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Best Online Coding Courses with Certificates

You take up any kind of computer program or software and you work on it with a thought in your mind that it runs very smoothly. Any and every software and its working are entirely dependent on coding. Coding can be described as a form of communicative language between humans and computers or machines. It is coding through which we let the machine know what specific task is supposed to be performed. With the world making an improvement to find relatively easier programming languages that are less complex to run the software, the coding part of it never changes. Everything has to be built from a source code and any computer program is not different from that. There are a few benefits of learning to code, they are: 

  • You learn to think outside the box
  • You implement ideas from your head into the software
  • You become confident in your technical abilities
  • It boosts your creativity

Coding is something that can be learned through online courses that are offered. Learning to code online is one of the best ways to enhance your skills or learn something new at your own pace. Just the willingness to learn something new and the dedication to follow it through is enough for you to perform. Companies are looking for skill-based workers instead of people who just have theoretical knowledge, and having a coding certification boosts your chances to get a job in the relevant field. Thus, people who learn Coding open themselves up to different kinds of jobs in the Information Technology sector. Let us take a look at different coding courses that are provided by online platforms that helps one gain a quality certification. These courses are: 

1. Principles of Secure Coding Offered by University of California on Coursera

No one likes to have their privacy invaded, be it in real life or virtually. Over the years, Some software has become a victim of viruses and malware. They have been taken advantage of by a third party as their privacy is compromised. Secure coding is a part where one develops software that can keep itself safe from this malware. This course helps you understand the basics of secure coding and Lab activities allow you to test that virtually. This course is offered by the University of California on Coursera. The course is a part of the ‘Secure coding practices’ specialization. The course is of 6 hours divided into 4 weeks. Once you complete it, you get the certificate of completion. You can enroll in the course for free but you need to pay for the certification. 

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2. Introduction to Computer Programming Offered by University of London on Coursera

The most basic part of programming is the code that is used. Coding is using the language to convert into binary commands for the program. This course lets you know the most basic parts of computer programming. Right from coding to drawing simple 2D figures. It also helps you in the coding organization so that the program works with full fluency. A special game is created especially for this course that will help you understand and test your coding skills. Javascript language is used here. This course is provided by the University of London on Coursera. You can enroll for free and get the certificate of completion once finished. 

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3. Creative Coding Offered by New York University on edX

I am pretty sure you have played games like Solitaire, Minecraft, etc. There is a severe amount of coding going behind that, making the games they are. Creative coding is looked at from a perspective of highly engaging human interaction. Something different than ordinary, something more than what the rest provide. And that is why people have their minds stuck in computer games. Fundamental coding skills are taught to help you create abstract ideas that float into your mind into virtual reality. You can design mini-games, animations, etc. As this course is an introductory course, it sets you up perfectly for taking an advanced course in various fields. 

The course is provided by New York University. It is a 14-week long course that results in gaining knowledge and skills about creative coding. The course can be done for free but with a verified certificate it would cost you around $250.

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4. Think. Create. Code. Offered by the University of Adelaide on edX

The human mind has no limits. It has no boundaries. It just keeps on thinking about things and sometimes even overthinks! There are ways in which you can explain what is in your mind to the world. Some people write it down, some people draw it, but this course teaches how to code it. Thinking technologically so that ideas can be depicted virtually is something that you learn in this course. You can create and manage your digital world through this. Something that will make your ideas come to life with the help of animations. The course is provided by the University of Adelaide on edX. It is a 6 weeks self-paced course that would help the students understand learn without a time constraint. The course offers a verified certificate and it will cost you $50.

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5. Coding for Beginners on Udemy

If you need to understand coding you have to at least make a start somewhere and this course is exactly what you need. No coding experience, not much knowledge of software or programs work, no worries! This course is aimed at people who are willing to learn even without having any prior experience. There are a certain set of coding principles that apply to all the programming languages that are used which are taught in this course. This course allows you to be prepared to pursue a career in coding. The course is offered by Udemy. It is an 8-hour course. The certificate of completion is awarded after the course that will cost you $120.

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6. Coding for Visual Learners on Linkedin Learning

The course teaches a student to use the Javascript language and everything related to it. Different concepts like operations and variables, conditional statements, etc. are taught in this course. The course even includes a project that has to be done at the end of the course which helps you make a computer game. This course is provided by Linkedin learning. The course is presided by Engin Arslan who is a front-end developer. One can get a certificate once you complete the course. 

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7. Visual Studio Code Productivity Tips on Linkedin Learning

The course is very effective to reduce the problems while debugging. All the insights to make your work fluent are displayed here. Refactoring the code, tidy code layouts are a few of the topics that are covered here. The course is around an hour long. You get a certification of completion when you complete the course. 

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