by AICTE (FDP course)

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3. C-Based VLSI Design by IIT Guwahati

A most asked question- Can a C code be automatically translated into register transfer level (RTL). You will get the answer to this question after completing this course. The course teaches you to translate the C code into register transfer level using High-level Synthesis.

Become proficient in EDA industries after picking up this 12-week program offered by Prof. Chandan Karfa from the renowned IIT Guwahati. However, before applying for this course, it is necessary to have a piece of basic knowledge of Verilog to have a better understanding of the subject.

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4. Real-Time Systems byIIT Kharagpur, NIT Rourkela

The Real-Time Systems course will be offered by two faculties. It is Prof. Rajib Mall and Prof. Durga Prasad Mohapatra. The former is a faculty from IIT Kharagpur and the latter is from NIT Rourkela. This course will go for 12 weeks starting at the end of this month.

Nowadays the rapid increase of applications has caused a huge demand for real-time systems. The course will cover some of the core technologies used in developing real-time systems. It will be taken in a more engaging and informative way by the top instructors of NPTEL.

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5. Algorithms for Protein Modeling and Engineering by IIT Kharagpur

You might be wondering why protein modeling comes under the top 10 best computer engineering courses. The course covers the emerging concept in computer science- Bioinformatics. It is an interdisciplinary area that deals with designing algorithms for biological problems and is a well-established alternative to cost and resource-intensive experimental techniques.

It is considered to be a postgraduate course and not designed for beginners. The course comes with unique computational challenges that are prevailing in the protein industry. This course is offered by By Prof. Pralay Mitra from IIT Kharagpur.

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6. Computational Complexity by IIT Hyderabad

Computational Complexity is an emerging topic that usually covers the topics of time, space, randomness, number of gates, amount of communication, and more. These concepts will be looked upon from a simple approach. This is the best course for you to learn about computational theory.

The 12-week program will cover all the computational complexities in the theory. The course is instructed by the top faculty of IIT Hyderabad- Prof. Subrahmanyam Kalyanasundaram. Additionally, the course will also cover the Valiant Vazirani Theorem and Toda’s Theorem.

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7. Parameterized Algorithms by IIT Gandhinagar, Institute of Mathematical Science

The program will be instructed by Prof. Neeldhara and Prof. Saket Saurabh from IIT Gandhinagar and the Institute of Mathematical Science respectively. The 12-week course is highly recommended to learn the nuances of parameterized algorithms.

It is usually very difficult to find a course on this topic. The parameterized algorithm is a paradigm of algorithm design that analyses running time in finer detail than the classical complexity theory. It is a fast-evolving topic that is taught theoretically right from the scratch.

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8. Getting Started with Competitive Programming by IIT Gandhinagar, CodeChef

Getting Started with Competitive Programming is a beginner program offered by Prof. Neeldhara, Arjun from IIT Gandhinagar. The course is also affiliated with CodeChef, a top-class renowned educational platform exclusively for programming lessons.

Focused primarily on programming modeling and implementation, this course is highly recommended for newbies. If you have plans to appear for the coding competitions such as the ICPC, this is the right course for you. It gives a systematic approach towards focusing on the concepts.

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9. Introduction to Quantum Computing: Quantum Algorithms and Qiskit by IIT Madras, IBM Research, IBM Systems

The Introduction to Quantum Computing: Quantum Algorithms and Qiskit are personally recommended because of the benefits you reap after completing this extraordinary course. This course will start in late august which is a short and crisp 4-week program.

 Quantum Computing is one of the most emerging topics. This concept is taught by the industrial experts: Prof. Prabha Mandayam, Prof. Anupama Ray, and Prof. Sheshashayee Raghunathan. They are from IBM research and Systems. So the credibility of this course is sky-high. You will also be introduced to the idea of quantum error correction to mitigate the effects of noise in today’s quantum devices in this course.

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10. Secure Computation by IIT Bangalore

Computation theory is of course an important topic in the computer science field. But most of these courses miss the security aspects of computer programming. In this course, you will learn about secure multi-party computation (MPC). It is considered to be one of the most fundamental problems in cryptography as well as distributed computing. So learn this high-in-demand skill immediately.

The 12-week course is offered by Prof. Ashish Choudhury from IIT Bangalore. The course is highly recommended. Cryptography and security are the future of computer science.

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