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Best Online Bioinformatics Courses

An interdisciplinary field of study and research, Bioinformatics is the discipline of Biology and Computer Science coming together to form an advance disciplinary area of Science that is closely associated with modern medicine and healthcare. Bioinformatics plays a major role in the dissemination of biological data, especially concerning DNAs and Amino acids. With the help of advanced computer software technologies, modern scientific research has become a lot easier. Bioinformatics plays a major role in gene patterns and genomic sequence determinations and enhances scientific discoveries every day. If you are hoping to pursue your career in Bioinformatics, then these top-10 online courses on our list can guide you in the best way to choose your right course:

1. Biomedical Informatics: Data, Modeling and Analysis Graduate Program by Stanford University Online

The Stanford School of Medicine offers an online graduate program on Biomedical Informatics, that will make students explore the spectrum of medicine and biology along with the support of computer science. From the basics of biology to the recent genomic research, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the discipline of Bioinformatics.

Gain deep insights on analyzing biological data, conduct research, and develop decision-making skills. From data modeling to analyzing, students will learn every necessary skill to bring advancement in the medical field. After the completion of this course, you will receive a prestigious certificate, and work as successful Healthcare professionals including biologists, bioinformaticians, and computer scientists.

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2. Bioinformatics and Proteomics by MIT Open Courseware

Massachusetts Institute of Technology brings an amazing opportunity for students to pursue an online course on Bioinformatics and Proteomics. This interdisciplinary course explores both topics with the help of lectures, lab analysis, various methods, theories, and biotechnology applications. This course is ideal for students with a background in biology, computer science, and engineering.

The expert professors of MIT will introduce students to the world of Bioinformatics, and make them ready for their careers. Students who complete this course can work in the future as Biological Engineer, Computer Science Engineer, Bioinformatician and much more reputed positions. 

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3. Applied Bioinformatics Program by UC San Diego

The Applied Bioinformatics Program by the University of California San Diego is an online certificate program that can be completed within a span of 9 to 15 months. This course is designed for students who want to gain in-depth knowledge on the Genomic revolution and analyze data using scientific tools and methods. Bioinformatics plays a major role in the field of life sciences, and the researchers of it work with various software tools and genomic analysis for new scientific discoveries and as a result leading to the advancement of Biotechnology and medical science.

For students who want to work as scientists, engineers, and technicians in relation to biotechnology, UC San Diego has specially designed this course for them to learn both genomics and programming language for acquiring data.

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4. Genetics and Next Generation Sequencing for Bioinformatics by Udemy

A top-rated course on Udemy that will take you on an amazing learning experience and dive into the field of Bioinformatics. A course ideal for professionals entering the field of Bioinformatics, this course features a step-by-step guided project where you will learn to work with actual raw data and convert it into an informative result. Learn to work with DNA, RNA, and Genetics, and how researches are performed with the advanced technologies of Bioinformatics.

For attending this course, you need to have prior knowledge of the subjects of Biology and Chemistry.

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5. MS in Bioinformatics by John’s Hopkins University

If you have a prior degree in relation to the disciples of Biology and Chemistry and want to pursue a higher degree, then the Master of Science online program from Johns Hopkins University will be the best option to obtain a degree.

The MS program is a perfect blend of biology and big data, where students come across both biological knowledge and programming skills. The course covers the areas of molecular biology, genomic sequencing, biochemistry, and medicine, along with the support of computer science. This program will prepare students for dynamic roles including in sectors of Biotechnology, Medical Science, Pharmaceuticals, and other relevant industries. To enroll for this Master of Science in Bioinformatics program if you want to build a future with it.

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6. Biology Meets Programming: Bioinformatics for Beginners by Coursera

Biology meets Programming is a course provided by the University of California San Diego in Coursera, which is ideal for beginners. The course will take you to the functions of algorithms and their solutions to various biological problems. You will be introduced to Python programming and its role in bioinformatics, how the implementation of the programming language helps in acquiring data and solve real biological problems. Begin on the right path by learning about Bioinformatics and its close connection with programming, from the top-class professors of UC San Diego, and earn a valuable certificate.

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7. Learn Bioinformatics in 6 Days by Udemy

Udemy’s Learn Bioinformatics in 6 days is the perfect course to kick-start your journey with Bioinformatics and learn about the fundamentals of the field. The course will focus majorly on 6 topics being- introduction to the field of bioinformatics, bioinformatics databases,  sequence alignment, BLAST programs, molecular phylogenetics, and lastly, genome analysis.

In order to understand this course completely, it is suggested that students have prior knowledge of the subject of Biology, and some programming languages including Python, Perl, Java, R, and other popular languages. In 6 days, this course will provide a comprehensive understanding of Bioinformatics, and help you understand the research procedures necessary for career development. Apply for this course if you are simply a bioinformatics enthusiast and want to work in the field.

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8. Bioinformatics Specialization by Coursera

With a duration of 9 months, yet again University of California San Diego provides a specialization course on Bioinformatics in Coursera, that will make learners the masters of modern biology and computer science that together improvise the field of Bioinformatics. From solving modern biology problems with various computational approaches to using various software tools to enhance research results, this course will cover every vital detail to mold you into a skillful professional ready for the industry.

A total combination of 7 courses makes this course a specialization. The areas that will be covered in this specialization will include: Finding hidden messages in DNA, Genome sequencing, Comparing genes, proteins, and genomes, molecular evolution, Genomic Data Science and clustering, Finding mutations in DNA and proteins, and the last one deals with Bioinformatics Capstone: Big Data in Biology. In-depth knowledge of the field is what will make you a successful professional, and for making that happen, there is no better course than this one on Coursera.

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9. Introduction to Genomic Data Science by edX

Number 9 on our list is an introductory course from edX powered by UC San Diego, that will be the best way, to begin with, Bioinformatics from the very basics.

Learn about DNA replications and patterns, understand the complex language of DNA, apply algorithms to bring solutions, and use advanced software tools to bring better results to modern biology. Begin wisely with well-organized course instructions and chapters, and get ready to work with DNAs, genes along with advance computational methods. You can attend this course for free, but to obtain a certificate you need to make a nominal payment of $50.

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10. Clinical Bioinformatics: Unlocking Genomics in Healthcare by FutureLearn

The last course on Bioinformatics is available at the platform of FutureLearn and is powered by the prestigious University of Manchester. The best part about this course is that it is totally free of cost, and its duration is 5 weeks.

This course will help students to discover the potential of Clinical Bioinformatics, and how it puts a major impact on modern healthcare. This course will provide a comprehensive understanding of the importance of genomic medicines and their relation to clinical practice. You will be exploring the various methods of Clinical Bioinformatics and investigate Genomic sequencing with the help of modern techniques and data analysis. Learners will get to know the important roles of a Clinical Bioinformatician in the modern world, and how their research and practices can change the lives of the patients with the help of advanced genomic medicines. If you want to work for the betterment of society as a successful healthcare professional or a Clinical Bioinformatician, then there is no better option for you than this course.

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These 10 online courses on our list available at different platforms will help students seeking a future in the field of Bioinformatics in the best possible way and give them an opportunity to work for the betterment of mankind as a whole. These courses will not only provide in-depth knowledge of the discipline but also help students understand the major and vital roles played by the Bioinformaticians to bring advancement into the world of modern medicine and healthcare. Choose your best fit among the list of courses and achieve your goals.

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